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This Giveaway is now closed and the winner is jeanchristie!

Congrats! Please contact me in 72 hours to claim your prize! (I was late so I’m giving  you an extra day^_^

I’ve tested the brush Guard Cleaning kit for several months now and I think it’s a great tool for getting your brushes clean -it saves water, soap and your hands!  If you’d like to learn more about the kit and my thoughts on it, please see my review below.

This cleaning cup makes brush cleaning so much easier, and I highly recommend this kit to anyone! Check them out here!


What comes in the kit

Adorable Packaging!

Now here’s the good part- I am giving a Cleaning Kit away to one lucky winner!

OK so here’s the “official rules” ^_^

The Prize for this giveaway is (1) The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit valued at $19.95

You must be subscribed to my youtube channel to win-these giveaways are a thank you to my subscribers.

You Must be Over 18 or have a parents permission to enter- I’m going to ship you something, and I don’t want anyone’s parents to freak on me!

This is open to domestic & international viewers!

To Enter: Simply leave me a comment for THIS BLOG POST stating your YOUTUBE USER NAME and tell me how often do you clean your brushes– be honest! No “enter me” comments, you will be disqualified- c’mon, it’s just lame guys!

ONE entry per person. If you accidentally leave more than one comment, then contact me through You Tube’s messaging system and I will fix it for you- but only if you contact me, otherwise if you enter more than once  you will be disqualified. If you have a question regarding this giveaway please direct it to my YouTube inbox.

The giveaway will end Wenesday (April 18th) at 11:59 pm PST.  The winner will be selected though random.org and will be announced no later than Saturday night on my Facebook/Twitter pages, and I will also update this blog post to announce the winner, so bookmark it! If the winner does not contact me (vintageortacky@yahoo.com) within 48 hours I will choose a new winner.

That’s all! Sorry for all the bold print but you’d be surprised how many details are unseen when people are excited! Have a great day and I hope you win!

Disclosure: Some of the products shown were sent by PR; others were purchased myself. Complimentary products never receive preferential treatment; My Subscribers are my #1 priority so if I wouldn’t recommend it to my best friend, I won’t recommend it to you. This video/post contains opinions that are solely my own; I am not influenced by, nor do I represent any company.

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on “Icky Free Zone!
1,646 Comments on “Icky Free Zone!
    • You are so right that brush set is mine ..lol thats what you said on your channel about the giveaway…I dont clean my brushes but once a month either with being a mom and working I stay super busy ..I also love to hear the rain I love sleeping with my window open when its storming ..my youtube name is eljohnson100..and by the way I love you, keep doing what you do…I always trust your opinion…cant say enough good things… take care

      • My YouTube name is Kaybabbiex3 I am under 18 years of age but my mom said I can enter. I clean my brushes once every 2months only because I hate cleaning them with my hands.

    • I’m a freak when it comes to washing my brushes at least once a week and I throw out my sponges after every application:) Gotta look out for the complexion Ya know!! My youtube name is dustybottom79.

    • My YouTube name is justwiddles and I do not clean my makeup brushes near as much as I should. I had a bad habit for awhile of just buying new ones when all of mine were too dirty to use so I wound up having a pile of like 50 dirty brushes. I am trying to do better though!!!!!!!

  1. I Clean my Brushes once ever two weeks but there are a couple that i clean once a week or as needed. My user name on Youtube is Urbanlip

  2. I wash my brushes at least once a week! I’m a bit OCD about it to be honest. Especially with brushes I’ve used cream products with.
    YT name: KMLYLE2000

  3. Cool giveaway! I wash my brushes every 2 months, but I don’t use them that often. But I spot-clean them after I use them.
    YT: torikitty28

  4. woo thi sis so cool, i’ve been thinking about this cleaners. My youtube username is SritaCaramelo and I clean my brushes every time I used them. I don’t own a cleaning kit though (Im pennyless haha) I use baby shampoo and put them on their side to dry. I will admit it happens now and then that I do my make up for a show with my band and I get home late at night, it’s not unusual then that I don’t clean my brushes for a couple of days, cause when I come home I’m tired and then i completely forget about it D:

  5. I try to clean my brushes at least once a week, on the weekends when I have free time!

    My youtube username is TheyCallMeStaci 🙂 Thanks!

  6. I clean every 2 weeks. TT_TT I sometimes forget about it and leave it for a month or so. I’m bad, I know~
    Youtube name: catreenalovexlr8b2st

  7. I wish I washed my brushes more than I should. I usually wash them once or twice a month. But when I do wash them, I make sure to do it thoroughly.
    YT name: JordanMVideos

  8. I wish I washed my brushes more! The last time I washed my brushes was about a week or two ago, but only because I had been sick. I think my issue with washing them was simply the pain of keeping my brushes in shape after washing them, along with which soap wasn’t going to ruin my brushes.

    YT Name: LeaDrathir

  9. Hi!

    My youtube name is ChrisprinceS and I wash my brushes twice a month (and I’m trying to wash them more often).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. my youtube name is queencess1418
    my face brushes i wash every week and my eye brushes i wash every other week … i spot clean every day

  11. I only get around to cleaning them once every two to three months.
    Only coz I remember I have to clean them when putting my makeup on in the morning!! Terrible I know!!

    My YouTube username is muzikmystro

  12. I clean my brushes after every makeup I do, because I have sensitive overreacting skin (eczema, ugh…) a little dirt or bacteria can easily break me out! My youtube name is 80soa

  13. YT: DzzyButterfly

    I clean my brushes about once a month or as needed. Gross, I know! I already put this cleaning set on my amazon wish list to purchase if I am not the lucky one! 🙂


  14. Forgive me… for I have sinned. My name is Clarissa Marshall and I’m 42 years old and I have never cleaned my brushes. I have brushes from ten years ago… ok.. now I’m really feeling embarrassed.

  15. I only wash my brushes about once a month :/ Sometimes I forget and go months before I remember.
    My YouTube username is: xXKatiiGreenDayXx

  16. Youtube Name – wizzyren
    I don’t really wash my brushes very often… I kno terrible but it takes sooo long to dry and sometimes they dont ever reshape properly so i tend to avoid it…

  17. My YouTube username is MyStillDoll
    I clean my brushes maybe once a month because i hardly ever wear eyeshadow or foundation but after watching your video i will be cleaning my brushes today 🙂

  18. YouTube name: MsCharlRose

    I’ve only just gotten into using make up properly and it’s made me feel awesome. I love trying new products and the make up aisle is a thrill now rather than the desperate hunt for a cheap pale foundation. Now I use brushes and buff and be a lot more confident for spending 10 extra minutes a day putting make up on. So brushes, I only have a few so I give them a rinse every 2-3 days but if I’ve used them for heavy make up like going out, I clean them straight after because I have so few…
    Your videos have made me so confident 🙂


  19. My youtube username is audtx79. 🙂 I clean my brushes not often as I should. I need to step it up big time! probably once every couple of weeks…yes, I know…as you said, we need to talk. LOL 😉

  20. YT: fetcheeeclare

    Depending on when I actually use makeup, I try to clean my brushes when they’re looking really grimy. So probably if I was to use it one week, I’d clean it the next week. Probably. Haha.

  21. I wash my brushes like twice a week. I like to have clean brushes when i do my make up. I dont have any cleaning products, so i use soap and a little bit of oil.

    My youtube name: stephaniesuicide420

  22. I try to wash my brushes twice a month but usually I end up washing them once a month. 🙁 I know it`s not enough but I`m trying. 🙂

    YT name: lamunechan

  23. My youtube name is ChanShelly. I use spray disinfectant on my bnrushes every week or so. Deep cleaning only happens every few months! I have dysautonomia and cleaning them takes all my energy and usually makes me almost pass out :/

  24. I rarely clean my brushes only because it is a pain so i try to avoid wearing makeup as much as i can but if i were to find something as easy as this i most definately would clean then way more often then i do now.

    my YouTube name is keleegastia

  25. I wash my brushes every time that I use them. I can’t stand dirty brushes. I’ll even go over to my sister’s and mom’s and wash their brushes. I’m seriously OCD about it.
    Youtube name is tohrmentor

  26. YT: StaveCandy
    I clean my brushes about once a month… I know it should probably be more often then that, but then they are never dry when I go to use them if I wash them as often as I should

  27. Youtube username: kat990
    And I don’t clean my brushes enough. I’m horrible when it comes to cleaning them. If I use foundation I clean them after I use them, but my eye brushes I clean like once every 6 months. horrible.

  28. My YouTube name is MissCheeks24
    I wash my brushes maybe like 3 times a month if they even last me that long, since apparently my dog likes to chew on them and I have to buy new ones lol

  29. My youtube username is Joanna012592,
    And i probably clean my brushes atleast once a month, Or until it gets really cakey =[ i know its horrible

  30. YouTube Name: MizSweetDreams

    I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday, and something i can go a whole week or two with even touching my brushes or eyeshadows. Though I have to say that cleaning my brushes is a pain, but i do do it reglarly. Not after eaching use, but after 3 or 4 i just have to clean them.

  31. My youtube name is draconiarose. I wash my angled eyeliner brush after every use, but my other brushes get a deep cleaning as needed, as I don’t wear makeup everyday. I would say, probably every three weeks depending on the brush.

  32. Hi Cora! Thanks for this awesome giveaway! The reason I say it’s an “awesome giveaway” is because I was my brushes, every single one I use (about 12-15), once a friggin week! As you stated in your video, brush cleaning kinda stinks, and I would LOVE to win this to helps me outs a lil bit;o) My youtube name is niekobluejess. Thanks again!

  33. I wash my brushes thoroughly probably once a month or every month and a half, although I do a general spot clean after every use…I know I need to do it more often for a healthier happier face!!
    My youtube user name is angiekincheloe.

  34. you tube heather7607 and to be real I try to clean them once a week but have gone longer cause I dont wear makeup everyday…gross I know a week is to long but i do wipe them ever use.

  35. My powder and concealer brush, I clean them 1 or twice a month. As for my eyeshadows brushes… err once every 3 months? >.< I'm so bad at this. I'm definitely getting one if I'm not winning because I have ruined perfectly awesome brushes just cause I washed them badly! no joke.
    YT: running90away

  36. Oh lord, I wash my brushes… Maybe once a month? I always plan on washing them once a week, and then something will come up, and I’ll get busy, and it never happens. It’s just so time-consuming! I’m a casual makeup user who doesn’t wear foundation though, so my brushes don’t LOOK nasty, even though I know deep down they are. I think I’m in icky brush denial. 😛

    YouTube username is Bonnibelle146!

  37. I wash my brushes once a month, I know it is not enough, but well maybe with this kit I would feel like cleaning them more often 😉
    My Youtube name is mariesara

  38. Hello 🙂 my youtube username is amaijala9792. I don’t clean my brushes as often as I should, probably once or twice a month, but I don’t use them every day, so that’s okay, right? 😉

  39. Since I have so many brushes I just tend to store all the dirty ones in a cup until my backups are dirty as well, and then its time clean them. I spot clean only if really necessary for the only reason that I still feel that the brush is dirty.

  40. YT usernam: SAVANNAleeBUMBLEbee

    I don’t really clean my brushes as much as I should because I’m just starting out in the makeup world, but I do got a good amount of brushes. I don’t have proper cleaning supplies so I usually don’t…

  41. Youtube username is YoKoKuRaMa23. I try to spot clean my brushes once a week and deep clean them once a month but I often go longer than that. Bad I know.

  42. my youtube username is katemckeane …. it depends on how often i wear make-up some times once a week some times ever two weeks some times once a month !

  43. I wash my brushes once a week. I absolutely HATE doing it though! I use warm water and Dawn antibacterial soap.

    YT username: THR33LITT3BIRDS

  44. YouTube name is Sarahburns09. Honestly, I clean my brushes whenever my foundation brush is leaving streaks on my face haha. I’ll probably end up buying this kit anyway because your review was amazing and it just seems like a good idea!

  45. My youtube is arcticXeyes.
    I am one of those people that does not do makeup often. So I never wash my brushes. I feel so disgusted with myself. I can’t even remember the last time I washed my brushes. I am a horrible person. I might wash them this week, even if I don’t wear any makeup this week.

  46. I clean my brushes once a week <..>…….ok maybe every 2 or 3 weeks, but I don’t use them every day and when I remember I use a brush cleaner between deep cleaning 🙂

    Love you Cora!

  47. Well, i wash my brushes once a month but do clean my eye brushes almost every time I use them. Reason behind this is that I rarely put on any face make-up such as foundation. I am regular eye-shadow wearer though 🙂

    YouTube : SadiaChowdhury

  48. My YouTube username is marymorlett and I wash mu brushes like once a month bad I know!! I love your videos sooo very much. 🙂 keep up the awesome work.

  49. Thank you so much for your generous giveaway!

    AmnaReza071611 = YT username

    I use them on a daily basis but I don’t have enough time to clean them so I dab some olive oil on a baby wipe and I wipe them after every use LOL

    I try to clean them will soapy water every weekend

  50. I …don’t wash my brushes enough LOL. I think it’s because it’s so tedious and a chore. Prolly once a month. My youtube channel is : ABajanYankee!

  51. I don’t always do my makeup so I almost always clean them, but if I’m going through a phase when I like to do my eyes a lot then I don’t clean them as often especially if I use similar colours.. But I do wipe them off still! 😀

    YT: sexhugsandrock

  52. I hate washing my brushes, but know that I really should so I wash some more often than others. My foundation brush and concealer brush 3-4times a week, the others more like twice a month.

    My youtube name is bjita

  53. My youtube username is nikkileeriot.
    I try to clean my brushes two-three times a week because I only have maybe 7 or 8 brushes, so I go through them quickly! I always have a hard time with the loss of shape so this would be awesome!

  54. Depending on how often I am wearing make-up I wash either weekly or bi-weekly. Sometimes I end up applying makeup just with my hands in order to avoid washing brushes, haha. My username is Happinin07

  55. username: mekanicaltoy
    I try to wash my brushes about once a week or so because yeah they get dirty and it’s gross, but cleaning all the ones I use by hand takes forever.

  56. I spot clean my brushes but hate to admit that I only clean them when I get in that mood…gross I know!
    p.s. thanks for the video I was wondering how exactly brush guards worked and I think they would make cleaning much easier!
    Username: samoore3s

  57. My username is xjchandaraa 🙂 Andd I clean my brushes every wednesday and sunday :$ I don’t know why but it’s been like that for months! Unless other things beside foundation/concealer get on the brushes thennn I’d clean it right on the spot x_x Lol

  58. My Youtube name is Sarithor and I clean my brushes everytime I use them with a daily cleaner spray (usually probably 3 times a week I use them) and I deep clean once a month ( I would do it once a week if I wore make up more often, but since I don’t just once a month).

  59. Katarayne is my youtube User name. I don’t use my brushes that much, maybe once a month, so I only clean them once ever two months. I don’t really know how to clean them, I’m always afraid they’ll fall apart and I’m not sure what all of them are used for honestly. Lol

  60. YT username is StoryFromTheStars, and I try to wash my brushes every week, but it takes so long for the ones I really need to dry that I put it off for when I’ve got 48 hours for them to dry, so about once a month. I reaaaaally need to start cleaning them more.

  61. YouTube username is fernycrow17

    Ok I’ll be honest, I don’t wash my makeup brushes often. I probably wash them every one to two months lol I know gross, but hey it’s a hassle to wash my brushes by hand!

  62. YT: brackishkee
    Im so bad about remembering to clean my brushes! BUT I do spot clean often, so at least there’s that 🙂 But deep clean – 2 weeks, or if I run out of brushes, YUCK, Maybe if i get this I will be better about it 🙂

  63. neonfantasies @youtube
    I clean all of my brushes about once every month but I have alot so I dont use the same brush often. Every time I use a brush that has been sitting for a while I like to spritz it with alcohol beforehand. The exceptions being my everyday brushes for foundation, cream blush and blending crease brush which I was about every 2-3 days. But those are all synthetic so I can wash them and they dry really quickly.

  64. My youtube name is ChannelHMC. I clean my brushes at least 3 times a week. More when I use crazy colors. But usually I use my naked and natural palettes so I tend to slack.

  65. mysticnekoji is my youtube name and i gotta be honest i dont clean my brushes often mostly cuse i buy cheap like 5 dollar kits and chuck them after a few months but iv been collection good ones that im sure need cleaning soon so this is a awsome idea.

  66. My YT username is: nefertari786
    I try to clean my brushes every 1-2 weeks but in all honesty it’s usually closer to 2 weeks… I actually don’t really mind washing them, it just takes a long time and some of them take forever to dry! The makeup brushes I use on others I obviously clean after each use! 😉

  67. not nearly as often as I should, maybe about once a month if I have time? Eh I know, I know gross.
    Youtube username is welcometothesavannah C:

  68. it depends! sometimes i’m a good girl, and clean them after every use! other times, i’m just lazy and just leave them dirty for a looong time, and just clean them if i absolutely have to… i have probably left them all dirty for a couple months at least D: my youtube is toilette!

  69. Hi. My YouTube name is meadowfrance and I clean my brushes sporadically because I wear makeup sporadically. Sometimes I will put my clean brushes out to dry, use them once and then let them sit for weeks without using them again. If I do that I’ll wash them all before using them again because who knows what bacteria could be growing on there in all that time, yuck! I can’t tell you an exact how often because I typically don’t wear makeup every day. In general I keep my brushes pretty clean. If you were to compare me to other regular people you could probably say that I keep them very clean because when I am wearing makeup regularly I wash them often.

  70. Hi! My use name is tekuita1982, I clean my brushes because I watched one of your videos
    about how clean them, I follow your advice since then (no as often as you though ) 🙂 LOL;;;

  71. My YouTube name is Thesazked, and I spot clean my eye brushes after every other use, and deep clean them every two weeks or so. I’m really weird about my foundation brushes though and deep clean them after pretty much every use! P.S. I LOVE your tutorials, you’re so creative!

  72. I brush my washes after two uses, so I wash my foundation brush and my angled brush the most often. That’s about 2-3 times a week.

  73. I dont really know how often I was my brushes, but whenever i go to use them, and if they feel dingy and stiff then I’ll wash them. If i had to guess I’d say every two weeks. Maybe even less.
    youtube name SamanthaVictoria661

  74. My YouTube Name is MsCrisstynaD and honestly, I wash my eye brushes after every other use, and my face brushes once a week. This kit is SO awesome!!!

  75. My YouTube user name is iheartcomics4life

    I usually wash my brushes once a month! I know I should wash them more but your review makes me want this product. You’re so talented and inspiring! I look forward to each make-up tutorial you upload. Have a nice day!

  76. I only clean my brushes 2 a month. I know I should clean them more but I havent found a cleaning product I like >.< so id love to try this product. My youtube username is PinCushionTm


  77. I spot clean and disinfect my brushes daily (I use them on other people) I deep clean once every week. You are right..it’s NO fun. But it has to be done. My YT name is YelshayLove 🙂

  78. I wash my brushes every two-three weeks. Its a hassle to wait for them to dry so I don’t do it as often as I should. I am literally about to go wash them now that I saw your video. 🙂
    My YouTube Username is Marilyn.squarelyn or sessymary (I can’t remember which one)

    Thanks Cora!

  79. my youtube name is beautifful305girl and i spot clean my brushes everytime i use them with daily brush cleaner. i try to give them a deep cleaning atleast once a week. sometimes i dont… (holding head down in shame)

  80. lioness19005 is my youtube username. I only wash them once a month or so. I know, gross! But….. I HATE what a pain in the butt it is.

  81. My YouTube handle is domesticladybug 🙂

    I do not wash my brushes nearly as often as I should, because I have no room to dry them! Maybe once every few months? But I do pretty much the same look every day.

  82. Youtube name is MrsMunstrus

    I should definatly clean my brushes more but i dont use them alot either. I like to apply makeup with my hands lol

  83. Hi! my youtube name is tamileethebitch (i apologize for my name, i’ve had it since i was young and stupid) i clean my brushes as often as i can, once a week would be ideal, and with the new bruses i ordered it will be a LOT MORE OFTEN !

  84. YouTube Username leeshelby09

    Well Cora you said BE HONEST, I dont clean my Brush just because I’m a full time mom full time student and I didnt know that you should wash them. I usually just use a babywipe after I use the brush. Now that I know you should I will defintly do so. [=

  85. My YouTube username is HannaMarieMakeup

    I clean my brushes when I start to notice they are super dirty. I definitely don’t clean them as often as I should. But, I do clean my brushes that have been used with foundation or concealer more often 🙂 <3

  86. I spot clean my brushes everytime I use them… Well, my eye brushes at least. Once my face brushes start feeling pretty grody and using them starts getting weird I’ll to a deep clean. I’m pretty bad about it XD I don’t wear makeup everyday so I don’t feel like it’s needed, even though I know it is.

    My username on Youtube is IthinkIneedAhug

  87. HI!!! My youtube name is KittyKay333! And I hope to start recording and posting videos soon!!! Anyway, I try to clean my brushes every Friday but I do be lazy and wait an extra day or two.

  88. Youtubename: Menezesmarta1
    I wash my brushes, foundation, concealer, gel eyeliner and lipstick whenever I use, but the shadow, blending, powder, bronzer and eyebrows I wash only on Saturdays when I have more time to wash them so as to dry up completely. I let them dry on a towel and with cables higher than the bristles upon the towel to drain.
    Use baby shampoo and a little of my hair conditioner.
    This package is very cute !

  89. Youtube nane- lerchskat. How often I wash my brushes depends, honestly, on how frequently I use them. I spot clean my eye brushes nearly every time, then deep clean a couple times a month. My fact brushes I clean about once a week.

  90. My Youtube User name is Keiri13 and I clean my brushes every other day but I don’t have a vented cup so it can take up to three days for the denser brushes to dry 🙁 Sponges I wash after EVERY use with ani-bacterial soap. (I only do this for my beauty blender sponger and the MAC sponge I use with me studio tech foundation.

  91. my youtube name is katesthename and i’m pretty good about cleaning my brushes. i spot clean after (almost) every use, and try to remember to deep clean once a week.

    thanks so much for the info!! i’m adding this to my “wishlist!”

  92. i clean my brushes twice a weak- i use lots of dark eyeshadows and sparkly powders so i make a pretty big mess everytime i do my makeup 🙂
    my youtube username is albinobetakno x

  93. Im a bad girl when it comes to brush cleaning, mostly because of drying. I usually tie my brushes around a skewer with a rubberband so they hang upside down and then put them in a cup lolz. With that said maybe once a month, but my facebrushes more. I need this lol. Username: criminalxxxlove

  94. my youtube user name is eriwaldsxx

    im 15, and i love makeup. i deep clean my brushes once every month or so, but spot clean every day. i know its bad, but thats why i would love to try this!

  95. I clean my brushes once a month, but that is because I make lots of combined kits that I rotate once a week, so by the end of the month I wash four kits or sets of brushes. My YouTube username is puccie1510

  96. HI! my youtube name is loveandmathematics99 and I honestly clean mine about once every two months. I am so lazy. I guess I really shouldnt be complaining about breakouts haha! thanks for doing the giveaway

  97. You tube name: inkchick. I spot clean some of my brushes when i use them and i deep clean once a month. I also only wear makeup a couple times a week. Oh the joy of telecommuting 😉

  98. My youtube name is Niamhtbh, I clean my brushs each day with alcohol but deep cleaning i do it maybe every 3rd day,havent taken the leap into the brush gaurds although it would stop my brushs breaking!

    think the little cartoon drawings are so cute! 😛

  99. I clean my brushes about twice a month, every 2 weeks………I’m bad though cause I usually wait till ALL my brushes are dirty then I wash them, just cause I HATE washing them sooooo much and I have a LOT of brushes 🙁 This system would be my Holy Grail!!

    YouTube Name : LittleMissKaity

  100. Hi! 🙂 youtube name: rainygrainyday. I probably wash/deep clean my brushes about once a month,….. butttt I don’t use heavy make up everyday 🙂

  101. Hi !!
    I’m Fraiseauchocolat75 on youtube. I actually….. never clean my brushes……

    …. that’s my sister who does it, and every week lol 😀

    Oow, did you think I use diiirty brushes ? 🙂

    Thanks, xo !

  102. I clean them about once a week when i use makeup on a daily basis, and about… idk, once a month if i only use them once or twice a week. My youtube username is gurlonfiree 🙂

  103. My YouTube username is Makeupisfun225 🙂

    I don’t wear makeup everyday….especially during allergy season. I clean my brushes every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

  104. My youtube username is southernboy19135. I wash my brushes rather frequently actually because I am a freelance mua so that causes me to deep wash my brushes after every client. Now with that said my own personal brushes that I use for myself I wash twice a week depending on what products I use.

  105. I try to clean my makeup brushes once a week because I only use them for powders. I use disposable makeup sponges for my liquid foundation 🙂 Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win this kit!

    My YouTube name is: VictorAndCindy22

  106. I’m scooby384 on youtube. I actually just bought the Mrs Bunny brushes and have washed them twice so far, I love them!…I wash them once a week 🙂

  107. My YouTube name is eslucia 🙂

    My foundation, concealer and powder brushes I clean daily because I have some skin problems so I don’t want to make it even worse. But for exapmle my blending brushes and all eye brushes (except eyeliners one coz I also clean it daily) I clean like once a week.

  108. My username is jordielizable. I quick cleanse my brushes every time they are dirty or before I use a new color. I wash them all with baby shampoo at least once a month to get anything extra off!

  109. I am baaaaad, I think I do a deep clean once a month, but I usually wipe them off the excess product every time I use them with a make up remover wipe,
    my user name is Zublime75 🙂

  110. Youtube username: UneBelleRoseNoire
    And I honestly avoid cleaning my makeup brushes as much as possible because I absolutely hate the process because it takes me forever to clean them and to dry. If I had this product I bet I’d wash them more often because it seams a ton easier and way quicker.

  111. I tend to wash mine as and when I need to. Skin sensitivity recently means I’ve not been wearing make-up for a while, but when I do I try to clean my brushes within a day or two after using them so they’re good to go for next time! I suppose I would have to do it less frequently if i used the same colours all the time or not so much dark eyeshadow… 😉

    Youtube username ariadnae666.

  112. my youtube name is hallmegan. I clean my brushes every 2 months. I only wear make up twice a week, and i spot clean my brushes after each use. Love your tutorials 🙂

  113. I hadn’t really thought about washing my brushes until recently (aside from the obvious times where it’s just necessary.. certain products just gunk up the brushes too much for my liking over time). I don’t really have any products that have worked well for cleaning – in fact, I made the mistake of using hand soap the first time that reacted badly with my foundation brush and I had to buy a new one. It’d certainly be helpful to have something I’m certain will work well!

    My YouTube username is 0rctober. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  114. My youtube name is Trippsstar
    Soooo like you said nottt gonna lie..yea i wash brushes probably once every 2 weeks i wash my foundation brush more than anything because i feel like that one gets pretty nasty…i probably should wash them more often but i hateee washing them so this thing would come really in handy hope i win 🙂

  115. LadyAndara over on Youtube. I do a spray cleaning of my brushes every week (sooner if they’re dirty), and I shampoo them every 2 – 3 weeks.

  116. samjmurphy (youtube name) I try to clean my foundation brushes every 4 days, normally end up cleaning them with my other brushes so about once a week!

  117. Thank you for this giveaway. 😀

    My YouTube name is: erikatheicyone

    I clean my brushes every time I use them. Honestly. 😀 The thought of using a dirty brush just gives me the heebie-jeebies. lol

  118. I, idontsweat.iglisten, tend to spray the daily brush cleaner on a couple times a week and then try and clean them CLEAN them, once a month at LEAST. I am SO lazy, I don’t ALWAYS use a foundation brush but I do use the eyeshadow and blush brushes daily. :/

  119. Umm i honestly clean my brushes when I remember. I know not right >.< My youtube channel is wonderfullynerdy2 😀 I love your channel!! <3

  120. My youtube username: KandyKabaret
    I clean my few brushes about every two weeks…Or at least the face ones. Haahaa the brushes used for eyes, I’ll clean once a week…I NEED MOAR BRUSHES. ='( I’m only 19, a college student don’t got time for cleaning all da time!!! Looking forward to your next look, Cora!! I’ve watched nearly all your videos! =)

  121. Ok I clean my brush’s about twice a month. But I have a Mary Kay blush brush that I have never washed ( I also don’t use it anymore) I have had it for 15 years (ok I know gross) but I am also convinced if I washed it, then it would fall apart, if it was clean I would so still use it. I have learned so much from your videos and washing my brush’s is one of the many things…I would really like to try out the washing kit you have.
    My utube name is Kimmer10181964

  122. I don’t have that many brushes and I don’t use them often, but I probably wash them once a month. My YouTube username is XxMusicxIsxMyxLife

  123. i clean my foundation brush once a day and eye shadow brushes at least once every three days, if not more. over kill, i know. haha.

    my username is blackbelt1194.

  124. My username is ElectrikBeautyx and I don’t clean them as often as I should, but this actually looks like it would make it more enjoyable! Thank you for the giveaway, Cora! Love from Illinois!

  125. My Youtube name is Kukukttt!
    I clean my foundation stippling brush about once a week because it can get full of product. I wash my powder brushes once a month because they tend to stay relatively clean. I clean eyeshadow brushes with bright coloured or thicker formula eyeshadow on them after each use, but otherwise I just wipe them clean and then deep wash them once a month. I deep clean my gel liner brush after each use (:

  126. BlaireNicole21 and I have honestly never cleaned my burshes. This girl doesn’t have any clue how! Maybe this will help me! Oh, by the way. I absolutely love you videos&your personality! Cute:D

  127. my youtube username is: archiesbunkerr
    my “cream product” brushes are cleaned about 1x/week. i clean my “powder product” brushes about 1x/week and a half or two weeks; that’s because i don’t use them very often and i have a decent enough amount of brushes that i can just use a new one everyday until they’re all dirty. =D

  128. Not nearly enough! I am terrible for not washing my brushes, in fact I should probably wash them this weekend….
    my username is prncslj

  129. My youtube name is 13dreabear and I’ve only washed my blush brush once, I think last month? The rest of my brushes are still dirty. I know, I’m bad at keeping them clean, I just never buy brush cleaners. I used one of my relatives, it was MAC’s Brush Cleanser.

  130. youtube name is rachycakes59 and i don’t clean my brushes often i try once a month but honestly it’s like once every 2 months….. stop putting it off!

  131. My username is GumdropsAndRaindrops and I spot clean my brushes everyday plus I deep clean them every two weeks or so, but I do have multiples of every brush and I don’t wear make-up everyday so each brush gets like 2-3 uses before every deep clean

  132. Hey Cora 🙂
    My youtube name is Mshufflepuffler (yes I’m a harry potter fan) 😛
    I wash my brushes about ever 2 weeks, I haven’t for a while though /:
    I have my parents permission too since im sixteen
    Thanks x

  133. youtube name is fathobbitgamgee.

    I clean my sigmax brushes and larger face brushes once a week. My eye brushes usually every two weeks, sometimes three if my dirty cup isn’t full. I know when I can’t fit anymore in the cup its time to wash them. I spot clean my favorites like the e45 and e40 because I reach for them all the time. Love the Mrs. Bunny E40!!!

  134. youtube username: heidihippieboho
    Since I don’t use my brushes a lot mainly once a week. I always wipe off the excess makeup after each application, but I deep clean once a week with baby shampoo.

  135. Since watching your channel I’ve learned what to do and not to do involving makeup. One being cleaning my brushes which I’ll admit I only had a few then and I never cleaned them…now I have at least 10 and bought brush cleaner and I’ll been doing it about once a week sometimes more. Thanks for being so awesome as always

    My youtube name is sweetchic1985

  136. YT Username: glamisbabeatv

    I clean my brushes about every 2 months. Or before I do a makeup gig. I do my makeup daily so I should be spot cleaning my brushes every day and deep cleaning them once a week but I get lazy. Perhaps if I had this handy dandy kit I’d be more willing to clean my brushes 😉 Thanks!

  137. Hi Cora! My username is CarameliaM on youtube. I’m not a regular make-up user, but your videos inspired me to experiment a little more. Since I don’t use my brushes regularly, I clean them every time after usage, so no ickies can breed … and I’d love the cleaning kit! Thx and bye, greetings from Cara to Cora 🙂

  138. i whash my brushes ones a week, and every day i clean the foundation brush and the powder one, with a wipe, i’m a litle afraid of germs and that kind of stuff

  139. haha…totally think I left the comment in the wrong spot…ummm my youtube name is mrsryans01 and honestly I do not clean my brushes as often as I should. never really thought it was a big deal…but yeah thats my comment…hahaha

  140. I spot clean my brushes (with my e.l.f. brush spray) roughlyyy (ROUGHLY) once every two weeks or so. I deep clean them every few months. Gurl, I’m hella nasty I know. But I really don’t use my brushes tooooo often. So ya know.
    Anyways, my Youtube name is aubrey7x. =)

  141. My YouTube name is AshleyxxAtomic and I clean my brushes but I don’t DEEP clean them ever 🙁 I love make up! But I work 40 hours a week and with being a wife…I know you get what I mean here lol….with cooking and cleaning and laundry and two dogs and a husband to pick up after I have no time! It would be awesome to win this though because it would make cleaning them a little easier and less time consuming and I will actually be able to fit that in my schedual. Thank you so much Cora for doing this give away and all the others one you do for us cause I know you don’t have to!!!!

    Much love and keep the videos coming!
    Ashley 🙂

  142. I spot clean my eye brushes every week but to be honest, my foundation brushes dont get clean enough, like every other month I’m embarrass to say…my you tube name is shegaiv99

  143. kellyxsquared is my username 🙂 And honestly… I barely ever wash my brushes 🙁 I usually forget and then the next day it’s time to use them again!

  144. YT name: karinahardy78756. I spot clean everything atleast every week, i use a make up wipe to work out any product, and spray with a little spritz bottle of alcohol and leave them to sit over night. about 2 times a month i use the elf brush cleanser and use the sink to deep clean them the good ole fashioned way by hand XD.

  145. i deep clean ALL my brushes once a month, but i spot clean with cleanser after every use, and i clean my foundation brush/or beauty blender sponge after every use!

    my youtube user name is : Mrcaressacarrabba

  146. Well, I probably clean my brushes once every two-three weeks (since you are calling everyone out on this, haha). Also, I loved your lipstick in this video! My youtube name is beanfrom1988, thank you for doing a giveaway.

  147. Hi! My Youtube name is alliecat148!

    Honestly, I almost never clean my brushes. I have once or twice before, but I haven’t known the correct way to wash them at home, even causing some fallout from one of my good brushes. So I could see this kit coming in handy, for sure.

    Great giveaway – love your videos!

  148. SagittariusDream is my user name. I use the elf spay spot cleaner after every brush use. I deep clean my eye brushes once a month or so. BUT my fluffy brushes (foundation or blush) get deep cleaned a couple times a week, because I have a little dog I adopted in November from a shelter and she LOVES to sneak and hide my fluffy brushes. all their handles have teeth marks, and she actually has destroyed a few. LOL I would be mad but she is so cute I end up just deep cleaning her drool off and try to put them away in a place she can’t reach (but she aways seems to find them!).

  149. My youtube name is elwluva and I’ve had my brushes for 8 months and I’ve only washed them once. I know that’s horrible but I just don’t know how to clean them and I’m afraid they will fray because my brushes are cheap. I dry brush the makeup off them when I switch colors and the one time I washed them some of my brushes were never the same. :/ This giveaway would really help. Thanks.

  150. hey cora, to be honest i really dont clean my brushes often, because it takes a lot of time and kind of annoys me. but if i win that set i would definately do that more often. 🙂
    my username is FF8freakmims
    greetings from germany

  151. I hate washing my brushes! But I deep clean them once a week, I can’t stand the thought of dirty brushes >_< YouTube username : 904lauren904

  152. i am horrible at cleaning my brushes and do it about once a month, them again i don’t put on a full face of makeup that often so maybe that is ok. haha
    youtube username lovenotwar1000

  153. Hiya

    My username on youtube is le lamb. I spot clean my eyebrushes everytime I use them and probably spot clean my face brushes weekly. Deep clean probably once a month at the very least. 🙂

  154. I I have cleaned my brushes at least twice since I’ve had them. I’ve been looking for a deep clean makeup brush cleaning set.. and I haven’t found one yet. It would be useful because if I’m going to start doing peoples makeup, I would need to wash them more often. Youutube name: nikkiann321

  155. My youtube username is UhmKaylaaa. I wear make-up every day. Depending on the type of product i use, I spot clean my brushes about 2-3 times a week. But that’s mostly for my cream products or my comcealer brush. I regularly clean my entire brush set about once a month! 🙂

  156. Hi Cora, my youtube user name is sofairycute. I spot clean my brushes after ever use and I deep clean them once a week. Thank you for this giveaway! Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  157. YouTube name LadyMystery1313 and I deep clean my brushes about once a month. This video actually reminded me that I need to clean then now!

  158. Hi there, healthflash is my youtube name (extremely unfortunate since I keep waiting for the flash of health to hit me – no lightning strikes here!) and I clean my brushes prob every 3 months.

  159. Ruthie S.

    My YouTube name is squirrel91557. I don’t clean my brushes very often I ashamed to say. I only use them once a week (maybe). I do use my beauty blender and I wash that everytime I use it.

  160. My youtube username is klokl5 and I tend to deep clean my brushes every week or I would end up with a lot of brushes if I take longer than that.
    what I use though is olive oil and dish soap, it really takes off all the dirty stuff and unstain the brushes 😀
    and every day use I spot clean them with alcohol X_X

  161. My youtube user name is ssyr3991 If I use my makeupbrushes everyday then I clean them 1 time a week. If I use them like 3 or 4 times a week it would be every 2 weeks.

  162. This year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to clean my brushes twice a month (not as much as I should I know, but better than when I feel the urge I guess) and it’s been working out like gangbusters. My Youtube name is DivaUNT

  163. i’m going to be honest, I have been collecting brushes for about a year now, well my whole makeup collection started a year ago, Just recently i started using foundation because my skin is clear and i never really had an issue. So due to only using powder products I’ve washed my brushes 3 or 4 times so far in the past year, but since i started using foundation and cream products i am washing my brushes every week, well i try my best anyway. its a pain in the butt and not having brush guards make it so hard for me to dry them so yes i skip weeks. Bad girl i know:p but thank you so much for the chance to win this <3 xoxo Vanessa

    Youtube Name: nesskay31

  164. I don’t clean my brushes that often… I just wipe them on a purple leopard towel I keep on my vanity in between cleanings. When I do clean them, I just use really good smelling soap, that way they smell nice afterwards, and set them on the edge of my bookshelf to dry.

  165. Chello,
    My youtube channel is ‘amarettoeyes”. I wash my cream or liquid brushes (especially the Sigma F82) after each use so they are dry for the next time…. For the eyeshadow and powder brushes… about once every 2 weeks and especially the blending brushes. Currently, I use dove soap and alcohol. The cup and brush guards are really something I would use and benefit from! Thanks for sharing with us!

  166. YT name: YamiJay

    I try to clean my brushes every week, but I tend to forget. But it seems I forget a lot because of my working schedule.

  167. yt username: sabeena911
    I wash my brushes with alcohol probably ever couple of weeks. I used to deep clean them but they take forever so now I use Wayne Goss’s method and I can sit at my desk and watch yt gurus like you whilst I am cleaning them. Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!!

  168. I saw this opportunity in your last youtube vlog. First of all, thank you for this. Second, my youtube username is majisima1. Third, I only have 3 brushes and they are not very good quality ( even though I am dying for a set of sigma brushes, i cannot afford them at this moment), thus I really dont clean the ones I have very much. However, i dont wear tons of make up, i hope this helps my case… Thank you again!!!

  169. I try to clean them once a day, but somtimes I get lazy 🙁 But I’ll go 2 days max. without cleaning. Deep cleaning though… Once a month…maybe :P.
    Thank you for the opportunity! Username: LeonorZSch

  170. Crazychick1345 is my user name 🙂 And lets see i clean my brushes around every 3 weeks i only have a few and they get dirty fast usually i clean them when i feel like it :s

  171. youtube user name: azamaitis

    i deep clean all of my brushes once a week and right now i’m doing them all by hand and using brush guards to dry them in a coffee mug..love your channel!

  172. stlxprincess

    I clean my brushes with MAC brush cleanser often when I use cream or gel products (as in, as soon as I’m done), and weekly for powder products. I deep clean about twice a month, mostly because I have degenerative disc disease, so the standing at the sink and washing them by hand hurts 🙁 But it has to be done! So I do them in small batches.

  173. My user name is naomigrrl and I wash my brushes once every couple of months maybe, sometimes more often, it depends on if I use them a lot or not.

  174. username-coolysgirl
    i clean my brushes everytimke i use them, i find its easier that way. i use the mac brush cleaner, but i love how u have a spray top on yours!! xx

  175. I used to only wash my brushes once every two months, disgusting I know but I didn’t wear makeup that often back then(now I do almost every time I go out of the house). Now I wash my face brushes every month( trying to get down to every 2 weeks) and my eye makeup brushes every 3 weeks to a month (trying to get down to 1-2 weeks since I wear eye makeup more than face). I’ve always wanted to get the guards for a long time and invest in something that washes my brushes more efficiently but I’m broke college kid. Thanks for doing a review on this and doing a giveaway. I think regardless if I win or not I’ll buy on for me and/or my mom. :]

    My Youtube username: gerardlvr

  176. I clean my foundation brush every other day (Sigma Flat top Kabuki) it gets so nasty! lol I clean basically all my other brushes (eyes, powder, etc) every 2-3 weeks. ( i know, i know! but i always brush it off cuz they dont seem that gross!

  177. My YouTube name is MrsKuprys and Im guilty of never having washed my brushes. I have only just recently taken a shine to wearing makeup but the brushes I use I have had for 3 years :/ I have recently purchased a cheap brush set and the smell of them is overwhelming and some of the hairs are covered in glue so I need to clean them before using them

  178. SailorMaat
    I usually wash al of my brushed once a week if I have time. If not it’s as soon as I can. I seem to be washing them more now after I bought a few of the brush guards. But alas I need more. Apperantly I have to many brushes.

  179. My youtube name is pinkyfizzle12. Ive never washed any of my brushes! Bahhh i need to though haha. I get cheap brushes, so that when they get really dirty i just pitch em. But now that i have some nice brushes, im looking for a good brush cleaner so i can properly take care of them. Thanks! 🙂

  180. Mandys2angels

    I dont clean them as pften as I should, I dont wear makeup every single day, more like 3 days a week, so I try to clean my brushes every 2 weeks

  181. My username is makeupbyyellowbear and I clean my brushes properly with soap and extra virgin olive oil every two weeks and I use Clinique brush cleanser when my brushes need a slight touch up this
    This would be an amazing present because it’s my birthday today and I love you much thanks xxx

  182. Hi, my youtube name is lesa100lbwtlossjrny. To answer your question I was my brushes about once every two weeks, but I do use my everyday cleaning spray when I remember to use it. I know I really should be cleaning them more often but it is just so tedious to do….lol

  183. I never use to clean my brushes but after watching your videos for the past 8 months or so I learned to clean them. So now I try to do it at least once a week sometimes I forget though. My YouTube name is naomi7112

  184. Youtube: virgomatron

    Let’s see, I clean my brushes every Saturday. Weekends are usually makeup & contact lens free time. Unless it’s Date Night with the hubby. 🙂

  185. YouTube username: Blissfulsanity. I wash my everyday brushes once a week and any other brushes that are dirty along with them. I used to be really bad about washing my brushes (maybe once a month) but I’m proud to say I’ve gotten a lot better. 🙂

  186. My youtube is amaris1500. I am apparently “hella nasty” LOL I wash mine every few months (gross, right?!) But I only use powders on brushes, so no gooey foundation brush layin’ around…does that make it a little better? ;P

  187. TimeWillDefineUs

    I rarely use my brushes for anything besides powders, so only around once a month :/ The ones that do have liquid on them usually end up sitting there and getting all smelly until I was everything else :$

  188. Hi! my username is “fullmoonshine90” , I love your videos and i clean my brushes like once every 6 months or whenever i remember, i know, shame on me but i keep forgetting.

  189. My user name is SillychickMakeup I usually clean my brushes every two or three weeks. I know it sounds kinda nasty, but I only wear make up on weekends, and rarely on weekdays. I also spray them with alcohol. Hope I win 🙂

  190. YouTube username: xboiledfrogsx
    I spot clean my face brushes every day (don’t want nasty ol’ germs on my face from the previous day’s foundation) and I deep clean them about once a week.

  191. I am personally guilty for not cleaning my brushes everyday. I would clean them once a month at least. I don’t clean them as often because it’s expensive and time consuming; then again it would help if I had the right tools to start to clean them properly. -_-

  192. YouTube user name msiders1979
    I have only washed my brushes once about 6 months ago. I didn’t do it before then becasue I didn’t know how to do it 🙁

  193. My YT name: ZimtSternChen69
    I clean my brushes about once a month.. I don’t use make up every day so I think that’s pretty okay. I use babyshampoo to clean them. I think if I don’t win I still wanna buy the little “stay-in-shape-thingis”. That’s pretty awesome 🙂

  194. My YT name is Satanne666.

    I would normally clean my brushes about once a month, and always before and after I do make up for somebody. It´s a terribly boring thing to do, but you letting me know about this ingenious thing made me wanna get cleaning! Thank you! (An yes, packaging is super cute!)

  195. Youtube name mellieanne01

    I try to deep clean my makeup brushes every 2-3 weeks but use sephora’s daily makeup brush cleanser in between.

  196. My username is MeganMD87 and I probably deep clean my brushes once a month because, although I’m a makeup FREAK, I don’t get to wear it very often. I do spot clean between single uses though 😉 Thank you for this giveaway! I love your videos!!!

  197. YT: lilymooncakesxo Spot clean every time I use them, but deep clean…just once a month! :oX I know, I know! Tis bad! I promise to be better if I win! ;o) <3 You are so sweet and awesome! I always look forward to your vids! Have a great weekend!

  198. YouTube name is cyanidexsunset 🙂 I usually deep clean my brushes once every 2 weeks and spot clean them every one or 2 uses with a spray bottle of baby shampoo and distilled water <3

  199. I rarely deep clean, but I always spot clean everytime I use my brushes. I’m a casual make-up user I would like to change that though! =D
    User name: VictoriaCreeper

  200. YT Username: sHeLbY24

    I clean my brushes once a week and spot clean them every time I use them (especially the shadow brushes and the foundation brushes)

  201. HI! ^_^ My username is stephlova89. I don’t wear makeup everyday, but when I do, i usually spot clean every other day or so day because I don’t have a ton of brushes, and I deep clean once a week because on the weekends if i go out and that’s when I wear makeup most often. ^_^

  202. I’m very bad – I don’t clean them often at all. Maybe once every 4 months? But that said, I don’t wear much make-up on a day to day basis, it’s just when I go out that I break out all my colourful goodies. (I know, I know – excuses, excuses I’m a grosey Josie.) YT: MissChievous78

  203. Username: taniarrellaga. Usually I clean my brushes once in a month, because I don’t use them very often I just use them on weekends and not so much neither, so that’s why…

  204. Youtube username Northy1982

    My personal brushes get cleaned off with beautysoclean every few days and then a full deep clean once a week.

    My work brushes get deep cleaned after every client.


  205. Youtube user name: luvlifebeauty1

    I admit I don’t wash my brushes as often as I should only because I have very few and would be without them for a day or two depending on how quickly or slowly they dry. I would have to say I wash mine about once every 2 weeks. I know I’m bad.

  206. Ok lets be honest here I do not clean my brushes as much as I should because it is such a hassle but I would say I spot clean every other use or so and deep clean maybe……once a month,like maybe when they get stiff,lol,ok that is a joke they are not stiff when I clean them! My YT user name is swest72766

  207. I try to deep clean my brushes at least once a month, and spot clean once a week. I only use my brushes 1-2 times a week, if that often. My youtube username is ellievlogs.

  208. I spot clean my brushes every time I use them and try to deep clean them every two weeks, but that rarely works out. Perhaps something like this would help me out
    YouTube username is: fieryivy99801

  209. Hit, TheMandoBot here, I wash my foudation and concealer brushes after each use and I have been washing other brushes, that only have been used with powder products, about every other time.

  210. Lol I think everyone is feeling a lil on spotlight. But to be honest I would say I clean them if I remember and have the time maybe every month in a half if not every 2 in a half !!!! Ugh so ashamed

  211. I honestly dont clean my brushes very often, but then again i dont use my face brushes that often. i try to do it every couple months or when i notice my skin is getting bad. i use the johnson&johnson baby shampoo. my youtube name is: blinkae24

  212. My YT user name is lleslig and I deep clean my brushes about once a week depending on how often I’ve used them that week and I spot clean them almost after every use, depending on time allowance.

  213. My username is mrswahl219 and I was my foundation brush every day, since I use a long wear foundation, and the rest like 3-4 times a month! Thanks!!!

  214. Hi my YouTube username is XXxxSadiaxxXX and I don’t have a lot of brushes and don’t wear a lot of makeup so I wash them after I use them or 1-2 times a week.

  215. Username: KatherineBurton2013
    I definitely don’t wash my brushes as much as I should, I spot clean once a week (maybe) and I deep clean once a month.

  216. I tend to spot clean my brushes a lot because I switch from doing a lot of natural colors to doing very bright colors so its kind of necessary but I try to deep clean them once a week but at least twice a month.
    my youtube username is xXemoreoXx

  217. Hi my name is Yosie. My youtube name is YosieYosieVision. hahahhahah xD

    I clean my brushes twice a month. I spot clean them before and after use. :<
    You're my fave youtube goober! xoxo 😀

  218. YT: VenusianBloodTies

    To be honest, I don’t clean my brushes as often as I should. I wear makeup only about once a week, so cleaning my brushes isn’t even something I think about until I go to put on makeup, and at that point it’s too late to spend the time washing them and waiting for them to dry.

  219. i usually try to clean my face brushes like once a week to once every 2 weeks, and my eyeshadow brushes i clean whenever i wanna do my eyrshadow like a couple days later. youtube: xojennaiscoolox

  220. I clean my face brushes more often than the eye brushes, cause I use pretty much the same colours every day. Something like twice a month I think. Thank you for the giveaway! My youtube username is 666DieMyBride666

  221. I am really bad. I only wash my brushes when I absolutely have to. So maybe once every two to three months? I know it’s bad.
    My YouTube name is AMMOswifey.

  222. Username: TheSarcasticbeauty
    I usually deep clean my brushes about once a month, sometimes two. I tend to wash my Foundation brush more often. however i spot clean them every night or every other night.

  223. Youtube Username: lulu2692
    I wash my brushes once I notice that they have gotten a little dirt-ay! Which is about every 2 to 3 weeks; depending on how often they are used! Love your videos & thanks for the contest!

  224. my user name is heatherrr323 and I try to clean my brushes 1-2 times a month deep cleaning and i spot clean them every 3 days or so. thanks so much for the giveaway!

  225. I clean my face brushes about every 2 weeks, my eyeshadow brushes I know it will sound bad but those get cleaned about every 2 months.
    My youtube name is rudynwendy

  226. I dont clean my brushes because I have been looking for a good cleaner but everyone one that I have been recommendEd to try is waaaay too expensive. Please take my vote and comment into consideration. thank you and I might start posting videos because of you 🙂

  227. Username: NadeauCaron
    I don’t clean my brushes nearly as often as I should!! Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I cleaned them…I just remember the last time I used them thinking “Oh. I so need to clean this…” and that was about a month ago….hence why I so need one of these! For serious!!

  228. username: rocknroll302
    I usually clean my brushes 2-3 times a month. I know it should be more! But I do wash my foundation brushes more often than my eyeshadow brushes.

  229. My username is 4489love and I clean my brushes every week but every cleanser I try doesnt really clean deep enough for m and I might post videos because of you because know im not afraid of what people thinkof my posts. 🙂 so thank you for inspiring me and I might want to be a professional makeup artist because of you.

  230. I usually clean my brushes once every week and a half on average, sometimes more if I notice that they look more dirty than I would want. In fact, I’ve been thinking about cleaning my face brushes today anyway, so off I go to do that…. 🙂 Youtube username: healthywithwhitney

  231. DakotaMeowz I clean my brushes when they get dirty looking; I usually just rub the brush on a towel to get rid of the eye shadow/powder that remained on the brush from the last usage.

  232. my youtube name it lozelleboz. i deep clean my brushes every month and i am currently using baby shampoo and mac brush cleanser to spot clean my brushes ever time i use them. x x

  233. YouTube Username: BierBunny
    I spot clean my brushes every day after I use them. I probably deep clean my brushes once every 2 -3 months. I mostly use eye brushes because I’ve been using tinted moisturizer or BB creams instead of foundation. I just hate deep cleaning my brushes.

  234. My YouTube name is luvsthe50s and I deep clean every 2 weeks but use brush cleaner weekly !!! Gotta make sure thus grill don’t break out lol

  235. My YouTube: dannyslovebug
    I try to wash my brushes every 2-3 weeks but my concealer, foundation and eyeliner brushes get washed every 3-4 days. Awesome giveaway!

  236. Username: Willvanity
    I “try” to clean my brushes once a week. Sometimes that escapes me and I end up doing to a few days late! Ick. BUT, fun fact: I introduced my mother into cleaning brushes, she had the same exact brush for 30+ years and never cleaned it a day in it’s lifetime. Of course I scolded her and I now wash her’s alone with mine! :DD

  237. YT: Alma2001A.

    I like to clean my brushes normally every time I use, if I have little time even if the cleaner clean with MAC and when I have more time with baby shampoo and conditioner when necessary.

  238. You are so pretty it’s redonculous!! Username: mcmammajama
    I have one set of brushes that I use on other people – I am religious about cleaning those… but *skank alert* I only clean my own brushes if I use a really bright color or about once a month 😮

  239. Youtube name is PaulaPetal… must be honest must be honest 😉 MAC Brush Cleaner once every two or three weeks and deep clean maybe every 2 months, tend to wash my face brushes cos they get kinda ganky after a while…. :/ I have soooo many brushes and it is so hard to be in the mood to stand at the sink with cold water running on my hands for 2 hours, am I right girl?!xxxx

  240. yt user name: mcbrayer77
    i lightly clean them every time i use them, but i only deep clean them like once a month if i remember. i know i should do it more i just forget!

  241. Username:andreaglover69
    I deep clean my brushes like once a month. I know that’s not enough, but I’m a busy mommy with not much time or energy when the day is done. I spot clean my brushes once a week most of the time.

  242. My youtube user name ic coloradogirl1978
    I deep clean my brushes twice a month using baby shampoo and then just spot clean once or twice a week with a spray brush cleaner I get from Ulta.

  243. YouTube Username: RazzoClimhazzard

    I probably clean my brushes about once per week if I can. I agree with you though, it can be a lot of work sometimes, especially if you are already tired from a long day at work and don’t feel like doing it. That cup looks like it works really well though! Totally genius!

  244. YT: gonzalicious123

    I’ve actually never deep cleaned my brushes, like with shampoo (embarrassed). But I do clean them with 90% alcohol stuff!

  245. Youtube name is Usagibunnneh. I wash my brushes with shampoo/dove soap/philosophy 3-in-1 every week. If I’m going to reuse a brush or sponge for foundation, I clean it. Oh and I tend to spot clean in between with a 1:1 water:rubbing alcohol mix.

  246. I try to clean my brushes atleast once a week… if I use enough of them! This would save a TON of time, and less stress on my back and neck lol

  247. My name is whoismolly1 and I’ll be honest, I’ve had my brushes since college (3 years) and I have NEVER cleaned them, I’m hella gross.

  248. I rarely clean my brushes, which, now that I am stating this in a public setting, is kind of embarrassing! I clean my foundation brush about once every 2- 3 weeks.. EEWW 🙁 Oh well, something to work on, I guess.
    My youtube name is Cassiraek
    Thank you!

  249. My YouTube name is aviscardi24
    ahh I absolutely hate washing my brushes LOL. i switch them out every week, but I purposely buy duplicates of my favorites so I just pile up the dirty brushes. I have a handy towel to wipe the eye brushes after ea use. Then I wash like 20 at one time , probably once or twice a month 🙂 This looks really cool. My sigmax brushes take like 24+hrs to dry

  250. I don’t usually wash my brushes, I kinda leave that to my mother because she’s a clean freak so I let her wash them.(: Plus I’m too lazy. She cleans them probably after every cheer competition I have which is almost every weekend & the main reason I wear makeup.
    ItsDamoGirl is my YouTube name.(:

  251. The amount of cleaning I do with my brushes depends on the brush. I will wash my foundation brushes once a week. The others every other week to once a month. Everytime I go to wash them and have them out to dry my daughter kid naps them and ruins them. haha.

    My youtube name is ccraisins2005.

  252. My youtube name is rockon4ever20.
    I clean my brushes every 3 or so months, i know its horrible but i dont use them that often so sometimes i dont think its necessary! I know shame on me right :/

  253. youtube: jackiealexistravis

    I should clean my brushes more often, probably once a month but im going to do them every weekend on like sunday or saturday just to make sure they are clean even though im the only one using them

  254. Since I only wear makeup a few days a week once a month is normally enough for me,except for the eye brushes which are more like every ten days..
    username mirageangelhope

  255. I clean my foundation and powder brush after every time I use them and my eye brushes around once a week, depending on what colors I’ve used that week. Using these products would make cleaning brushes so much easier 🙂

    My YouTube user name AdriannaSalinas

  256. I don’t really wash my brushes much, besides a spot clean here and there… I don’t have the right tools, but never the less no excuses!
    my YouTube is UhmBecauseISaidSo

  257. Hi I clean my brushes once a week or twice just depends if I used them on someone else, I never really wash them with shampoo just with my Bella terra brush cleanser 🙂

    YOUTUBE username : kendominguez92

  258. Youtube name is marneygirl629

    I wash my brushes once a week, it’s my sunday ritual!! I pop in a DVD and deep clean all my brushes. I am a fan of the olive oil and baby shampoo method!!

  259. Okay, this is going to sound awful, but I’ve NEVER cleaned my brushes. I don’t use makeup very often and I’ve just never bothered doing it. It’s totally bad and I know now that I should, I just never had the knowledge of how to do it!

    My YT user name is dialejano


  260. youtube user name –27ghost girl

    i clean my brushes once a week usally saturdays because i dont wear alot of make up over the weekend

  261. My Youtube User name is Ramera99.
    I don’t think I’ve ever owned brushes long enough to think far on the cleaning process. I’ve only really started getting into brushes over the little sponge things that come with the make up and I’ve been getting cheapy new brushes every month or so, using them only on weekends. I’ve had friends get me brushes and family members too but I’ve been starting to clean the ones I have now.

  262. I wash mine about once a month… And I really didn’t realize how much I have been neglecting them!!!

    YouTube name is sarbearmaxwell

  263. Hi, I am fairly new to the makeup community, so far since I have been doing my makeup I have only washed my brushes once and it was an absolute chore :(, I would love to have a brush guard kit to help me get off onto the right foot with my makeup routines. By the way I am in love with your YouTube videos and I am really learning a lot from you about makeup and fashion. Thanks :D. My YouTube username is Rockykat560@aol.com

  264. Hi Cora! Thanks for doing this fab give-away! I clean my brushes weekly, but I hate that chore- ugh! So, I’ll be trying out this kit whether I win it from you or buy it on my own. On YouTube, I’m “UAskygal” =]

  265. Youtube name is kasytalks4girls
    I really don’t wash mine much i probably washed em 3 or 2 times since i had em and I’ve had em since Christmas i just hate doing it and i know its bad not to but i just don’t have the right stuff to wash em

  266. My youtube username is cdelpardo. I used to not wash my brushes after every use, but about a year ago I started trying to clean them after every use. I got really annoyed with that real quick. Soooo, I broke down and bought multiples of my favorite and daily use brushes (foundation and shader/blending). So now, I clean them once a week, but they’ve only been used once.

  267. Yt: imademonhunter
    I try to wash my brushes as often as i can, but I know I should be washing them more often. Maybr once every two weeks as of now, but I’m trying to get better about it.

  268. G’day Cora. I’m ShamanKeema on YouTube, and I only first spot cleaned my brushes this week!
    They’re brand new Sigma Mrs Bunny set, and I only got them maybe a month ago but hadn’t used them until about the last two weeks. I bought some spray on spot cleaner, and was only thinking about what I should be looking for to deep clean.
    Your vids always seem to be timely for what I’m currently looking for lol.
    Cheers again!

  269. my username is lilly m and i dont often clean my brushes well ill wash them off every few days but i dont like deep clean them for a month or 2 at a time

  270. Hey, my youtube user name is therealstenny. I gotta say I’m pretty gross in that I usually forget to clean my brushes as I’m always running late after I’m finished doing my make up but I try to clean them regularly like once a week and always end up cleaning my eye brushes because I like to change my style often.

  271. my yt name is MsJasmineOlivia I hope that you would message the winner via facebook or twitter. my name is the same on each page except my facebook is just “Jasmine Olivia”
    I clean my brushes every two weeks if I can.

  272. My YouTube Name is OkiMommy! And, I wash my brushes ALL.THE.TIME! I just ordered two brush guard sets and can’t wait to get them, and this would just complete it all!! Thank You for all of your vid’s Cora! I love them! Hugs~

  273. my yt username is: roxiihorror

    & to be honest, the last time i washed my brushes was probably… in february! D: i know, i know but in my defense my sister stole my clinique brush cleanser & i’ve been pretty broke so i haven’t bought a new one. i would use regular shampoo but i heard it damages the brushes.

  274. I clean my brushes when I remember that I dirtied them 🙁 I don’t wear makeup as much as I would like but this kit is a really cool idea and would make me want to make sure my brushes are squeaky clean cause dirty brushes are hella nasty 😀 Youtube User name: chickytoo82

  275. My YT username is colaisbeautyful and I clean my brushes about one or twice a month…maybe less. I know it’s so bad but I really dislike cleaning them. Plus, all of my face brushes have synthetic bristles so they take forever and a day to dry, so I think that contributes to my reluctance to actually clean them more.

  276. youtube name : aloraisadiva
    i wash my fondation brush every few weeks, other than that, i don’t clean my brushes because i have no cleaner.lol

  277. My youtube name is x3charisx3 and I was my brushes maybe 4 times a year? I know!! I don’t do my makeup often and i won’t use a dirty brush on my face but I won’t was my dirty brushes ofter 🙁

  278. Oh geez.Generally, deep clean my brushes when I’ve spot cleaned maybe ten to fifteen times for small brushes. For big brushes…I have no idea. Maybe once a month/month and a half? Depends on how often I wear makeup. Sometimes it’s every day, sometimes not at all. Oh, and my username is CandiedLilies. 😀

  279. My YT name is: jessisawesome7 and I spot clean with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water after every use and try and deep clean once a week 🙂

  280. Makupluve YouTube name and I clean my brushes once a week and spot clean every other day or everyday depending on the brush like foundation and concealer. I am a freak with cleaning because I deal with acne and I don’t want to make it worse from bacteria on my brushes. It also keeps my makeup clean:)

  281. I clean my brushes on friday nights. Haha, i know that sounds so sad because i should be out on a friday night, but that’s when i do it! My youtube username is DeepSoulBeauty.


  282. i clean my brushes every two weeks well i try to lol thank you so much for this giveaway. this would help me out it takes me forever to clean and dry my brushes.
    my youtube name is destroydj0503

  283. very rarely even though i have shampoo and everything! my problem is i have no good place to put them while there trying with cats and husbands ultmately finding them and messing with them……

    youtube \Surfergal17011

  284. I’m SimonPfirsich on Youtube. I use ELF’s daily brush cleaner (it’s an anti-bacterial spray) after every use on my face brushes, and I wash them with my sulfate free shampoo about once a week. My skin breaks out a lot so I really try to keep my face brushes as hygienic as possible. My eye brushes I wash with hand soap after every use. I don’t really use expensive eye brushes so I’m not too bothered with lathering them in soap.

  285. I wash my brushes about once a month or when more often a needed. Its a bit of a pain and I always worry i’m damaging my brushes. I generally spot clean my powder type brushes after every use. This kit looks awesome, love the cup design. My YT user name is; SimderZ. All the best, Chloe xx

  286. I don’t clean my brushes as often as I should at all :c Probably once a month. However, I just bought brush shampoo for that very reason. (: I’m not a fan of it, but it will have to do for now. (x

  287. Youtube: youkaiyui
    Well, I wash my brushes one time year. I really did’t use brushes until watch your channel. And the last time I washed… well, I mess up one of them… I love your channel, and I came to enjoy make up more… Before I was using just eyeliner and lipstick and rarely eyeshadows or others stuff. xD

  288. I clean my brushes after I use them two or three times unless the colors are really clashy. Thanks for the videos and for this giveaway! StealthAudrey

  289. youtube: katertater89
    I’m just starting to teach myself about makeup (mostly through youtube) and I only have a couple brushes and haven’t cleaned them yet. But after watching the video I feel like i should go do it right now! lol

  290. Youtube username: jessica.kleczynski

    I spot clean/sterilize my brushes after every use! I want to keep my colors pure and not get them all muddied up 🙂 I deep clean them about once every two weeks. I use my Brush Guards all the time! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  291. Youtube mayrawatts1
    I just started getting into makeup a lot more, and purchasing brushes.
    I didn’t know you HAD to wash your brushes lol but know that i know im gonna start washing them on regular basis!
    Thanks for all the great videos 🙂

  292. Youtube: kaydielynn
    your probably gonna hate me but i hardly ever wash them because i just dont know how. But i enjoy your channel very much.

  293. Hi Cora! What a perfect giveaway, we all gotta clean our brushes so it is totally useful! Thank you! I probably only wash my brushes like once a month, I need a better routine going but sometimes it just takes so long to clean every one of them. I would love to win this giveaway, my youtube username is: JessicaCaitlin111

    Lovies you!

  294. Youtube name is: “playfullypink” I try to clean my brushes every other week, but it’s such a pain to do it =) It’d be nice to have an easier way to do it =) Thanks for the opportunity!

  295. Hi!! I’ll be honest and tell you that I wash my brushes once every two months or when i’m feeling not lazy, you could say, I was them once a month. :3
    My user name is HerNameIsBLEH.

  296. Youtube: SuperBarbara89

    I wear make up maybe three times a week. I clean them right after I’m done, but I mainly wear eyeshadows.

  297. ugh you called me out. to be completly honest i clean my brushes 2 tiems a week. and thats if i remember. if i dont it can be so long! and i feel like a complete idiot putting all those germs on my face time and time again, but im so forgetful and it takes me a while to get into the habit of thing. but you know if i won maybe i would clean them more. lol 😉

    your a wonderful girl and i love your videos and your personality thank you so much!

  298. Youtube Username: TalithaTheHun
    I honestly only deep clean all of my powder product brushes maybe every three months (foundation brushes every two or three weeks when I run out of clean ones–I have a lot, haha). It’s just such a hassle because I don’t have actual brush shampoo, I just use regular shampoo. It makes a big mess out of my bathroom sink and uses tons of my shampoo to clean everything thoroughly. >_<

  299. Like the vast amount of other comments, I don’t clean my brushes nearly as often as I should! Probably spot clean once a week but deep cleaniing sessions are rare..in my defence I am a scatterbrain so it always slips my mind,..especially as you have to plan a suitable time (they need drying time, etc) 🙂 And it’s awkward not having brush guards, really need to get me some!
    Youtube name is CaelinR

  300. My youtube username is valkolakk. I was in the habbit for a while of cleaing my brushes once a week (deep cleaning–I need to get a cleaner for spot cleaning). But I don’t think I’ve washed my brushed in at least a month. At first I just moved on to clean brushes since I didn’t clean my dirty ones but now everything’s dirty so…I need to do some washing.

  301. My YouTube name is evilstar3538
    As for brush cleaning, it doesn’t happen often at all. I spot clean them every once in a while and deep clean maybe once every few months. It’s awful, I know!

  302. Youtube name Beckinstein

    I’ve been trying to get better about brush cleaning, but I usually only get around to a deep cleaning about once a month.

    I never do spot cleaning. Something to work on!

  303. my username is ‘supermusicflower’ and i try to clean my liquid foundation brush every time i use it at least every 2 times because I don’t want it to make me break out, my powder foundation brush once or twice a week, and when i apply eyeshadow with a brush (not my fingers) every time with some shampoo

  304. Username: Meaghanliz89

    I clean my face brushes once a week. I only use them twice before a washing n eye brushes I use temporary cleaner on the eye brushes or wait a month before cleaning. Thanks for the giveaway!

  305. toxiclullaby64

    To be honest I need to be better about cleaning my brushes. Typically I do the same eye makeup most of the week (or very similar) so I don’t need to wash them due to using different colors. I do, however, like to wash my face brushes with some frequency. Somewhere in the range of every couple days or so.

  306. My youtube username is sinderellax3x3. To be honest, I don’t clean my brushes as I should (I know, disgusting) not to mention that my 2 daughters (use) my brushes and we all have different colored foundations, we use different shadows on a daily base. So with that said, each morning on my rush way to work when the brushes are to colored down with all sorts of eyeshadow colors and what not, I take a makeup wipe and wipe it down. When I’m in the “mood to wash them, I do it in the sink, the old fashion way which I hate because my hands get wrinkly from all the rubbing..A reason why I hate cleaning my brushes. With the prize, it would sure help and motivate me to clean my brushes more often..besides, it would be exciting to try something new. =)

  307. My youtube user name is italianprincess4278. I try to clean my brushes every other week. I love the idea of a product that would be more “green” and would make the cleaning far more efficient.

  308. YouTube User Name: AleciaAnne27

    I spot clean my brush after every use with the mac brush cleaner, and I do my deep cleaning every Sunday. I can’t stand my brushes being dirty cause I’m always afraid they will make my skin break out…lol! I’m germaphobe about EVERYTHING!!!

  309. YT: k1r1b4n4

    I don’t wear makeup often since I don’t go out much. (Hello, unemployed shut-in here. :B) So, usually every other month.

  310. OnMyOwn1981…It all depends on if I’ve been applying makeup regularly. I get into ruts where I literally roll out of bed throw on my clothes and am out the door in less than 10 minutes. I like to deep clean them at least twice a month if I’m using them regularly.

  311. first off, my youtube username is FabulousImpulse and I don’t clean my brushes regularly, frankly because I’m just starting to get using them.. Love ya

  312. Username- WitchBabyDrums
    I’m a freelance MUA and I also work in a salon as an MUA so I clean my brushes A LOT!
    I deep clean once a week, and thoroughly clean with alcohol and MAC cleanser (that you don’t have to wash out) after every use:)

  313. My Youtube user name is EmoXCarebear and to be honest I clean my brushes a lot less than I should. Probably like every month? -_- I know I should clean them more often I just get soo lazy because it takes me SO long. But when I do clean them I use the Sonia Kashuk brush cleaner from Target which works pretty well.

  314. youtube username: rxabyee. I don’t wear makeup everday, esp. foundation – may wear once a week and eye makeup 3-4 times a week. Spot clean my eye brushes once a week and then do a thorough cleaning of all brushes once a month.

  315. youtube username: dinosxlickxbuttercup
    i usually spot clean my brushes everytime i use them or swith eyeshadow colors, i deep clean my brushes every week

  316. My username on Youtube is “SweetMissVee” and I normally clean my brushes every 2 weeks. Ugh I know I should do it more frequently. I usually wear makeup 4 out of 7 days of the week. I would absolutely love to win this kit though. I’ve heard about it before and I know it would make cleaning a lot more easier for me! 🙂

  317. I clean my brushes once a month normally, but if I wear makeup frequently in that month then twice a month.
    YouTube name: nadiaaf678

  318. Youtube: pixiepfanz I know I don’t clean them as much as I should xD like maybe…..once a month. Except my beauty blender I clean that sucker out daily lol.

  319. My youtube name is crazymakeupaddiction and I was my foundation and concealer brushes everyday after I have used them while the rest of my brushes I spot clean them off and on and after 2 weeks give them a thorough washing.

  320. I’m almost embarrassed to admit the last time I cleaned my brushes! Let’s just say it was 6-8months ago. :-/ scary I know!

    YouTube name: phelpsfamilynetwork

  321. I wash my brushes about once a month, I give them a good cleaning. Clean some more than that if I don’t have a double. Have loads of brushes so do just put some in the dirty bin and don’t use them until I wash them. Youtube name mowgligrooveygoo.

  322. Hey! ok to be honest i dont clean my makeup brushes often 🙁 i just i guess never want to do it. i know its bad but anyway my youtube user name is lovesuxTIMES23! Have a great day and keep postin your AMAZING videos! 😀

  323. Hi there, i am “LindsayFayeMakeup” on youtube… if its just myself (i do have a home made spot cleaner/sanitizer) i use after i use powder products, but i do deep clean my foundation brushes whenever i use those or any other cream products(but i mostly apply foundation with my hands and if i use them on other people i will prepare and def deep clean all of my brushes beforehand but other than that if im wearing makeup on a regular basis, i deep clean them once or twice a week! AWESOME giveaway! Thank you <3

  324. I sold the idea that idea that washing brushes is relaxing to my niece. She’ll wash them every month or once I run out of clean brushes. I got her own set of brushes. If I win this would be for her.
    YouTube name Cutierosa

  325. YT username: sianabby

    I try to deep clean my brushes at least twice a month, but it’s so time consuming and boring that it doesn’t happen as often as it should….bad, I know!

  326. I use a daily brush spray from sephora ALMOST every time I use my brushes, then I deep clean them about once a month. Thanks for the giveaway! YT: DezzyMB20

  327. I clean my brushes with olive oil and antibacterial dish soap! love this combo …ocasionally I use baby shampoo and I clean them on average every 3 weeks because I have so many I just keep using other ones until I ran out….

  328. hey there
    yt username : katj2291
    I clean most brushes about once a week
    foundation & concealer brushes as well as sponges get cleaned after each application or at the end of the day.

    also I only have one blending brush and about 50+ eyeshadow looks to do so I’m usually cleaning that guy after each use if I do a crazy colored look before the week is up so purple shadow doesnt crossover into next day’s neutral look…

  329. Youtube name is kattwmn. To be honest, I dont clean my brushes as often as I should. Maybe once every 2 months or so. I know, that’s bad ..

  330. ok i have cleaned my brushes almost never, i have recently started using more makeup and brushes,so this would be great for me to get into do more makeup and maintain my stuff better…my youtube user name is versace2911..thanks for all the helpful videos cora..

  331. I wash my brushes probably every 3 weeks or so, for me it’s the drying time that’s the biggest hassle, since synthetic face brushes seem to take forever to dry! I’m skwerlie on youtube : )

  332. Username…mamasan813
    I don’t clean my brushes as often as I should! But when I do I clean them with anti bacterial soap and water..or baby soap.

  333. YT name – ToriaMason

    I have never cleaned mine. I always think about it but I’m so clueless. I’m trying really hard to get into cosmetic stuff more, but I don’t have anyone to really teach me personally. I pick up tips online and try them when I can. I especially am trying to get into proper use of things, trying to learn more important stuff, like washing hair in cold water and not rubbing it with a towel or don’t cut cuticles (which I didn’t, but it’s nice to have a heads up anyways.) Hah, it’d be great if I won, I’ve been trying to talk myself into buying an actual set of brushes for a while now. I just have no clue what all those different shapes are for but at least now I’d have an excuse to find out. If not, I’ll try to splurge soon but that will probably be a while. haha Anyways, now I’m rambling!!

    Good luck to everyone and congrats to whoever wins!

  334. So Iʻm just starting to get into make up and trying to build my collection before I do anything so I never used my brushes haha. so i never washed them EVER.

    BTW i think you are so awesome, i loved your videos!

    youtube user name: kahealovesdevin

  335. I clean my brushes once a month. Eek! I know =( not good. I hate that job. Probably this set will make me want to clean them. Seems really easy. Thanks! =)

    YT name: ScarlettC181

  336. I rarely clean my brushes anymore, which is terrible, I know. I try to clean it at least once a month or every other month.
    YT – cindycs88

  337. once every two weeks or less, depending on how often i use them. i definitely clean my dirty foundation brushes whenever i have one or two left!

    youtube username: lindsaydamodel

  338. I deep clean my brushes once a month because i just rotate my brushes when they get dirty (i have enough for about 4 rotations :P)
    my YT username is araxblazen

  339. yt: bfl111
    i recently got some brush gurds from ebay and i washed my brushes as soon as i got them(: i probably now wash them about once a month but then again i probably wear full makeup once a week!

  340. I clean my brushes probably once a month. I regularly use them, and I honestly can’t find time in the day to wash them! I used to be better, and I really need to be better! Youtube Name: molly20091

  341. I wash my brushes every time I run out of clean brushes to use. In Fact I think I should wash them today ha.


  343. BlackSinner17

    I clean my brushes maybe…twice a month? I should probably clean them more often than that, but since I’m the only one who uses them, I guess it’s not too big of a deal. I prefer to use baby shampoo…they smell so nice afterwards! Not that I sniff my brushes or anything xD

  344. My username is kablakesley. I clean my brushes about once a month. But I don’t wear makeup everyday. When I worse it all the time I tried to wash them every 7-10 days.

  345. Hi Cora
    My youtube username is eLtherd
    I clean my brushes every other time and if I used a red or pink product that dose stain like Sugarpill’s Dollipop for instance – haha I know you know !!

  346. YT name: iluvmakeup2… and like many i’m not as good as i should be about deep cleaning my brushes… maybe once a month… i so need to work on that i know! lol… anyway, thanks for the giveaway, this product looks fab!

  347. I am so bad at washing my brushes, but I think it’s because I don’t wear makeup as often as I’d like. So I would say I wash my brushes once a month or so. Usually before I plan to actually wear makeup lol. Thanks for the giveaway. I think this would be awesome to try!!! 🙂 It might actually give me more incentive to wash my brushes and wear my makeup more often.

  348. youtube user name: butterflibabiie
    I clean my brushes about every other week, sometimes once a week, depending on how often I use them.

  349. I randomly clean my brushes. Sometimes I clean them every other day or every couple of weeks it depends on what my plans are and how often I wear makeup.
    My YouTube is KaiKaiKaiify

  350. my yt name is Shellar85. I wash my brushes on a regular bases, about once every 2-2.5 weeks. I have enough brushes to last me a long time without washing though.

  351. Well I just recently started using some new brushes….so those have only been cleaned with my brush cleaner spray stuff…but my old brushes I didnt clean a whole bunch. I should take better care of them because they were the spendy Kat VonD ones….but I have moved on from those guys and am trying to be better about cleaning them 🙂 It would be awesome to have this to get me more in the habit of taking better care of my brushes. They make me look cute, so I should keep them looking good too. 😉
    My YouTube name is bgirlsquirrel! I love your videos babe!!

  352. YouTube username: Bowlingrl13
    I don’t clean my brushes as often as I should (once a month-ish?) but mostly because I don’t have any space to do it in! We’re living with my boyfriend’s family right now, in their living room. This kit would be so helpful for me because of the drying cup and brush guards! 🙂

  353. I have turned over a new leaf this year and I am cleanning my brushes every day. Not all of them, just the ones I used that morning. I usually use MAC cleanner. I could really use the brush guards to help hold thier shape. I normally use Dusty Hunter’s technique and wrap each brush in papertowel squares to pull water away from the ferrule. My name on YouTube is Magstastic. Thanks for the contest Cora!

  354. My youtube name is makeupfreak1580. I rarely clean my brushes that often, maybe once every month to two months depending on when I think about it or feel like doing it; however, I do spot clean daily. I know I need to clean my brushes more but its so gross seeing the oils and makeup come off of the brushes 🙁

  355. Definitely depends on how often I use them! I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I do i like to spot clean and then every three weeks to a month I really deep clean them. Such a pain…


  356. Hello, I’m EvilStepQueen on YouTube 🙂 I wash my brushes, a good washing, once a month and use a spray brush cleaner every other day (that I use them, I don’t wear makeup every day).

  357. oOLillithOo, I wash my brushes twice a month depending on how much I use them if I only used them a few days in the month I only wash them once. Is that a decent amount of times? I honestly have no clue lol

  358. My youtube name is yUmmyana. I wash my brushes maybe every couple of weeks due to the fact I dont wear make up every day. But I do deep wash my brushes after using them on clients.

  359. Hi, I’m hamnahnabeel88 on youtube…..i’ve recently started using brush cleansing wipes to spot clean my brushes….and then ill deep clean them when i have no more clean brushes to use….which usually ends up being every 3-4 months…..

  360. My username is carrotwhip. I deep clean all of my brushes about every two weeks and my foundation brushes every week because I have acne prone skin and don’t want icky brushes to cause me any more problems. (:

  361. I only clean my brushes about once a month but I don’t wear makeup every day. I would love to try the Icky Free brush cleaner! Their packaging is o so cute! I love your blog. Hope you are doing well!

    My Youtube name is tangueramichelle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  362. Hi Cora, my username on YT is craziisykOoladiix3, I have no idea how often I wash my brushes.. I guess whenever I notice a buildup of product.

  363. I clean my brushes once a week because I do tend to love make up a little to much and then my colors blend together. I do rinse mine out everyday with a damp clothe but I deep clean with baby shampoo and conditioner once a week. 🙂 My youtube name is gurl4volleyball 🙂 as you can tell i love to play volleyball, but i’m one of those girls that have to where make up anywhere and everywhere i go.

  364. Youtube name: BieMrsPotato
    Well sadly I barely really clean them, I wipe them with baby wipes most of the time and really clean them every once in a while when I see they are really dirty >.> its just so hard to clean them!!!

  365. YT: sarahdams

    I spot clean my brushes after every use, wash my makeup sponge after every use, and deep clean about once a month. I have a favorite blush brush that I use everytime I do my make up so I have to deep clean that one about once a week or so. I started using the brush cleaner recipe from EnkoreMakeup and it’s been working really well! So much cheaper than buying it. For deep cleaning, I’ll use the beauty blender cleanser or anibactierial soap mixed with olive oil for natural hair brushes. For taklon or synthetic brushes I’ll just use isopropyl alcohol alcohol for spot cleaning and anibactierial soap for deep cleaning. For some eye brushes like eyeliner brushes I’ll use olive oil to get out the liner and isopropyl alcohol to get remove the oil. That way I wont have to wait until I deep clean my brushes to use that brush.

  366. Youtube name: QuickandClever
    I wear makeup daily, so I try to clean my brushes once a week. This includes my eyeshadow, blush, concear, lipstick/lipgloss, and foundation brushes e.t.c. I clean my brushes using a method I watched in a video Michelle Phan used in a video which is by using dish washing liquid and extra virgin olive oil. I dry them faster by using a blow dryer and letting them “set-dry” on a towel.

  367. I spot clean my brushes every day, then fully clean them in the sink at the end of every week. Sometimes it’s a hassle to wash so many makeup brushes, but if I don’t I’m afraid I will break out. Youtube username: RoseLNguyen

  368. YT: lucysushi

    i put my dirty makeup brushes in a jar after just one use, i will wash my brushes until the jar is full or i run out of clean makeup brushes to use. which is about every 2 or 3 weeks. =)

  369. I deep clean my brushes about every 2 months, and spot clean them once a week. Ahh, and I know, it’s hellanastyguuurl.

    Youtube: xkatiebethx3

  370. Maybe once every week or two. I really should clean them more often, but it just seems like such a hassle. This cup looks great!

    YouTube username: vegmeg86

  371. I clean my brides once a month, but I can only afford to wear make up once a week, on Sundays to church. Unless I’m in a show, (which I am right now, I’m Snoopy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.) The, my brushes get cleaned before and after each show!

  372. My youtube username is demonandfairy. I clean my brushes thourougly about once a month mainly because I dont have time but I spot clean after every use

  373. I spot clean them about once a week but I don’t wash them as much as I should… maybe once every few months. I know, I know, it’s bad. YT: luckygrl569

  374. I clean my brushes once a month or every three weeks. I hate doing it, it’s so tedious! My youtube user is estefaniamorante.bones
    bye 🙂

  375. youtube name: RBlackburnification

    Okay so I use a daily spray brush cleaner (the one from elf)… but I hardly ever deep clean my brushes… maybe once every three months… yah its bad. But thats why I need this kit!!!

  376. I’ve been working on changing up my bruh cleaning routine the last few weeks, finding ways to make it more convinent and to get motivated to clean my brushes more often

    I deep clean my brushes about once a month and spot clean every few days. I made my own mixture of spot cleaning liquid from the help of fellow youtuber videos, and I sanitize my brushes more often, but still not as often as I’d like to.

    my youtube username is: thestupidlittlegirl (terrible I know)

    but I enjoy videos like this, showing different methods to clean your brushes and how it can make it a little bit easier for all of us =)

  377. I clean my brushes every other day by hand, because of the oil from my skin and I want to prevent any bacteria that may be on the brushes when I use them.

    YouTube Username: BbwCupcakeKisses

  378. YT – jeanchristie
    I usually clean them once in 3 – 4 weeks depending on how often I use my brushes but still looking for a good cleanser that can clean off the concealer properly from my brushes =\

  379. yt- eldaileana
    I clean my brushes every week, I try to clean my foundation brush everyday but sometimes I end up cleaning it every other day or so.

  380. I have just started to wear make-up again after a long time of not wearing it, so I have only cleaned my brushes I think 3 times in a month. I was not sure until watching this and reading other peoples comments that I should clean them more often.
    YouTube Username : Cass520

  381. YouTube Username: kinogodt (same as on Twitter)

    I clean my brushes when I’ve used them maybe 10 times. This applies to brushes used with powder products. When I’ve used cream products I clean them after each use. I also spot clean with brush cleanser in-between, to keep them sanitized.

  382. lets see I don’t use my brushes very often but I do wash them at least once a month. I do on the other hand wash my foundation brush every other week. I hate using it when it looks yukie.

    YouTube name: jessikita101

  383. I try and wash mine at least one every two weeks……..but it doesn’t always happen that often unfortunately!! my yt name is Sara56726

  384. I clean my makeup brushes probably once every two months :X i know that sounds so bad haha but i actually only wear makeup once or twice a week :3

    My youtube username is: technakohl16

  385. YouTube UN: Penguinfeind77

    I clean my brushes once a week….if I use them a lot during the week I will clean them 2 times but that’s only if I’m trying out new looks or experimenting with a lot of colors.

  386. Youtube name: thesammyrae215

    I’m not sure how often I clean my brushes… Maybe once a month or so. I know it’s definitely not as often as I should. Maybe this fancy cup you speak of will help motivate me into washing them more! Thanks for the giveaway!

  387. My YouTube name is HopeIsabella4….and I am extremely embarrassed to tell you and publicly display how often I clean my brushes 🙂 Once a month-and that’s pushing it 🙂

  388. My youtube username is traitorsss. I wash my brushes once every 1-2 months. I wash my concealer brush every couple of weeks, just because it’s small and easy. I know it should be more often, I just always put it off because it’s so time consuming! I have to say, that the packaging with the ‘ickies’ is so adorable!

  389. well it depends really. lately right now since im unemployed, i only put on my make up like twice a week. and depending how much make up i use. the more i use the often i cleaned them. so mostly once a week. but when i know im gonna use my brushes on my friends of course i cleaned them and them dry before using them. oh and in case anybody doesn’t know this if u dont have clean brushes u will get acne. but idk i actually like cleaning my brushes. it relaxes me some how lol

    youtube username:BunnyMoreno88

  390. I wash my brushes every couple of months. I don’t use them every day, and I have a lot of them. I put the dirty ones aside and when almost all of them are dirty I wash them all at once. My YouTube user name is: zyo666

  391. Um deep clean once a month, spot clean once a week..maybe. Depends on how often Im doing my makeup, or rather how lazy I’m being :p

    youtube name: pinkbutterfly9236

  392. I clean my brushes about once a month. I find after the few times I use them a week since I don’t go out much that they just get pretty gross. And if I don’t clean them regularly then I tend to break out more.

    Youtube: EndlessxLove666

  393. My Youtube name is lovelytaypay, and I clean my brushes 1-2 times a month with baby shampoo. 🙂 I love your channel, keep up the good work!

  394. My youtube user name is Mikaoya. I like to Deep clean my brushes once a week or once every two weeks depending on how dirty they are. And I spot clean them after every use.

  395. I just started buying brushes and usually use a makeup remover cloth on them. I haven’t deep cleaned them yet…We are talking about a month…Youtuber name is Josie Gillis

  396. Hiya! My YouTube name is Maryee222…and I would be one of those girls that has “hella nasty” brushes. I’ve never used anything to clean them and they’re over a year old. (You’re cringing now, aren’t you…?) I just wipe them off on a tissue when I’m done using them, until no more color comes off. Am I going to make-up jail now?

  397. You Tube user name – 10dixy

    Im really OCD about my brushes so try to clean after one use but the most I leave them is probably 3 days. I just wish I was like this over housework!

  398. Youtube username: shadowsoul121
    I don’t clean my brushes very often…I think it’s be about 3-4 months…It’s bad I know but I only recently decided to wear makeup more often so I wasn’t using them all that often before…still bad though…

  399. I try to wash them at least once a month… But lazy me actually sets them aside and use my back ups until those get disgusting to use…

  400. I clean my eyeshadow type brushes every day so they are clean and ready to go. I switch colors often. I use to use a spray type spot cleaner for this until I bought cinema secrets brush cleaner ….the stuff is amazing. You keep a bit in a tin and dip your brushes in then wipe on tissue. They come out 100 percent removing all makeup. On the weekend I deep clean my face brushes using olive oil and antibacterial soap.

    My user name is kabsalsa.

  401. I usually deep clean my brushes once a week and try to spot clean everyday. But, I have a baby and a husband and lately don’t have the time to clean them as often as I want to. This would make much easier to clean tenement for sure. My YouTube username is mrspeick.

  402. Hey Cora, my YouTube name is sufikat and to be honest, I clean my brushes maybe once every 3 months (deep clean that is!). It just gets so tedious to clean soo many brushes by hand!

  403. YouTube user name: TaiKulystin

    I spot clean my brushes just about after every use, though sometimes if I’m rushing out the door right after I do my makeup I leave them until I get home (but that happens less often than not). I deep clean probably every two weeks or so, maybe a little more or less depending on what makeup I’ve been using. I don’t wear makeup every day, and even then it’s usually just lipstick and eyeshadow, so spot cleaning seems to work well for that. When I use foundation (rarely) I tend to do deep cleans more often.

  404. Hello! My youtube name is WravensWing and I just got really, really into makeup at the age of 35. I’m not even sure how often I’m supposed to clean my brushes, sorry for my newb-ness. Once a month? Once a week? I’ve had my brush set now for about a month and have not “deep” cleaned them yet.

  405. not as often as i should(actually cleaning them now. i went on youtube to put on music and saw the video and chuckled a bit. haha) 3 or 4 weeks…. but i dont really do my make up everyday. but… yea. my username is MorganShallEatYou. ^-^

  406. Youtube Username: Camineify

    I spot-clean my brushes about every time I use them. But I wash-wash my brushes every few weeks, maybe a month. It’s been a really like time since I’ve worn makeup besides eyeliner, though, so I need to get back into the swing of things now that I’m wearing makeup almost everyday.

  407. This is such perfect timing, I was just going to ask you if you like the MAC brush cleaning solution. For my foundation and concealer brushes I’ve started washing them pretty much after every use, because Mac’s Face & Body and Studio Fix concealer super grease up my brushes, for eyeshadow and gel eyeliner… maybe every couple of uses (which actually grosses me out to admit). Youtube username: Leguizombie07

  408. I do clean my brushes each time I use them. If I cannot clean them right after applying makeup then I set them aside and clean them that evening. I just do not want to think about using a nasty brush that has old face oils in them. Yuck! I am just kind of anal that way.

  409. YouTube name is RoseBudd81
    Honestly I’m one of those persons that wears makeup once in a blue moon so I clean my brushes the day after I use them so when I ready to use them, they will be clean

  410. Username is newnoona. If I used liquid foundation or concealer then I wash the brush after every use. For powders I wash the brushes after quite a few uses.

  411. Croman304 here. I was my foundation brush with homemade cleanser (wipe off) after every use. Deep clean once a week. Eyeshadow brushes dont get as much love 🙁

  412. hisboogerbear << me :). I clean my brushes about twice a month, but I only wear make up on the weekends, so I don't think thats all that bad.