The Little Mermaid ~Disney Princess Series~

Hi Guys & Dolls!

Today’s tutorial is another installment in my Disney Princess series! Ariel was the first Disney Princess I feel in love with- in fact it is the first Disney movie I remember! I had a dress-up skirt I would wear over my head and pretend it was long red hair like Ariel’s- and I drove my family trying to sing like her! When I was 12 and I dyed my hair red for the first time one of my “reasons” was that Ariel had red hair. Once a nerd, always a nerd.I used mostly drugstore makeup for this tutorial, and a bit of Sugarpill & Inglot but the most noteworthy thing I used were the Paperself Under the Sea lashes- they are die-cut out of paper!  They are a bit tricky to work with- I cut these down to less than half and practiced with the parts I knew I wasn’t going to use for the video. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did creating it!

What I used:


Moisturizer- MAC Strobe Cream

Primer- Tarte Clean Slate Flawless Brightening Primer

Concealer-MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Foundation/Powder- MAC Studio Fix NC15

Blush- Milani Mai Tai Mineral Blush

Highlight- Sugarpill Lumi

Glitter- Urban Decay Distortion


Brows- LA Splash Eye Base & Sealer with Sugarpill Love+

Primer-Urban Decay Primer Potion

Under-Brow Concealer- MAC Select Cover-up Concealer NW15

Highlight-MAC Blanc Type

Transitional Crease Color- Inglot 107R (Lightest Shade)

Lid Base- Milani Green Safari Shadow Eyes Pencil

Center Lid- E.L.F. Eye Transformer (green)

Inner Lid- Inglot 109R (2 lightest shades blended)

Outer Lid- Milani Olympian Blue & Wet ‘n’ Wild Blue Had Me At Hello (Turquoise)

Upper Lid Liner- Barry M Wink Liner

Lower Lash Line/Wing- Physican’s Formula Green Eyes Shimmer Strips Eyeliner Trio (purple) & Milani Purple Shock Eyeshadow

Inner Corner-Sugarpill Lumi


Milani “Hot Flash”Haute Flash Lipgloss


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  1. Phyrra · May 2, 2012 Phyrra

    I absolutely love the lashes for this! It’s so pretty. I love the purple along the lower lash line.

  2. Lina · May 2, 2012 Lina

    so amazing!

  3. Madamnoire · May 2, 2012 Madamnoire

    This look is just so beautiful! :) And very Ariel!
    I love those lashes.
    Have a nice day!


  4. Carmela BeautyJunkie · May 3, 2012 Carmela

    love this look thank you so much for sharing it with us ur viewer’s

  5. indie · May 3, 2012 indie

    YAY! I’ve been so excited for this since you showed those lashes in your haul. Love the look!

  6. AWildDog · May 3, 2012 AWildDog

    I LOVE those lashes!!

  7. Annemarie · May 3, 2012 Annemarie

    Little Mermaid is my favorite and i love the way you used those lashes. AMAZING.

  8. smokeyeyesmua · May 3, 2012 smokeyeyesmua

    Those lashes are amazing!

  9. Eleanor · May 3, 2012 Eleanor

    I really love that green and purple combination. This is a really fun look. This would be a fun look to wear if you happen to be hosting a little girl’s birthday party.

    I really like this new sleek look of your blog, btw.

    • Cora (vintageortacky) · May 3, 2012 Cora

      Oh Thank you! I wasn’t sure about the switcheroo- I’m always trying to find a blog layout that is appealing and functional! I like a lot of the different elements of this theme- but now I need a nice header!

  10. Lady & Olga · May 3, 2012 Lady

    Incredible lashes ! and love your red brows :)

  11. Mary · May 3, 2012 Mary

    Your imagination is inspiring!!

  12. zunnahzuthousand · May 3, 2012 zunnahzuthousand

    I absolutely looove the highlight– and, of course, the lashes! Amazing job, as always <3


  13. Jackie · May 3, 2012 Jackie

    <—-also always a nerd…

    I just got a pixie cut because Ginnifer Goodwin *Snow White from ABC's Once Upon a Time* has such a cute one… yeah.. I'm rocking the new-age snow white do.. lol

    This is lovely.. I hope you do more looks with colored brows.. It's so fun and rad! 😀

    • Cora (vintageortacky) · May 3, 2012 Cora

      Dude that is awesome! And Ginnifer is GORGEOUS! I re-watch he’s just not that into you pretty much just for her!

  14. Jessica K · May 3, 2012 Jessica

    Awesome as always…But what did you use for the brows? Thanks for doing these awesome tutorials :)

    • Cora (vintageortacky) · May 3, 2012 Cora

      Sorry Doll! I completely forgot… I used LA Splash Eye Base & Sealer with Sugarpill Love+ ^_^

  15. knitrocks · May 5, 2012 knitrocks

    LOVE the red brows. Wish I had the guts to wear it out sometime <3

  16. Katy · May 5, 2012 Katy

    LOVE this look, I can’t wait to see the other princesses :)

  17. ceriinthemist · May 6, 2012 ceriinthemist

    The lashes are fantastic for this look! Beautiful look :)

  18. spanglelime · May 8, 2012 spanglelime

    You’re always entertaining but this is by far the funniest tutorial you’ve done yet between the mirror-faces and ‘good job Cora!’. Also I just really dig the look-my favourites are tied between this one, Sinderella and Tinker Hell.
    Good job Cora!

  19. Dianna · May 10, 2012 Dianna

    Ariel is my absolute favorite princess and dressed up for her for halloween last year. I love love LOVE this look. I think I might be Ariel again just to try this out!

  20. Sara · May 14, 2012 Sara

    The eyebrows are really cool. I LOVE your lashes. The purple is amazing. You look beautiful in your pictures, :)

  21. Jordan Marsh · May 20, 2012 Jordan

    I have to say I enjoy your videos…. I’m 14 and I love your personality….you really are pretty do you think you could do a makeup totoral on a pretty easy style for younger people thatd pretty and fun…. <3 thanks

  22. Ariel · May 24, 2012 Ariel

    I love your eyeshadow in these photos, it looks so vivid…..

  23. holly · May 31, 2012 holly

    I just wanted to tell you that i love watchin your vids and every time i see you smile i always smile i wish that i could meet you in person but i live in tennessee and that is ablong way frm california. If you could please send me a email thxs

    -<3- holly

  24. zeni · June 4, 2012 zeni

    you are the most stiylish person i know

  25. zainab · June 26, 2012 zainab

    hi, saw your video on youtube and loved it. Love the eye-lashes so cute.

  26. Ambie/Amber · October 18, 2012 Ambie/Amber

    I am in love with this look! Beautiful!

  27. Just me · October 20, 2012 Just

    We\here do you get those awesome paper lashes? I didn’t see them in the list…

  28. Just me · October 20, 2012 Just

    Where do you get those awesome paper lashes? I didn’t see them in the list…

  29. Just me · October 20, 2012 Just

    Nevermind, I got my lazy fingers to work and found them here:

    I saw some peacock ones that I thought would be awesome too! thanks for showing us these options :)

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