Style Shaming/ “Poser” Accusations

People write nasty, rude, judgmental, critical or simply back-handed compliments to me all the time, and I rarely respond, let alone rant, but when people get so regimented and militant about things like fashion and style it pisses me off; such things are subjective, open to interpretation and personal taste. For the people complaining that my latest video isn’t “Lolita” or isn’t “Goth”… dude seriously? It’s called inspiration! It’s a COSTUME not a Museum replica or time capsule example of any one thing!Β I said in the video I pulled inspiration from the Victorian Period, The Edwardian Period, Lolita, and what I didn’t mention was Romantic Goth, thus the black, because I thought that was obvious. Let me break it down for you:The makeup and hair are Classic Lolita. The blouse, hat, corset and bustle skirt, pearls, cameos, and hair work for both the Victorian and Edwardian periods. In those times, “ladies” would not have worn black for daytime unless they were in mourning or in plain clothes, and so my choice to have the look mostly black was from the Romantic Goth inspiration.I had a BLAST coming up the the concept, gathering the costume pieces, mashing styles, filming this tutorial and wearing this costume. So please, if you feel you need to pee on my parade, please bugger off!


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