1940’s Wiggle Dress & Vintage Accessories ~Hey Sailor Look 3 of 3~

Disclosure: Clothing sent to me by PR for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Hey Guys & Dolls!

Lately I’ve noticed that there are nautical inspired items everywhere, and as a lover of Americana and Retro Style, I’m loving it! It seems like everywhere there are Navy & White striped clothing, Anchor jewelry, even Hello Kitty has donned a Sailor Suit! Another thing popping up just about everywhere is Polka Dots. As a life-long member of the I LOVE EVERYTHING POLKA DOT club, I’m a happy camper & I’ve been shopping like crazy, scooping up all the cuteness.

This Dress.

Enough said, end of blog post.

In all seriousness, this dress is all the things- Retro, Flattering, Curve Hugging, Polka-dots. Listen Ladies, I’ve been with my husband for over 10 years, and when I put something on and all he can say is “damn”- that’s a good sign. There are all kinds of things at play here- the piping under the bust-line emphasizes the bossom- the kick darts balance the form-fitting top ( and make it easier to walk in). Also you might be saying to yourself you might noo feel comfortable wiggling in this wiggle dress, and to that I must say two things- Shape wear is your friend! Under this I was wearing one of the Light-hold Assets by Sarah Blakely Shapers they sell at Target. There’s about $16 each, and they don’t feel constricting as much as they reduce the giggle. The second is that look at my body- my stomach sticks out a bit. Do a Give a rats-patootie? No! I feel Hot, so I look Hot. Learn it, Live it!

Also for my Slimmer friends, Stop Starring! also makes dresses in Smaller sizes (in fact you have a better selection)

*Red Polka Dot Bombshell Dress- Stop Staring! (The make smaller sizes too!!)
Cat-Eye Sunglasses- Target
Shoes- “Wessex Arms” Indigo by Clarks (Sold out)
Skull Bracelet- It was a gift, I don’t know where from.
Velvet & Rhinestone Evening Bag- Genuine Vintage (It was my Grandmother’s in the 50’s)







*Items sent by Torrid PR for lookbook; no other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are my own.

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