Pop Art/Comic Book Girl Makeup Tutorial

Hi Guys & Dolls!

It’s pretty easy to guess the inspiration behind this tutorial: Pop Art & Comics! This was a  lot of fun to do and to wear- it’s visually striking and if you forget you’re wearing it and pass by a mirror you’ll get a  “whoa” moment! The makeup is so iconic and recognizable that it makes a perfect cheap Halloween costume. There are so many options with this: Dots or no dots, You can wear clothes you already own, use makeup you already have, and you don’t even have to wear the wig, I just thought it was fun!

My recommendations for a costume would be a pencil skirt, a cardigan, and a killer pair of heels or flats, and of course red nails! I used a smartphone “retro handset” as a prop and I think it really enhances the costume! DO a few tests with this before Halloween and you’ll surely be the most charming girl (or guy) that night!

The Wig is from Vougewigs.com

The Sweater is from Torrid.com

The Necklace is from Spirit Halloween

The Retro Handset I bought at FedEx- but it’s terrible (too quite to really use) but great for a prop!

Here’s what I used to create this tutorial

Mehron “basic” Paradise Palette-Water Activated Fave Paint

Milani Shadow Eyez “Aquatic Style” Metallic, Creaseless & Water Resistant Turquoise eyeshadow base

Sugarpill “Afterparty” and “Mochi” eyeshadows (Deep turquoise and Mint Blue)

Physician’s Forumula Eye Booster Liner “Ultra Black”

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl (White pencil)

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation

Sugarpill “Porcelain” Lashes

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

Make For For Ever Flash Palette Red

Milani Color Play White Pen Liner

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Alex · October 13, 2012 Alex

    I love it! You’re just amazing, Cora!

  2. Sarah · October 13, 2012 Sarah

    wow, all you used for the foundation was the studio fix powder?! stunning. i thought for sure i missed a step because your face looked so flawless. is that the shade you normally use? :)

  3. Annija · October 13, 2012 Annija

    Wow, that’s really creative. I love your idea! :)

  4. Maryah · October 13, 2012 Maryah

    I did my own version of this last week to practice for halloween

  5. Catherine (@bcrueltyfree) · October 13, 2012 Catherine

    Wow this is seriously amazing. LOVE your creativity

  6. Lisa · October 13, 2012 Lisa

    Loved this! Hey, what is that “just h2o” water bottle? Is it refillable? Where can I get one?

  7. Lisa · October 13, 2012 Lisa

    Holy crap that’s awesome!

  8. Jennifer · October 13, 2012 Jennifer

    Awesome!!!! You look just like a comic book girl!!!!…I totally agree with Alex, you are AMAZING!

  9. notquitecarrieb · October 13, 2012 notquitecarrieb

    Fantastic job doll! Always insperational

  10. embelladorn · October 14, 2012 embelladorn

    Just great! Totally reminded me of Roy Lichtenstein :) Love it!

  11. princesagr · October 14, 2012 princesagr

    Amazing! You are so talented!

  12. magabriella · October 14, 2012 magabriella

    This is so awesome Cora! I was wondering if you know about Vampira aka Maila Nurmi, the campy 50’s character from the Ed Wood film. I haven’t found any makeup tutorials and I think a tutorial from you would be greattt and that you would also like it!

  13. Lady & Olga · October 17, 2012 Lady

    It’s CRAZY ! I love it !!!

  14. Krista · October 17, 2012 Krista

    I’m so excited to do this!
    I have to walk to work, so I’ll probably do this without the dots, unless I can get a ride. I was also thinking of using a pair of colorful skinny jeans instead of a skirt.

  15. Victoria Vasquez · October 17, 2012 Victoria

    I tired to recreate this and I can’t seem to get my eye makeup right,..Just love how you make it looks so flawless and effortless…

  16. Christina Englezou · October 17, 2012 Christina

    this tutorial was reallly really helpful and inspiring! Thank you!

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  18. Shannon McNally · October 18, 2012 Shannon


    Cora youve been such an inspiration and you made me want to make my own youtube channel granted I’ll never be quite as good as you but your super kind and you made me want to contribute to the world

  19. Valeria · October 21, 2012 Valeria

    I’m facing a dilemma: should I also cover the rest or my body (arms, legs) with red dots? I don’t know if it would make it look better or ruin it all ):

  20. sab · October 27, 2012 sab

    MAN!!!! you issssssss awesome! definitely going to do this!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Junkhead · November 14, 2012 Junkhead

    Woowww you are amazing !! I’ve never seen a comic book make-up like that ! :) and you’re so pretty ! Kisses from Turkey 😉

  22. Bang Bang Bang · December 15, 2012 Bang

    The Bang Bang Club…

    A drama based on the true-life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa….

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