DSW Boot Review + Michael’s OOTD

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Hey Guys & Dolls!!

As I teased in my previous post, I’m part of a HUGE DSW shoe giveaway this month. DSW was kind enough to send me a pair of shoes to review, and in the spirit of the season of giving I picked a men’s pair for my husband, Michael. These Aston Grey boots are a little rugged but overall very handsome, just like Michael. They’re a great pair because with his pants covering them they look like dress boots, but the buckles add a little something so they aren’t so dressy that they’d look weird with his current fave outfit: relaxed jeans, a Henley and this hooded vest we searched high & low for (I found it at kohls.com). He said they fit a little snug so if he picked them up in-store he’d move up a size, but he still loves them. The boots have a convenient side zipper for easy on-off to which Michael said “COOOOOL I hate lacing up my boots”.

When he went to put them on today, tell me why he still laced them up? *sigh* boys….



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Shopping Links

Hooded Vest, KohlsMaroon Henley, Target; Bullet Necklace, Winchester Gift Shop; Sunglasses, perscription; Jeans, Levis; Aston Grey Rockcastle Boot, DSW

Stay Tuned, Later today I’ll have a HUGE shoe giveaway for you!!!

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9 thoughts on “DSW Boot Review + Michael’s OOTD

  • My grandmother gave me a pair of boots a few years back and I wore them all the time. I loved them. They were dancing boots, designed for country-western style dance, and they looked great with tights and oversized sweaters. Unfortunately, I took them on a trip with me and my shampoo exploded in my suitcase. The boots were ruined! When my mother found out how sad I was, she gave me her pair, which were one size up but otherwise exactly the same. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done.

  • I’m So Glad That Dsw Gas Decided To Do This! I Absolutely Love Their Shoes And Im Also Glad Im Able To Participate! Thank You Cora! I Love U Even More Now.. =)

  • I think he looks really good with this outfit! So handsome 🙂 I love the little touches of cool like the bullet necklace! (>.<)/

  • Mikey is freakin’ awesome. You’re such a lucky lass. And he’s pretty darn lucky too, to have a wife that would give up the opportunity to get a free pair of shoes for him. That’s true love.

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