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cool header-001Hey Guys & Dolls!
Last Saturday Mikey and I had a low key day: we slept in and Mikey woke me up to a surprise package from Torrid- their new boyfriend jean. Excited as a kid of Christmas I tore open the package and discovered they fit perfectly- both comfortable and cute in a  laid back kind of way. Until now I never embraced the “boyfriend jean” trend. I was worried that boyfriend jeans would make me look…dumpy. I remember wearing loose fitting men’s jeans all through high school because I thought I was unattractive and wanted to hide. But these are not the frumpy jeans of my youth! True, they have the lighter wash and holes I loved as a 90’s kid, but these are definitely cut for women- they hug here and there, but are loose and comfortable- I even got a “oooh cute butt” comment from Mikey. I also loved the rolled cuffs- perfect for showing off your shoes, your ankles… or roll them down -whatever.

I decided to wear them the rest of our laid-back day: doing the weekly grocery shopping, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and general lazing around…it was a perfect day. In the evening we realized we should probably eat dinner, so Mikey and I went out for sushi and a movie- one of those casual last minute dates that are sometimes much more fun than planned formal dates! We hit up Nama (nom nom, sushi and gyoza) and then saw “The Worlds End” which was quite good (I love LOVE Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.) Anyway, in between dinner and  the movie we shot this quick outfit wear & share video for you in the parking lot. It was like guerrilla fashion vlogging- cars coming & going, people looking at us weird, god knows what they thought we were doing… it was fun!

 Casual Date Night 023

Casual Date Night 010

Casual Date Night 019


Casual Date Night 013

Doubling up on my necklace game

Casual Date Night 012

I love how my bag looks happy!

Casual Date Night 015

meet n greet 115

Are these not, the most beautiful flats in the world?! They are also super comfortable, and fit great on narrow & wide feet! I love oilslick effect!

Let me know how you like this sort of fast & quick Outfit video.

Outfit Breakdown

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