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Hey Guys & Dolls!

I want to start a new weekly feature where once a week I ask you a question that is related to makeup hair etc, but we’ll do the occasional random/personal question.  I will also be answering the questions, so this should be a fun way to get to know each other better. If you come up with a question, please submit it to me though email: and I’ll credit you in that week’s post.

Drum roll please…..Our inaugural question:


What do you do first when you’re getting ready? Is there a certain order you do your Makeup, Hair, Jewelry, or Clothing, and if so, is there a method to your madness? Does that order change when you’re going to a special event?


My routine normally goes:  Hair, Makeup, Clothing and lastly Jewelry, as though the Jewelry is the topping to the look.

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37 thoughts on “Open Forum- Cora Asks You!

  • Well what i usually do is do my hair then my make-up. Finally put my outfit on. Then i usually check my hair to see if its still lookin cute. 🙂 and thats the order i get ready:)

    i believe these questions you will begin to ask is a super cute and smart way to get to knw your fans:)) as well as us to get to know you a bit better:))

  • I get dressed first, put on deodorant and body spray, then get my hair out of the way (which may or may not be how I wear my hair for the rest of the day). Next comes make-up. I do my best to start with moisturizer, but honestly, I forget often. D: I usually just use concealer, then I move onto my eyes. After eyes comes brows, then cheeks, and if I feel like it, lips. Then I put my accessories and shoes on. 😀

    Is that odd at all? XD

  • If I need to dry my hair, or straighten/curl it I do it first, if not I do my makeup first. Then I do my hair, and then try to find some clean clothes in my room, haha. Then if I have time I try and grab some jewelry.

  • When I get out of the shower I put on clothes, I then dry my hair (and sometimes style it, but usually not). After that it’s makeup time, and I usually don’t put on jewelry until right before I leave.

  • IF I do makeup I do that first…because I like to look at myself with it on when doing my hair 🙂 This only happens on very special occasions. I usually just throw on jeans and a tshirt or scrubs since I’m a nurse. Then I put my hair in a pony tail and out the door I go. I need MAJOR lessons on makeup and being “girly!” I don’t even wear jewelry except my watch and my Mother’s ring. Even my wedding band is tattooed now 😉

  • i never plan ahead enough to actually get ready properly, so my order of preparedness goes: clothes, jewelry, makeup & hair. hair is kind of a no-brainer for me, as my hair’s wavy, i usually just fluff it upside down & i’m ready to go.

  • face, shower, hair, make up, clothes 😉
    jewelry is always the same … ring, bracelet, necklace … when i go out i’ll add my pandora and earrings… need to find a new watch soon 😉 but will wait till the give-away is over lol … who knows … i might not need to buy one :p

  • I know a lot of people say to do your hair before makeup because of hairspray and all that, but I like to do my makeup first. I normally have bangs and hate having to do my makeup around them or pin them up & crease them. It’s just a pain lol. And I really don’t use products anyway. But after makeup I get dressed THEN do my hair, then accessorize.

  • I do the major part of styling my hair first(curl etc), then makeup after I get dressed and finish styling my hair then jewelery.

  • I shower before bed so when I wake up and start my routine it goes basic makeup (primer, concealer, foundation, powder, brows, bronzer, blush and lip balm – in that order) then hair, clothes, jewelry, and I throw on my shoes right before walking out of the door.

    If I’m on top of my game I usually pick out my outfit for work the night before (or at least have a general idea of what I want to wear) then I re-evaluate it in the morning to see if I still want to wear it. I’m always running late, so grab whatever eye products I want to use on my way out and then sneak away at work for 5-10 minutes to do basic shadow (sometimes), liner, mascara, and lipstick.

  • I actually go a bit back and forth. The moisturiser goes on, the hair gets set (yes, I use rollers), the primer goes on, and then the clothes get laid out. I then do my base, remove the rollers and let them cool while I do my eyes, cheeks and brows. Style the hair and then lashes and lips. I dress after everything else is done. It seems laborious, but I really do have it down as a routine.

  • I’m a creature of habit lol, my morning goes as follows: feed and let out dog, shower & skincare most importantly moisturize my dehydrated dry skin, Go eat breakfast so the moisturizer sets in (I will usually have a robe on lol not walking around without!) back up to pick out my jewelry, do my hair then my makeup. Finally i pick my clothes. I usually pick my jewelry first and match my clothes to it, I tend to be more excited about what jewelry I have on then the clothes I wear.

  • Well, first after my shower is the usual… Antiperspirant, moisturizer on my face so it can sink in, body lotion and so forth. Then makeup, then hair then get dressed and put on jewelry.

  • Yoga first, then breakfast (cereal/toast/coffee)… then some wigmaking work, then clothes, then a little housework….. and if i’m going out of the house then i’ll put on a little makeup.

  • i hardly ever wear makeup so my daily routine is clothes, hair and maybe jewelry when its a special occasion it goes clothes jewelry hair then makeup. i find its easier to do hair and makeup after getting dressed so i dont mess it up and if i do my hair before doing my makeup i can actually make sure i have enough time to do makeup and the makeup is usually eyeshadow base eyeshadow eyeliner mascara and lipgloss

  • I shower, moisturize (body and face), then put product in my hair; usually gel, smootng cream, and heat protector; throw a headband on to let my hair air dry some and get partially dressed (undies and pants. Shirt comes later), put in contacts, brush teeth. Now it’s time for makeup! Eyes first usually, then face, cheeks, and lips are done in the car. I just use gloss or balm, both tinted. Then hair; blow dry, round brush, style, hair spray. Put on my shirt, add some bling if I feel like it, and done!

  • I shower first do my hair, then my clothes , jewelery and makeup is last…. I don’t know why but i always think that makeup last is good , like icing on the cake….

  • I usually do: clothes, makeup then hair. I do my makeup after the clothes so that my foundation doesn’t transfer. The I do my hair last so that it won’t be in my face when doing makeup.

  • I generally wash my face first, put my hair up, do my makeup (starting with lips, then eyes, then face), put my outfit of the day on, and then my hair. :3

  • I wear my hair very short, so I never need to do anything to it. I actually only wear makeup when I get dressed up for a special occasion. So when I do wear makeup it’s the last thing I put on because how I do my face depends on what I am wearing. I am sure some of you have had an outfit on that absolutely demands that you wear the sexiest red lipstick!

  • I wash my face, brush my teeth, drink my coffee and THEN start on my makeup. After that’s all done I then do my hair, and get dressed. I don’t wear jewelry so I “top off” my look with perfume.

  • Because I’m not a morning person at all but I have to get up at 4:30am to be at work on time I usually pick out my outfit including accessories the night before.
    In the morning my routine is as follows: Shower, hair, makeup, accessories, and right before walking out the door i get dressed.
    I do my hair first because i have curly hair, which i hate, so i have to straighten it. I am afraid that the heat from the blow drier will ruin my makeup. So hair is first.
    Then makeup because i don’t want anything like excess shadow or powder to get on my clothes. I put on my accessories and the get dressed.

  • I have to get dressed first because my roommates are guys, lol. Then skincare, hair, makeup and jewelry last because otherwise it gets in the way of all the rest.

  • I don’t officially own any more makeup than a stick of eyeliner so my routine after a shower would be to get dressed, hair, makeup, then jewelry. Clothes always come before hair and makeup so I don’t mess anything up while putting on clothes. Don’t want smudging or messed up hair. It ALWAYS happens, haha. <3 This is a great idea, Cora, it's fun. ^_^

  • I think my routine starts with hair (cuts its simple and short) then makeup (takes hours) then getting dressed. Most of the time. Some days im just too blah to even keep a routine <3

  • When I actually feel like being a girl (and not just a mom/taxi driver for my kids lol) I go – shower, start hair (my hair is wavy and down to my butt so it’s mostly just leave in conditioner then mousse and clipped up till I’m ready to actually “do” my hair) then makeup (eyes first – a tip I got from you ♥ – then primers, concealers, foundation, brows, cheeks and other “accents”) then I finish hair (let it down, shake and scrunch to desired fluffiness then decide if I’m going to wear an actual headband or just use my sunglasses… I am a sunglass-aholic and it’s a rare thing to see me without them on my head lol) THEN I get dressed, do lips and any makeup touch-ups needed, jewelry and lastly heels go on right before I walk out the door… whew! I’m tired just thinking about it lol
    One thing I’d LOVE to get your opinion on is eyelash adhesive… I LOVE LOVE LOVE falsies but I can never find an adhesive that actually works and keeps my lashes attached at the corners – I actually started using lash extensions and although I am in love with the look and feel, they are WAY too pricey to use as a “usual” thing (not to mention it’s a bit of a hassle to remove makeup with them since all the “approved” make-up removers have aloe in them which I am allergic to so I have to use J&J baby shampoo and that just doesn’t really work lol) so I just want to go back to falsies for daily (ish) use — Any suggestions? (other than “darn woman! quit rambling!” 😉 heehee) ♥ ya MissC!!!

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