New Blog Policy Re: Animal Testing

Hi Guys & Dolls,

Many of you already know about the recent changes to a few cosmetic company’s animal testing policies and/or their cruelty free status. I’m thoroughly upset about this turn of events, and if you haven’t already, I ask that you read this blog post.

This has put me in a difficult position as a Beauty Vlogger & Makeup Artist, and has caused a slight change in my blog policy, regarding what companies I will use in tutorials, review, etc…

I will continue to primarily support legitimate cruelty free cosmetic companies; The only exception will be companies who are required to test by law. This doesn’t mean I’m going on a wild spree of non-cruelty free brands. When I do a review I will add a simple statement about the companies testing policies and make sure to mention where a product is manufactured if information is available. I will add this information where I normally have the breakdown of price and things of that nature.


“Milani is Cruelty Free and Made in the USA”

“MAC is owned by Estee Lauder who claims to be cruelty free except in counties where animal testing is required by law; This product was made in Canada”

“Wet ‘n’ Wild is Cruelty-Free; Product Made in China”

Hopefully that clears things up, thank you for reading!


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