ELF Dinsey Villains Makeup Book review (giveaway closed)

Drum roll please? The Winners are:

misttwin666913-Cruella De Vil

itsbeautylog-Evil Queen

24nejuhyuga- Maleficent 

YAY!!! Please email me (requests4cora@yahoo.com) so I can send out your prize!

Last week my friend makeupbysiryn posted a photo of ELF’s new Disney Villains Makeup Books on instagram so of course I high tailed it to Walgreens & bought them that day. I love the overall idea of the kits but the quality is only so-so. Inside each kit are a pair of false lashes, 8 eyeshadows, an eye primer, 2 lipliners, and a liquidliner. There is also an illustrated step by step guide for creating a day or night look. In my opinion is the type of thing you either want for the packaging, or pass on. If you’re mainly interested in high quality inexpensive makeup you’d be better off with a wet ‘n’ wild or sleek palette, but the lure of the Disney Characters is undeniable. Sorry if this information is in anyway a bummer, I’d just hate for anyone to stress over getting these when they are only “okay”. That said they are great for experimenting with and great for young makeup lovers just starting out!

When I bought my set I also bought a set to give away, so there will be 3 lucky winners for this giveaway!

OK so here’s the “official rules”

There will be three winners for this giveaway!

The Prize for this giveaway is one of three Elf Disney Villain Eyeshadow Palettes (Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, or the Evil Queen). The value of each prize is $10.

You must be subscribed to my youtube channel -these giveaways are a thank you to my subscribers.

You must be over 18 or have a parents permission to enter- I’m going to ship you something, and I don’t want anyone’s parents to freak on me!

To Enter: Simply leave me a comment for THIS BLOG POST stating your YOUTUBE USER NAME and tell me what palette you would like to win.

ONE entry per person; If you enter more than once you will be disqualified. If you have a question regarding this giveaway please email me at requests4cora@yahoo.com

This is open world-wide! The giveaway will begin Saturday September 29 and end Saturday October 13 at 11:59 pm PST. The winner will be selected though random.org and will be announced no later than Wednesday night on my Facebook/Twitter pages, and announced on THIS post, so bookmark it! If the winner does not contact me (by emailing me at requests4cora@yahoo.com) within 48 hours I will choose a new winner.

That’s all! Sorry for all the bold print but you’d be surprised how many details are unseen when people are excited!

Have a great day and I hope you win!

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2,132 thoughts on “ELF Dinsey Villains Makeup Book review (giveaway closed)

      1. Amy

        Hello my YouTube user name is monsterhighsfan101
        And I would love to win the millifesent smoky eye pallet please

      2. Amanda

        Hi:) I would really love the “Cruella de vil” palette because it is just beautiful to me and I really enjoy the Disney villains.
        My youtube name is: MandaPanda33333

      3. Gloria Herrera

        Hello Cora, love your videos, I would like to enter to win the Mellificent make up book and my YouTube name is SweetGlo. Thanks

      4. Pricillia

        My YouTube username is purisuu and since I cannot decide which to choose from, if you don’t mind personally pick one for me, I would forever cherish it and keep the box also even if it ran out! I love the characters Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil and Maleficent so any is fine with me! Thank you so much@

      5. Rachel Burdette

        my youtube username is babyblue4448867 and I would love to win the evil queen palette. I am not picky though so any of them would be awesome to have…..love your videos and tutorials!!!!

      1. Sophie

        My youtube is ThatSophie95xX and I’d love the evil queen pallete please!! You do amazing tutorials, I was such a makeup dunce before I came across your channel 🙂

    1. Kristina

      my username is dancer882881 and i would love the evil queen pallete, because i think the colors would look great for my skin tone.

    2. sheenyweeny12

      My YouTube name is ShaniceFigueroa and I would love to have the evil queen palette or any of the ones u would like to give me, I just hope I win lol but the evil queen is def my fave!

      1. Melinda

        My youtube username is loveart31 and I would love to win the Evil Queen Palette please. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!

    3. Lisa Infante

      My youtube username is Lisa Infante and I would like to win the Evil Queen Kit! Thanks for doing this vid i loved it!

    4. Michelle Manly

      My youtube username is DormRoomBeautyQueen and I would love to win the Malifacent pallet. On a side note, I love all your videos and I love your style. You are so confident and I love that about you!

      1. Monica

        My youtube user name is xXDeeplyInLovexD and I’d like to enter the contest to win the “Evil Queen” pallet:3

    5. halle smith

      i would please love the Maleficent palette oh my god i cant tell you how much i want this palette i could just never find it my youtube name is McTomme18

    6. Lacey

      Hi Cora! 😀
      My YouTube username is LaceyKasmer. I would really love to win the Maleficent or Evil Queen palette. They’re both so beautiful, I’d be so happy with either one.

    7. Stormie Galvin

      I’m Stormie669 and I would like to win either the Maleficent Smokey Eye palette or The Evil Queen Dramatic Eyes palette. Those are my 2 all time favorite Disney Villainesses 🙂

    8. katie seffer

      my youtube name- katie seffer
      and i would realy loovveee to win the evil queen pallet:)) thank you so much foe this, i live in the uk and you cant buy these here and i was looking everywere online to find some but i cant find any anywere!! thank you so muchh:))

    9. Katie

      My youtube name is badkitty242 and I would love love love to win the Evil Queen pallet 🙂
      P.S I love your videos, so inspiring! 🙂 Keep up the great work

    10. Heather

      My Youtube name is Tsaisoran and I would love the Cruella DeVille Palette 🙂 I love your Videos. Thank You from the UK!!!

    11. Ally

      my YouTube username is: Bloodxlustx9x. Either the Evil Queen palette or Maleficent palette would be amazing! Thank you for the opportunity!

    12. Emily

      Hi! My YouTube username is eap5119 and I would love the opportunity to win the Maleficent palette. Thank you so very much 🙂

      1. Baskil

        My YouTube username is Baskil, and I would be ecstatic to be chosen to receive the Maleficent pallete!

  1. Erin

    Hi Cora! I’m TwiTragic13 on Youtube and am in love with the Disney universe, for example, most of my jewellery comes from the Disney Coture collections :p I’d love the chance to win one of these ELF Makeup Books, I’m honestly, 100% not fazed which one comes my way, all of them look fantastic! Love you and love your channel!!

  2. Christie

    Hi Cora! My youtube username is Derfles and I would like to win the Evil Queen palette. Thanks for putting on this giveaway! ~ 🙂

  3. jennifer

    sn13595 I’d be happy with anyone of these as you can’t buy them in the shop over in Ireland. But if I had to pick one it would be Maleficent

  4. Alyssa

    My Youtube name is EveryBeautyInc and I would like yo win “Maleficent”. Ive done one of your Disney looks before Rapunzel. So I would love to try this look out , plus I love E.L.F makeup!

  5. Stacy

    Ayailla – I’d like the Evil Queen one.

    I love ELFs eyeshadows as I am still a new starter with Makeup and I am afraid that I will mess up and end up looking like a drag queen if I use anything too pigmented. That’s why I’ve not bought any Sugarpill yet. ^_^

  6. Kayla Haskin

    YouTube: waddlezizmynamemkay
    Pallet: evil queen

    Thanks so much for the opportunity:) so cool how you do these giveaways!!!

  7. Tess

    YouTube name: FunkyBassist3910
    Palette: Evil Queen
    Thanks so much Cora for the magnificent giveaway, you’re right these are just too cute ^.^

  8. Helene Madsen

    Youtube: Heleneheer
    Palette: Evil Queen
    Oh i would love to try those palettes, but they’re not available for me where i live :/ So thanks for making this giveaway! ^^

  9. Amber Williams

    My YouTube username is amber92408, and I would like to win the Maleficient palette. It has very BEAUTIFUL colors, very my tone. 🙂

  10. Raynetta Maggiacomo

    Hi and thank you!!!! My YouTube name is Raynetta Maggiacomo and i would also love the maleficent palette:). I follow you on Pinterest and you should check out my hair board! You totally inspired me to finally get my hair ombred as well as sporadic pieces on the back of my hair teal, blue and purple:) Love it! Keep that beautiful smile girl!

  11. Rose

    Sweeeet!! My YT user name is shakespeah99 and I really like the Maleficent palette (but I’m not picky:). Ps: you rock, love your work, and thanks fer doing this giveaway! xo

  12. Katie R

    My YT username is IndyIshy. As for which palette I’d like to win, it’d have to be the Maleficent palette. I wish I could find these in stores, but I never can since my area isn’t that great. Thanks for the giveaway, Cora!

  13. Jaynibobs

    Wow. We don’t have these in the uk! 🙁
    My username is ccandi on yt and, if I won, I’d love the Maleficent one. Xx

  14. Eleana M

    Hi Cora I am a huge fan!my username on youtube is eelaynuh19 I am in love with the “Evil Queen” Palette so awesome thanks for the opportunity 🙂 much love!

  15. Kimmie p

    I would totally want Maleficent or Evil queen but most of all i would love to have Maleficent palette!!
    My YT xxmystorylinexx

  16. Shelly Raymond

    My YouTube name is 1307Illyria! I’d love to win the Evil Queen one. Thanx for the giveaway, you’re awesome, Cora!

  17. melissa aguilar

    My YouTube name is Mely411. I follow you on YouTube and fb. I don’t really tweet. I would like the evil queen if available. Thank you!

  18. Devan Skattum

    My youtube username is MelancholyBeauty87 I would adore winning the Cruella DeVil palette! You are awesome and amazing and beautiful and I think you are such a positive influence out there for women and young girls! Thank you so much for being you! 🙂

  19. Elizabeth Patterson

    My YouTube name is SoldiergirlPatterson
    I’d love to win any of them but if I had to pick it would be the Evil Queen. Those are the colors I would use more 🙂

  20. Caroline

    I’m forgotton0memory and I would love the maleficent one. She’s my favorite. I mean come on she’s a freaking dragon!

  21. Lily

    You’re awesome! All look pretty, but if I had to choose…I’d say the Evil Queen one, please! Tyvm! yt: lilymooncakesxo

  22. Brandi Colson

    Hi I love all of these they are so beautiful my youtube name is wickedlovely10ify. Never done any thing like this before I wonder if ill be chosen of course this is compleatly ruled by chance but theres always hoping right. If I could choose one it would be the evil queen or cruella. Ive never tried elf or seen it in stores around where I live but I’ve heard great stuff about it. I Love all your tutorials you bring me such inspiration. Please enter me

  23. Serena

    Hey I’m Everyfriendrocks and I would love love love to win the “Evil Queen” Snow White is my favorite Disney movie <3 Thank You!

  24. Vicki N. Hammons

    My youtube username is “vnhammons” and I’ve been a follower of yours for a long time now:) I would love to win the “Cruella de Vil” palette because since I moved from California to Rogers, AR, I can’t find any of these beauties anywhere or anything else, for that matter (any of the newer makeup realated items for any brand but especially ELF & Wet n Wild). Thank you for the opportunity to try and win one. Have a great weekend, ms. Lady.

  25. Tina

    I am Trickypixie1208 on youtube and I would love to have the Malificent palette! Thanks so much for the giveaway! I never win them but here’s hoping! and yay for the eventual winner!

  26. Alex G.

    Hello! These palates, even though they might not be high quality, look really awesome. My youtube username is alixstars and I would love to win the evil queen palate. 🙂

  27. Jaunnette

    I had such a hard time picking! Went back and forth over the last two!

    User Name – Tearfulshadows
    Book – Maleficent

  28. Amy

    Hey Cora! My YouTube username is Leilazlucky13 and I would love to win the Malificent (sp) set. Btw: you are super fab and I love your style! Keep the vids coming.

  29. tasha

    What a wonderful giveaway!!! My Yt is tnallen4790. A very had decision, however I suppose I would choose Maleficent. Thank you for your tips and tricks.

  30. Haylee

    🙂 my youtube username is THExBREAKFASTxMONKEY and I would love to win any of these, but I think I’m most interested in the Evil Queen palette!

  31. Korin

    My youtube username is: Supermusicflower and I would love to win the evil queen pallet (but honestly any of them would be amazing and I would be happy with) 🙂

  32. Hayley

    Youtube: oooobarracudaaaa
    Palette: I’d love to win the Evil Queen or Maleficent! They look insane and awesome! Thank you for this giveaway! 🙂

  33. CourtneyK.

    GAH!! I’ve been looking for these everywhere and they were SOLD OUT!
    I’d love ANY of the three, I leave the choice to you, Cora!
    My youtube user name is TheGamesAfoot our TheGamesAfoot11, I can’t remember which 🙂

  34. Amber Biello

    My user name is elijahdavidsmom, and if I were to win, I would LOVE either Maleficent, or the Evil Queen. I’ve got greenish eyes, so those would look the best. 🙂

  35. Raven

    This is such a great giveaway! I cannot find these at all at my Walgreens :”(
    YT name : MissCannibella
    I’d love to win the Cruella palette
    Thank you!

  36. Sonya

    My name on YouTube is acexkeikai and the palette I really want is the Maleficient palette. Thank you so much about this giveaway because we don;t have Walgreens here

  37. Billie Surrey

    Youtube name is EyesLookingAtTheSkyx and the evil queen looks awsome 🙂 it looks great as an everyday look without it look to over the top

  38. Giliann Vazquez

    My youtuve username is Gigired1 and i’d looove to win Curella Devill. Thank you soo much for putting on this giveaway!

  39. Jana

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    My favourite has to be the Cruelle palette, so it’d be really cool if you could enter me for that.
    Although I think it’s high time some makeup brand would do villains like Ursula or Scar.

  40. beautywithinu

    Hey! I’m an aspiring eleven year old makeup artist called Jade Shaw on youtube I love the “Evil Queen” Kit. As I live in the UK this is not widely available. Thanks! Love your artistic, absoloutely amazing work! <3

  41. Eve

    Hey my YouTube name is evewickens1 and if i get the opportunity of winning i’d love the Evil queen palette please much love <3

  42. Amanda

    What a nice giveaway! Im completely obsessed with anything Disney! If i won I would love to get the Evil Queen Palette! Youtube name is officiallystelzer! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  43. toutou17stardoll aka Tatiana

    Wow great prizes! I wish I could buy these… they don’t ship to my country. My name on youtube is toutou17stardoll ! I would love any of them I don’t mind which! Thanks!

  44. Shawnee

    My username is lileu982715 and I would love to win the maleficient pallette 🙂 I absolutely love your videos and you really inspire me 🙂

  45. Sura Cedeno

    Hi!!! My YouTube Nick is Moonlightsab and any of the three pallets will be nice,but evil queen looks pretty good, thanks for make this give away. Regards from Venezuela 🙂

  46. NirNoam

    Thank you for the giveaway!! 😀
    My YouTube username is- peachyalligator, and I would love to win the evil queen palette- such beautiful colors! 🙂

  47. Coraline

    Hi Cora and thank you for this awesome giveaway, the palette I would like to win is the Maleficient, because she is my favorite villain from the disney’s movie (sleeping beauty is almost my favorite), my youtube name is: closertogod76 <3

  48. Brooks

    My YouTube username is rubyslippersparkle22 and I’d love to win any of them, but mostly the Cruella one! Thanks for being so awesome, Cora!

  49. Eva Black

    Hello ! These are so awesome ! I would love to win the Maleficent palette !
    My youtube name is TheEblack93 🙂 thank you for giving us a chance to win 😀

  50. Victoria

    My YouTube name is victoriaeasler and I’d really like the evil queen palette 🙂 and I know the winner’s chosen randomly, I’d just like to say that you’re my favourite person to watch for makeup tutorials. I just subscribed to you and I’m a little addicted. :p

  51. Mandi

    My YT username is sapheara85 and I would love to win the Evil Queen palette 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway contest, Cora!

  52. Marti

    Hi!! My youtube name is Marti1091, and i would like to win the EvilQueen palette.. ^-^ thank you for the opportunity, we haven’t this product in Italy, kisses 🙂

  53. Tara Cornell

    Oooh girl, I’m so happy and thankful fore this give away. Ive been in the hunt for these since they came out, but have had no luck! I would really love the Cruella pallet but i would be Newport with any. .of them. My YouTube name is 86taramae

  54. Emily monaghan

    My YouTube username is TheFlrom
    Weird I know..
    I’d love you win the evil queen one pleeeeese 🙂
    I love your videos and I live on a south Korean island of which makeup is limited so keep that in mind 😉

  55. Samantha JAne

    Hi Cora! I am a Huge fan of yours and I just want to thank you for inspiring me every time I watch your video. you are great and keep up the good work! my username is BornToLoveBeauty1 and I would love to win the evil queen palette. Thanks for your videos! always subscribed, Samantha

  56. Robin

    I would love the Evil Queen palette (or the Cruella De Vil).

    My username is pyrokitsune1.

    Thank you for thinking about your fans, and doing this giveaway! I appreciate it, even though I’ve never won anything. 🙂

  57. Alex

    I would love to win the Cruella DeVille palette! My mom loves Cruella and the colors look like something she would wear. My youtube is laluneetetoiles! Thanks!

  58. Katie Reed

    My user name is: katieeereeed
    I’d love the evil queen palette.
    You are fabulous and I’m in love with your creations!
    Thank you!!!!

  59. GraceParanoideyes

    Hi 🙂 i’m GraceParanoideyes on youtube, i’d like to win one of those kits.. no matter wich one.. i love them all xx thank you

  60. Michelle W.

    Hi Cora, I would love to have the Maleficent kit and my youtube name is BloodyRoseVampire101.

    Please and Thank you Cora!

  61. salma fregoso

    My youtuve name is salma fregoso and i would love to win the Cruela Devil pallete and well thank you for making your youTube page it has helped me alot since i stated to wear makeup thank you

  62. Bess

    Hey! I would love to win the Cruella De Vil palette! I’m Bessie Perez on YouTube. If that doesn’t work it’s, 123456789bessie.

  63. MissKrisztina92

    My youtube username is MissKrisztina92. I would like to win the Evil’s Queen kit. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  64. Carlos

    Hi ! My youtube name is The carlbravo1. I love all your videos, i´m from mexico and i´ve learned so much from you, so thanks you so much. I would love to win the Cruella DeVille pallete!!! kisses

  65. Savannah

    I would absolutely love to win the Maleficent palette,Because my 21st birthday is coming up and my dress theme this year is deadly Women,every year i have a different dress theme for my parties,Last year it was Julia Child LOL……..So when considering winners think of me RottenMorphineKiss @ youtube.com ,so Vintage or Tacky Just be your self oh and Btw, if it was not for you i would not know how to do a smokey eye thanks

  66. Blanca

    My youtube name is Love4Ever8855 and i would really like to win the Cruella palette
    PS my mom is aware of me entering this contest

  67. corey sullivan

    My name’s megarebafan (mega reba fan; its all one word), and I’d love to win the Cruella make up kit!(or any other that might be left) 🙂

  68. Lisa

    hi I’m X1X25 on youtube and I’m most excited about the maleficent pallet 😀
    I’d go out and buy them all if I could but I’m in England.
    much love xx

  69. Francisca

    Hi! my youtube name is franivlogz <3, and first of all i just say the im in love whit you your are sexy, cute and gorgeous and also you are plus size, watching your videos I've gained a lot of confidence, so thank you very much!, having said that, I'd like to win the the evil queen palette 🙂

  70. Faithlyn Derla

    My youtube username is Bunnybunny2187 and I would love to win the Cruella De Vil kit!!!! Thank you soooooo much for this giveaway!

  71. MissLuci von Rose

    My youtube name is thedevilshellkat but shows up as MissLuci von Rose.. if it makes a difference on the channel lol. I LOVE CRUELLA!!! She is my all time favorite villain, I would love to have her palette. I use Elf makeup a lot for my pinup modeling and I will admit you do have to put a generous amount on to get a bold look. I do like how cheap it is even tough it is not the highest quality out there. I do love all the colors they have! Anyway, I would love this for the Cruella costume i’m going to be getting for Hallowen 😀
    Thanks for the amazzzzzzing makeup tips and giveaways!

  72. Brenda Farmer

    I am a total Disney fanatic and would be happy with any of them! I suppose my first choice would be Cruella – she is so wonderfully over the top! My YouTube name is Bren2903. Thanks 😉

  73. Kimberly

    Hello! :]
    First off thanks so much for this giveaway. I’m so excited! I always love watching your videos <3
    My YouTube username is chipsahoy7

    & I would prefer the malificent set
    She is my favorite villian, actually planning on being her for Halloween.
    Thanks again <3 much love!

  74. Kaitlyn

    My youtube name is Kaitlyn Johnson, it used to be Katmiller55, but now it’s connected to my google plus account. And i would like to win the evil queen. I would like to win it cuz im just getting into make up and i have always loved disney things. Pus soon in October i’ll be 16 and i want to have a fun but festive look for this Halloween

  75. Josetta Peltoniemi

    Hi! I’m JackieSandraLunaP on youtube and I would ike to enter for the Cruella de Vil palette.

    Love your videos and I have been a subscriber for your channel for a looong time. Love you! :DDD

  76. madison

    my youtube name is malabugurl012. i would love to win Cruella pallette i love all of the color nudes but bright its more of a everyday look for me.

  77. Cheryl

    My youtube name is Pinky Wiggles, and I would love any of them really! I hope you come up with halloween tutorials soon!!!!

  78. Danielle Burnett

    Hi Cora 🙂 I would love to enter the competition for the cruella pallette, my youtube username is Danielle27297, thanks so much 🙂 xx

  79. Brook

    HI! my name is brook! i’m twelve and a serious dancer my YouTube username is
    randomnessismyname28 and i would like to enter to win the ‘Cruella’ Pallet because i think it will be best for my age and i could double it up as a dance pallet for when i am Clara in the nut cracker. Thank you so much i love you Channel.

  80. Ashleigh

    My YouTube name is panicsis and I would love to malejicents one she Is my favorite and was thinking to be her for Halloween

  81. Crystal Lee

    Hi Cora, thank you for doing this giveaway I love watching your videos& I can’t wait to see what else that’s to come. I have been trying to find these in my area but no go so far; so finger crossed. My Utube name is Starzgazer09~
    I am very fair skin like you so I think that the evil queen will go well w/ my skin type.

  82. Maria

    Hi! My youtube name is TheNailArtGirl96 and I would like to win the evil queen palette because that is the colors that goes best with my eye color!!:-)

  83. Brook

    ^——— thats my entry above. Sorry its not just my username and pallte but i love your blog and yputube channel so much

  84. Dani Ziegler

    YT: Childofelmstreet: Read your blog today, got the link off FB, I would totally LOVE the Evil Queen Set. Love the color purple. Your vids are so interesting, totally love em. Keep it up, I frequently use ur ideas to look Fab.

  85. lyn

    I’m MissEmoPunkRocker on YouTube and I would like to win the Maleficent palette! Thanks for the giveaway, Cora! Stay sweet and funny always! (:

  86. Jessica

    Hi Cora! My youtube username OMFGBLAH666 and I would like to win the Evil Queen palette. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!

  87. Celena

    My username is GamerNerdGirl and even though Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain, I think I’d be able to create more looks with the Cruella DaVille palette, please! 🙂

  88. Daniela Alston

    Hi Cora! My youtube name is danielaalston and I’d love to win the Cruella De Vil palette…..I’ve already gone out and purchased the other 2 but haven’t really had a chance to experiment.

  89. kristy

    i am gremlin2009 on youtube i love your videos id love to whin the evil queen or the malifencent(sp) i cant spell to save my life. i like them both and i a torn between witch i like better

    1. Hayley

      Sorry! My phone freaked out on me and posted it before I could type the pallete I wanted. I would love to have the Cruella one. Thanks 🙂

  90. Tiffany

    My youtube name is thudson02 and I would LOVE the Malifencent palette!!! =D

    Also, I would just like to say, I love you girl! I watch all your videos. I’ve learned a lot of great make-up tips, and enjoyed some class A entertainment along the way. Keep up the good work!

  91. Lulu

    Hello Cora! My youtube name is LucayMhm (Its weird. I know) and I do like the Maleficent palette. She’s my favourite Disney villain x3

  92. amber s

    Hello. My youtube username is organicangelalexial and I would love LOVE LOVE to win the Evil Queen or Cruella palette.

    I already own the Maleficent one and I love it.

  93. Spencer

    I would love love love the Cruella De Vill one she’s always been my favorite Disney Villan my YouTube username is sweets627

  94. Tiara C.

    Hi Cora. I would love the Cruella De Vil eye palette. thank you for having this giveaway. love your videos.

    yt: ellebunny8

  95. Sara

    Hello my youtube name is Sara Cafofo and i’m 18 🙂
    I love elf because i can’t buy makeup very often so i just save 10 euros in a couple of months and order somethings 🙂

  96. Megan Garcia

    My YouTube is twinklextoesss but google/YouTube partnership seems to have changed it to my full name which is Megan Garcia.
    I love the cruella pallette 😀

  97. Sheena

    Hi. I’m already subed to your YouTube channel but my channel is sheenacoll08 and I would love to win the maleficent or the evil queen palette, thanks so much and i hope you have a nice day. Love your videos

  98. Alice

    My username is ISslightlyOBSESSED and I don’t know how to have a favourite out of the three, but as it is about choosing, I love the malificent one the best!! Thank you for the give away opportunity, very generous of you!!!! And especially thank you for your videos, I love it best when you do your disney eyes, or the looks that are brighter or more wacky!! 🙂 Alice x

  99. Carly Dew

    My YouTube username is DewBabie and I really love that Evil Queen pallet!! I do makeup for teen girls in my town for Proms and school dances so I’d love to add this to my collection!

  100. maryam saeed

    YouTube username maryamsaeed91
    I would Love any of the 3 pallettes but I prefer the evil queen. Regardless if I win or not you are wonderful and a great influence for full figured women

  101. doppelgangermuse

    Wow! That’s a tough one! I don’t know which one I prefer the most! They are all great! I guess I’ll go with the cruela one! My username is kelly1988muse! Thank you very very much!

  102. amarilis martinez

    My youtude name is amarilis999, and I’d love to win the Maleficent palette. Im really a green kinda girl. lol

  103. Chrissy

    Hi Cora. My YouTube name is CrystalChrome and I would love to try the Evil Queen set. Thanks so much. 🙂 oh and I bet you know where I got my username.

  104. Puja

    My youtude name is AngelSuicide11, and I’d love to win the Evil Queen Palette >.< I love it! And Hugs and Kisses from Portugal!

  105. Jody

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  106. brittany

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  107. Shannon Luis

    My youtube tag is Archaic1one and I would prefer to win the Cruella De Vil palette but any of the three would be awesome to win. I have a niece just starting out with makeup, I think any of these would make a great gift for her.

  108. Briannaaaaa

    Hi, my name is Brianna and my username is briannalgn13

    I’m freakishly obsessed with Disney, and me and my best friend wanted to be Disney villains… I’m not even making that up. When it showed on my subscriptions that you had a Disney villain giveaway, I died. I would really appreciate the Maleficent palette. Thank you so much!

  109. Sandy

    Hey! I’m really excited about this give away. My youtube user is GetLostWithMe1
    and i would love to win the Evil Queen palette <3
    I was also wondering if you would announce on youtube when you have posted the give away winners.

  110. Megan Cope

    My Youtube name is : MeggieXloves
    And I would want the Maleficent pallet 😀 Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity :3

  111. April-Marie Hartmann

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  112. Becca Cameron

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  113. Sarah Leonard

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  114. Panda

    Hi Dear!
    My Youtube username is: MyInmortalFanfic
    and I’d love to win the Cruella palete!

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  115. Shellie

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  116. Lauren

    The Evil Queen palate is gorgeous and I would love to win it! My Youtube username is just “Lauren Hayes”. I hope I win! Thanks!

  117. Andrew

    My youtube username is king1091. I’d really like the Maleficent book, partly because I love her, but also just because… smokey eyes! 😀

  118. Danni Taylor

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  119. Abrielle

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  120. Samantha Haigh

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  121. Holly Kaminski


    My YouTube name is, holly55446 and I would love the evil queen palette or Cruella! At first you think that I am a devil Ha! Oh my does that bring back memories!

    Loving the looks!

    Make up Gubber love from the UK! <3

  122. Alicia Delgado

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  123. Rachel

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    (sorry my first post on your blog is for a contest… -_- love what you do 🙂 )

  126. Leticia

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  127. Aracelis G.

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  128. Kyla-Thompson

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  129. Pixiepfanz

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    YouTube user name= pixiepfanz
    I would adore the evil queen 🙂 I loooove everything about her 😉

  130. Laura drury

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  131. Pernilla Styhre

    My Youtube account name is xPaintItGreenx
    And i’d love the maleficent pallet cus i’m a big fan of hers =)

    Hugs from Sweden!

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  133. Heather Brumbelow

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    my user name: sootprite
    And I like the Evil Queen

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    Love from Canada!