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mac rick baker 2013 Bride

Hi Guys & Dolls!

Back when I first got into makeup I would wait all year for MAC to release their Halloween face charts. They would have 6-10 face charts and I would recreate them with a feverish intensity, some even became some of my early tutorials (Rainbow Warrior Mask anyone?). I don’t know if they stopped doing them, or if I didn’t look hard enough, but I haven’t seen them in several years.

This Year MAC teamed up with RICK. MOTHERF***ING. BAKER. The makeup and special effects artist behind films such as Star Wars, Men In Black, Wild Wild West, Hell Boy and a bunch of my other favorites. Growing up in a sci-fi house, this guy seriously shaped my imagination growing up; While I didn’t know who he was then, I seriously look up to and have the highest admiration of him now. In fact I’m getting a little sweaty under the arms thinking about his amazing work.

Let’s be honest, some MAC collaborations just don’t interest me in the least. I don’t post collection info most of the time. But this one? I’m hot and bothered for. I’m finding it hard to not buy both palettes, even though I own a lot of it already. If you don’t have these items, now would be an amazing time to pick them up!!!


Availability: Online October 2nd, 2013 & October 3rd at select MACPRO locations, international October 2013 at select MAC locations.

Legendary special-effects artist Rick Baker brings his movie makeup magic to M·A·C with a unique collection featuring products chosen to create three Halloween looks designed exclusively by the artist (Bride, Day of Dead and Zombie). Comes complete with everything you need to create the looks, including Acrylic Paints, Paintsticks, Chromagraphic Pencils, Set Powder, Monster FX, Penultimate Eye Liner and Chromacake.


Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Cyber Deep plum (Satin) (Permanent)

Lip Pencil ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN)

  • Currant Intense reddish-purple (Permanent)
  • Brick Intense golden red (Permanent)

Chromagraphic Pencil ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN)

  • Pure White White (Permanent, PRO)
  • Hi-Def Cyan Brightened medium-dark sky blue (Permanent, PRO)
  • Black Black Black (Permanent, PRO)

Paintstick ($21.00 U.S. / $25.00 CDN)

  • Pure White White (Permanent, PRO)
  • Black Black Black (Permanent, PRO)

Spider Queen Pro Palette x 6 ($44.00 U.S. / $52.00 CDN)

  • Dusty Purple Mid-tone neutral purple (Satin) (Limited Edition)
  • Indian Ink Deep eggplant (Matte) (Permanent, PRO)
  • Lime Lime green (Matte) (Permanent, PRO)
  • Carbon Intense black (Matte) (Permanent)
  • Deep Purple Bright deep purple (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Moss Warm yellow green (Frost) (Limited Edition)

The Monster’s Bride Pro Palette x 6 ($44.00 U.S. / $52.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Brun Muted blackish-brown (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Bitter Vivid green with shimmer (Velvet) (Permanent)
  • Carbon Intense black (Matte) (Permanent)
  • Club Red-brown with green pearl (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Mylar Creamy white with shimmer (Satin) (Permanent)
  • Omega Soft muted beige-taupe (Matte) (Permanent)

Set Powder ($30.00 U.S. / $35.00 CDN)

  • Invisible Transparent (Permanent)

Acrylic Paint ($21.00 U.S. / $25.00 CDN)

  • Pure White White (Permanent, PRO)
  • Basic Red Red (Permanent, PRO)
  • Landscape Green Green (Permanent, PRO)
  • Black Black Black (Permanent, PRO)

Face & Body ($35.00 U.S. / $42.00 CDN)

  • White White (Permanent, PRO)

Monster FX ($22.00 U.S. / $26.00 CDN)

  • Dirt Warm yellow-orange brown with slight ochre tones (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Eye Liner ($19.50 U.S. / $23.00 CDN)

  • Rapidblack Black (Permanent)

mac rick baker 2013 Bride

The Monster’s Bride

mac rick baker ZombieZombie

MAC Rick Baker Spider QueenSpider Queen

MAC Rick Baker Spider Queen PaletteSpider Queen Palette

MAC Rick Baker Monster's Bride PaletteMonster’s Bride Palette

Set Powder & Chroma Cake

Set Powder & Chroma Cake

holiday2013_macrickbaker004Acrylic Paints

Lipstick and PaintstickLipstick and Paintstick

Liners; Face and Body

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Cora (vintageortacky)


  1. October 7, 2013 / 6:15 pm

    I love the sugar skull look, I’ve always wanted to recreate something like this!

  2. October 7, 2013 / 6:23 pm

    This looks so great (: I can’t wait for Halloween (:

  3. October 8, 2013 / 6:35 am

    While I’m not sure I want any of the products, I am so excited about the looks that were done. I love how “simple” and not overworked the Monster’s Bride is in comparison to the Zombie which is so intricate and amazing. Love!

  4. Michele Coccaro Benedict
    October 8, 2013 / 1:48 pm

    Cora can you do a vid on one of these? The spider queen PLEEEZZZEEE 🙂
    xoxo Michele

  5. October 9, 2013 / 4:41 am

    I love all of this!!!!!

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