Making the Switch from PC to Apple

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Today is a really big day for me personally and professionally:
I’m getting a laptop…FINALLY.

I don’t know how I’ve worked from home for all this time with just a stationary computer. I’m certain it has caused some stir-crazy, frustration fueled days of procrastination.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could take my computer down stairs, or take it with me to a cafe, or on a trip so I could work remotely. I can now work from anywhere which will give me a wonderful sense of freedom, and let me work from bed when I’m sick, (but hopefully not too hard, haha)

Over a year ago I got a Galaxy 10 tablet hoping it would help me with email and such, but I honestly find it cumbersome, and slow, plus I couldn’t really use it for what I really needed: Editing photos & video, and writing blog posts. I would much rather be downstairs right now, instead of stuck at my little desk.

There’s another huge change for me as well: I’m going with a Macbook Pro. I’ve used PC’s my whole life. I’ve been resistant to switching for a number of reasons: It seems every  Beauty Blogger, and YouTube Guru has an iPhone and uses a MAC and I hate doing anything just because everyone does it. I’ve been worried that the learning curve will slow down my productivity, and let’s get real- those are some hella expensive computers! The sticker shock alone turned me off them years ago, even knowing they are supposed to work for  years and years.

Over time I’ve become less and less happy with video editing on my PC. I currently use Sony Vegas Movie 11 to edit, on a very powerful PC (I just bought it a year ago) and Sony Vegas crashes all the time. As in, all the freaking time. It renders at a glacial pace, and it has trouble with DSLR footage- it makes the color off, and the “preview” while editing is really choppy making it hard for me to catch mistakes. I’ve considered upgrading to Sony Vegas Pro, but I don’t know if these issues would continue.

One thing that made this decision easier is windows 8.  I figured if I had to relearn how to use a computer, might as well make the switch when Windows is getting weird. I know I’d eventually learn windows 8, but when I looked into getting a powerful windows based laptop they started getting really pricey on me. Looking into other PC video editing software was expensive too: Sony Vegas Pro  is $599,  VS Apple’s Final Cut Pro at $300. I’ve done a bit of research and it seems like FCP is more user friendly as well, so while I know there will be a learning curve, I’m hoping that once I figure it out it’ll be easier to use for me overall, making the day to day of video editing easier.

This is a significant investment, and one I’ve been toying with for years. Now that it’s here, I’m being my normal, cautious self, going over every detail, and I’m treating it like the big deal it is. I’m really excited, a little scared, and wanted to share this with you, since you are the ones who enjoy the content I create, and I always get questions about what I used to edit my videos. My next few videos will still most likely be edited on my PC, but when I make my first Apple video, I’ll be sure to let you know! Logo  Tagline

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