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Hey Guys & Dolls!

Last week I headed to San Francisco to visit the Beautylish Office and check out the new Wayne Goss Face Brush Set and have a little skype date with Wayne (ok it wasn’t really a date…a girl can dream). Wayne was delightful, informative, a little cheeky and generous (he gave me a set of the brushes!) I’ll have more of our *date* (ok ok, interview) in my upcoming review for the brushes.

That same day I met up with Nikkietutorials who was in San Francisco for a few days and we had a highly glamorous lunch at…Subway. (Long story short, Apple maps sent us on a wild goose chase for the real restaurant we were looking for) Nikkie gave me a dutch lesson, we hoofed it around for many blocks in SF (uphill both ways… in the snow…without shoes). It was an amazing day!

This is my first follow me around/vlog video, let me know if you enjoy it. I’ve though about doing a vlog channel with Mikey ^_^

Check out Wayne’s newest Brush set now http://shrsl.com/?~5cf5

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  1. Phyrra · March 17, 2014 Phyrra

    Love this video! Yes, please do more like this.

  2. pixiestix · March 17, 2014 pixiestix

    heh heh “why are you so sexy?” perfect!

  3. jenna · March 24, 2014 jenna

    super cute! this is my first blog ive been to. i know ive been living under a rock. i watch on youtube tho! :)

  4. Kalena · March 28, 2014 Kalena

    You guys are truly revolutionary and I really enjoy your videos. Have a great day! God bless!

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