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Skull Dress & Stripes- OH MY!

*clothing provided by Torrid*

frontal full 2front of skull lace dress2Hi Guys & Dolls!

A few weeks ago, I went to pick up dinner & stop by my UPS store (where I have my PO box) and Mikey and I decided to snap a few photos of my killer dress & leggings. In fact the story of these photos is a little funny- I was actually testing this area to film my steampunk tutorial (Which I filmed somewhere else) and I was wearing the makeup that I had just selected for my Victorian Lolita look.

I love how from the front the dress is simple and flattering but from the back you get this gorgeous lace skull that makes it unique and intriguing! I love how this dress is easy to dress up or down, and it could work well at the office with a blazer, and then at night KA-POW…skull! The dress is a bit longer than most of my skater style dresses, so I can wear it bare legged, but I love how it looks with these striped leggings. If you remember my ill-fated striped leggings from asos last summer, then you’ll know how happy I am to have found a good pair! Also, in case you’re wondering- I wore this dress with a normal bra, but I wore a nude color so it wouldn’t show.

PS- Look for the Leggings in an upcoming Halloween video…

lace Skull back gress 029

dress on the waterfront

Dress, Torrid, Bird detail belt, Simplybe; Leggings, Torrid; Nude Flats, 14th & Union, Clutch, Aldo.


I still can’t believe I got this gorgeous Cameo for only 3.99 at Michael’s Crafts! I got the spider earrings at Spirit Halloween last year.

makeup & jewelryMakeup

NYX Let them Have Cake Palette, MAC Viva Glam IV (watch the tutorial here)vintageortacky

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  1. The Other Side Vintage · October 15, 2013 The

    I love the back of that dress!

  2. rucina · October 15, 2013 rucina

    The dress is really cute and I love the leggings. I ordered them the other day and should get them tomorrow. I can’t wait.

  3. lauren · October 15, 2013 lauren

    I’m pretty stoked to know we own the same dress. I bought and wore the same dress for my wedding reception.

  4. Toria Mason · October 16, 2013 Toria

    Has a very Jack Skellington vibe, love it! :)

  5. Yoru · October 16, 2013 Yoru

    -Fingers Crossed- Those leggins fit a Sugar Skull tutorial -Hopes hopes hopes!-. And I’m madly in love with those earrings!

  6. Kitsch Vixen · October 16, 2013 Kitsch

    This is by far my favorite outfit of yours! Simple, but so awesome! And it looks amazing on you.

  7. Krystal · October 16, 2013 Krystal


  8. Rachel Gorton · October 16, 2013 Rachel

    After seeing this dress on you and wanting it on the site made up my mind to get it :) My birthday gift to myself

  9. Misty · October 18, 2013 Misty

    I freggin love this dress on my way to Torrid to order it now.

    • Cora (vintageortacky) · October 18, 2013 Cora

      You’ll love it! Heads up- you may want to size down, mine is a little big.

  10. Rikki Poynter · October 19, 2013 Rikki

    Absolutely gorgeous, m’lady.

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