MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow for 2012 Review & Swatchfest

Hi Guys and Dolls!  Those among you who are big MAC fans might know that roughly twice a year MAC releases a semi-permanent line up of  Mineralize eye shadows to be sold for roughly a year. This is separate from other Limited Edition mineralize eyeshadows MAC may release throughout the year.

Here’s what the MAC website says about Mineralize Eyeshadows:

Baked minerals refined into a powder formula provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight application. Colour builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage.

My opinion of Mineralize eyeshadows varies from collection to collection; If I were to put a generalization on them, I’d say that they are generally powdery and a bit of a mess in terms of fall-out, and using a dry brush tends to kick up more powder than necessary. They work best when used with a sticky base ( a cream concealer, NYX Jumbo Pencil, etc) or when applied wet. I typically like to use them wet, with MAC water-based mixing medium or even Fix+,  then pat a bit of the dry shadow over the top to set it. When I do this I typically get all-day wear from these, provided I’ve used an eyeshadow primer such as UDPP, which I nearly always do. I typically do my eyeshadow before I do any other face makeup, so while the excess fall-out is mildly annoying, it doesn’t change my routine.

For this release MAC has brought back four cult favorites from the Style Black Collection: Young Punk, Blue Flame, Cinderfella, and Gilt By Association, as well as one newbie: Smutty Green. Each MES has a dark base and a “Reflects” type glitter of a certain color: blue, green etc… When applied dry they tend to be sheer and mostly dark with only a bit of the glitter, but applied wet as I described above, they really wow and the color & shimmer dominate. Over the years this type or mineralize shadow tend to be my favorites- I seriously love glittery smoky eyes and these make it quite easy to do a full-smoky eye with one color. I have 3 from this launch to share with you today, Blue Flame Smutty Green & Young Punk.

Young Punk, Smutty Green, Blue Flame

Young Punk, Smutty Green and Blue Flame applied wet, no base.

Blue Flame Dry & Wet No Base.

This one is the smoothest of the 3 I have from this release. Dry it looks like a velvet finish regular eyeshadow, and it reminds me a bit of MAC’s Contrast eyeshadow,  but less purple. Wet it looks similar to, but darker than Deep Truth.

Smutty Green Dry & Wet No Base.

Sadly, this was the least smooth of the 3, and it has the most fallout. Wet or dry you can see it has a high-level of shimmer- and pretty decent color payoff, though dry it’s still a bit sheer. This is strikingly similar, but more green, compared to the green side of the “She Who Dares” Mineralize Shadow MAC did with the Venomous Villains. In fact, If you’ve been wanting it, a great alternative would be Smutty Green & Blue Flame.

I hate to say it, since it may be irrelevant, but since the others in this launch are re-promotes it got me thinking that I wish they’d re-promoted Dark Indulgence from the “Semi Precious” collection, which is also green, but much smoother, more pigmented, and well, more of a emerald green. Maybe it was too green and they were going for a specific theme. Ah well, a girl can hope it will come back again.

Young Punk Dry & Wet No Base.

The black base seems to be more apparent with this one more than the others, whether it is applied dry or wet. This one is also similar to a MES launched with the Venomous Villains Collection, “My Dark Magic” but they are a bit different, MDM’s Base is sort of a purple-black and has a less glittery finish; Young Punk is certainly black-based with pink reflects glitter. I have Young Punk from a previous release , so I swatched them side by side for comparison:

Young Punk New Spring 2012  Launch, Young Punk Style Black 2009

As you can see The newer version has much more sparkle, and is a bit smoother than the previous version.

The Bottom Line- This is my favorite type of Mineralize eyeshdows that MAC makes, so I’m happy to see them on a semi-permanent basis. I often get compliments when I wear the ones I have from past collections and I always feel sheepishly “hipster” when I say “It’s a Mineralize MAC Eyeshdow but you can’t buy it anymore”. Now you can!

Price? $20.00 for 2.2g

Where to buy? Semi-Permanent at MAC Stores & Counters and at

Have you tried this type of MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Before? What are your thoughts?

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