Raspberry Stardust ~ Purple Eyes & Foundation Routine~

Hi Guys & Dolls!

Today I’m sharing what I’ve been wearing a lot lately- I get into these makeup moods and lately it’s been all about my Inglot  shadows, my Urban Decay Naked(1) palette, 24/7 pencils, and red or pink lips. I set out to make a simple makeup tutorial, but along the way I added in my foundation routine! No stone is left un-turned in this complete tutorial.

PS-On saturday night I asked you guys on Facebook if you’d prefer a simple makeup tutorial or a updated brush cleaning video (it’s changed a lot) and makeup tutorial won. For those who wanted the brush washing video I went ahead and filmed it anyway, so you can expect it in the next few weeks ^_^.

What I used to create this tutorial:



Physician’s Formula Black Eye Booster

Urban Decay Corrupt  24/7  Liner

Urban Decay Toasted, Hustle & Sin eyeshadows from the Naked (1) palette

Inglot 115 -darkest warm purple

Inglot 101-Nude highlight

Urban Decay RockStar & Ransom 24/7 Liners

Inglot 439 Pearl

Lit Cosmetics Vanilla Liner

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara


CeraVe AM Moisturizer

Hourglass Veil Primer

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation 115

MAC Mineralize & Select Moisture Cover Concealers, both in NW15

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Cargo Blu-Ray Highlight & Blush

MAC Strada Blush


MAC Embrace Me Lipliner

Wet ‘n’ Wild Don’t Blink Pink Mega Last Lipcolor

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  1. Kadi DeJardin · March 26, 2012 Kadi

    Beautiful as always!

  2. Rachel · March 26, 2012 Rachel

    Thank you for also doing the foundation routine I was curious what you thought of the MUFE HD foundation :)

  3. Melody · March 26, 2012 Melody

    Love it! I want to try it because naked by itself turns out brassy on me.

  4. Brittany CrazyHat · March 26, 2012 Brittany

    Love this look but glad you did the brush cleaning video as well!

  5. Pamela · March 26, 2012 Pamela

    I love your nail color. Is that two polishes layered on top of each other?

  6. EmmyJean · March 26, 2012 EmmyJean

    Very pretty! And safe for work yay! Toasted is one of my all time favorite eyeshadows; I use it almost daily haha. Look forward to the brush cleaning video!

  7. WenDee Riffe · March 26, 2012 WenDee

    You have such beautiful blue eyes!!! Thanks for this beautiful look!!!

  8. eli · March 27, 2012 eli

    this look is stunning

  9. Suzanne · March 27, 2012 Suzanne

    Love this look! But you are right – the colors do come off differently on camera. I love the lipstick color in the pictures above, but not so much on the video.

    I look forward to your next tutorial!

  10. Carissa · March 27, 2012 Carissa

    Lurve this. Beautiful!

  11. Rebecca · March 27, 2012 Rebecca

    Absolutely stunning, Cora! Love this look!!

  12. JuliKa Oliveira · March 27, 2012 JuliKa

    how beaaaaaaaaaaaautyfull you look! love this shadows, would you make a quick tutorial for that? whish I had the products!

  13. Lady & Olga · March 28, 2012 Lady

    Makes your eyes pop ! :)

  14. Daena - brightlycoloredperson · March 31, 2012 Daena

    I love this look — it manages to be really colorful and yet, not too in-your-face. And looks so pretty with your eye colors.

  15. Caitlin · April 1, 2012 Caitlin

    You are right – your lips are not nearly as warm here. I love the cool pink color.

  16. kellie · April 9, 2012 kellie

    is there a video ?? its not showing up on my computer

  17. Bethan Miller · April 13, 2012 Bethan

    I love how confident you are with colour!

  18. truwinner · April 26, 2012 truwinner

    I want to know to know about your hair…I love the contrast with the red/auburn and black…would like to try it…any advice?

  19. Amy Booms · May 4, 2012 Amy

    It won’t let me view this and I REALLY want to see the foundation application!

  20. Callie · May 7, 2012 Callie

    I love this! STUNNING!

  21. faith · July 7, 2012 faith

    i love all your looks and i only found you this year but i am loveing you lots

  22. Crystal · August 9, 2012 Crystal

    You are absolutely beautiful and I’m pretty much using your tutorials on a daily basis. I just love your looks, thank youu c:

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