Life, New Hair & OOTD

Life, Hair & OOTD Thumb_FotorHey Guys & Dolls!

First things first; I refreshed my roots! I decided to do a little something different from my normal Pink/Purple/Black; The top portion that is normally hot pink is now sort of a pastel pink/purple and I kept a bigger section of blond in the front. Will I keep it this way? I don’t know, but it is fun to mix it up every now and then!

Secondly,for those who read my previous post about making the switch from a Desktop PC to a Macbook Pro: I LOVE IT! I’m still learning imovie, and haven’t decided to buy Final Cut Pro yet. So far I’m really pleased with how fast and intuitive everything is. Editing is a freaking cakewalk compared to Sony Vegas, and while I still have to google “How do I ______ on a MAC” several times a day, it’s getting easier, and I’m only sorry I didn’t do this sooner!

Lastly but not leastly, I talked a bit earlier this month about suffering from S.A.D. I’m happy to report that we’ve has a few sunny, warm days in the bay area. I feel like a terrible braggart even mentioning it while everyone else is suffering from record lows, but I have to say it’s lifted my spirits immensely, along with the newfound freedom of not being chained to a desk.

Since I’m all happy-pants and the weather is nice, Here’s an OOTD for you! I got this dress over a month ago during a sale at Nordstrom (It figures it’s sold out now) but you can still get it though the brand’s website, City Chic. I’m really liking this Australian plus-size line, and this dress/tunic was something that I just HAD TO HAVE! It’s really flattering and comfortable, and damn it if this thing doesn’t scream SPRING! To all my Aussie sisters who are deep into to summer- GET THIS DRESS! To everyone else-I think this would be worth getting now and saving for spring!


_MG_3600 _MG_3581



Outfit Dress, City Chic; Live-In Leggings, Zella; Shoes, Tieks; Grey Faux Leather Jacket, Simply Be; Earrings, Kate Spade; Necklace, Bauble Bar, Washed Up Billy Hobo Bag Electric Stage Blue, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Makeup Foundation MAC Studio Fix Fluid “NW10”, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural “Light”, Cargo Blu-Ray Blush, Laura Mercier Artist Palette Eyeshadow, Lips: Milani Lip Intense Liquid Lipcolor ” ” & OCC Hootchie Color Pencil. Nails: Tomorrow Never Dies, OPI

By the way Tieks is giving away 14 pairs of shoes until Jan 28! No, they didn’t ask me to promote it, but I’m entering myself so I figured I’d pass it along! Logo  Tagline

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