Open Forum: Cora Asks You #2

Hey Guys & Dolls!

If you follow me on twitter you probably already know that I’m sick (I’ve been whining about it). Really, is there anything worse than a summer cold? I’ve tried numerous things to pep myself up, painting my nails, shopping, I even tried swimming on Sunday (that was a big dizzy mistake). I’m livid because the new Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette came in the mail and I can’t touch it! The other night I Googled my symptoms and was convinced I had strep throat (such a bad idea). Today I let myself succumb to the fact that I was sick and caught up on Glee & sleep.  I have a regular doctor appointment tomorrow anyway, so they’ll let me know if it’s something worse than a common cold.

Wait- I’m supposed to be asking you a question not throwing myself a pity party!

So our question today is:

“What do you do to cheer yourself up when you have a nasty cold?”

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37 thoughts on “Open Forum: Cora Asks You #2

  • Stay in bed/couch and watch old movies (Singing in the Rain, Victor Victoria, Some like it hot), American detective series (Mentalist, Castle, Criminal Minds) and British costume dramas (Pride and Prejudice, North & South, Casanova, …) and sitcoms (Coupling, Blackadder, Jeeves and Wooster, …) .
    I’m also known for catching up on all the movies I bought during the last couple of months but haven’t seen yet. If it’s just a cold, half a jar of Haagen Dazs is wonderful too.

      • Also when I’m sick, I know it’s a bad Idea but, I love to cook. I don’t care what it is that I’m cooking as long as the smell doesn’t make me sick!

  • Ugh I feel your pain, a week ago I started getting a throat ache and ever since have been suffering from the dreaded summer cold. I’ve been whining a lot too 😉 I recommend reading, preferably “light” books and watching either blockbusters or very romantic historical dramas.

  • I let myself be as miserable as I want, I wear the comfiest fleece housecoat and a ratty ole Victoria Secret cotton nightie, I watch videos or movies, eat chicken noodle soup with lots of crackers in it, ginger ale and sleeeeeeppp!! lol oh .. and Extra Strong NeoCitran always helps me sleep and get over my cold/flu. Get better soon !!oxoxo Care

  • I feel your pain. I eat lots of soups. If I have a stuff nose I sometimes place a very cold rag on my nose and it gives me a relief. Hope you feel better soon

  • I curl up under a blanket (yes even in the middle of summer) drink some tea and watch a marathon of one of my favorite TV shows; usually House, Firefly or NCIS.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  • A long, hot shower with some good music playing. During the shower I very slowly and carefully breath in (and out) little bits of water through my nose. Yes, this was hard to learn! My fiance swears by the Netti Pot and I can’t do that, so the shower thing is what I do instead. I swear it helps!

  • I swear by NyQuil and DayQuil, I load up on those and stay in bed watching movies or TV. I also drink lots of OJ and eat comfort food, like grilled cheese.

  • I take a whole lot of drugs lol only like tylenol or nyquil and I watch things like the Big Bang Theory, The O.C, and I watch alot of videos on youtube. Right now im suffering through allergies and i just benadryll and go to sleep lol

  • i have my favorite soup (chicken noodle soup Latin style) cuddle in the blankets and catch up on my most recent show. So now i watch game of thrones.

  • I have a spa day. That always makes me feel better. I get a massage and a facial. I get my toes and finger nails done. I get my hair done. I feel far from attractive when I’m sick so a spa day always makes me feel better.

  • Eat lots of Mrs. Grass’ chicken noodle soup, sleep, and call my mom-(even though I am in my early 30’s) because she always makes everything better. 😀

  • I watch Beauty and the Beast, lay on the couch and drink Theraflu and tea! And I make a spicy soup to make my sinuses clear out 🙂

  • curl up with a book, my kitty, and my puppy. they always make me feel better. also a bath is nice. but if i had more $ online shopping would be my best cheer up! feel better!!

  • Hot shower, hot comfort foods, and sleep. Also, whining about being sick tends to make me feel better! xD

  • Ohh kora i feel your pain of being sick…what i do is make a batch of popcorn cup of green tea.get in bed and watch mad men or your youtube channel…in worst case senario i go shopping.hope you get better soon.take care.

  • Oh no :(. I hope you’re feeling better now. When I’m sick I love hot tea and just snuggling up with my doggy while watching tv.

  • I also have a cold right now, it’s horrible because the weather is so nice outside here in Brighton. What I did the last couple of days is just relax, snuggle up on the couch with a good book or watch tv or a film. This is the perfect time to have a film-marathon a watch a complete season of a tv serie you love. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Typically, I catch up on my sleep mostly! You know, trying to stay away from large amounts of bright sunlight, trying to eat normal foods, etc. And as of late, I like to play with my puppy outside. Comfy clothes, lots of showers, those kinds of things. (: Lots of scrolling through Tumblr and whining, as well as scrolling through beauty blogs and videos–the usual! And Disney marathons: Lilo and Stitch, Beauty and the Beast, various Disney Princess movies… (:

  • I’m a nurse and my mums a nurse so I grew up in a house where we take medicine when we’re sick. My bf on the other hand does NOT lol so when he’s sick I usually go the natural route and give him massages and homemade soup and lots of hugs. Hope you’re feeling better 🙂

  • make a big pot of soup puor myself some and look through photos (were i am not sick). sometimes i simply go on facebook and write silly comments on peoples walls 😀 dont judge me 😀

  • It may sound super lame but I tend to make during the winter a cup of Cinamon tea or during the summer (I manage to get colds then…) a cup of mint/green tea. Along with it a nice blanket, cuddly up against my man and watch some series. Sounds old fashioned but hey… Sometimes the old ways are the most comfy… To some?^^

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