As you saw in my previous post, last week I went to the Beautylish HQ in San Francisco to check out the new Wayne Goss Face brushes and have a Skype chat/ Date with Wayne (it really wasn’t a date because my husband, best friend and Nils, the cofounder of Beautylish was there but a date sounds more fun than a meeting) My Date with Wayne was very productive, I talked with Wayne about this latest set and his overall vision of the brand. The…date… ok, ok “meeting” was amazing and I came away so inspired and excited about makeup all over again! I also had a blast talking to Nils Johnson, the Co-founder of Beautylish. You know it’s a great day when you can just gush about how you’re a product junkie and all the greatest beauty products!

I do want to disclose that at the end of our date – yes we’re back to calling it a date- I was gifted with the full face set, which was amazing since it means I’m able to review it for you right away, as they launch. I’m a huge fan of this line of brushes I want to thank Wayne and Nils for setting this up!

If you watched my review last fall of the original set, or watched any of my tutorials since then, you know I’m a huge fan of this line of brushes! Like a lot of you I wanted more face brushes, and Wayne took our comments questions an concerns into consideration and created a set of perfect face brushes to his exacting standards of excellence.

I’ve tested these brushes for a week now and I’m in love. #obsessed!

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Enjoy the Review & Demo ^_^


BRUSH 10, DUO-FIBER $53  “Perfect for liquid and cream foundations, it’s a larger version of Brush 01 from The Collection. It helps fine lines disappear as you blend, and is so soft that it will never pull the skin.”

One of the most obvious things that sets this brush apart it that it is all white. Which mean no satining of the white part from the dye of the black part, which is a common problem with Duo Fiber brushes. I don’t typically reach for a stippling brush on myself, but I love to use them to apply skincare items to clients.  I used this the other day to apply the NYX BB cream and I was really impressed with the results.


BRUSH 11, LARGE POWDER $48 “Soft enough for applying any powder product—bronzer, blush, or highlighter—over foundation without disturbing it. A more rounded, larger take on Brush 02 from The Collection.”

This brush is one of the nicest powder brushes i’ve ever encountered. Applying powder (or if I’m being honest, just rubbing this one on my face) is one of the most luxurious experiences of my makeup life. It picks up just the right amount of powder and then melts it into your skin. I’m going to have to get a back up of this for my kit.


BRUSH 12, CONTOURING, $53 “Designed for contouring and highlighting with creams, powders, and bronzer and sculpting blushes. Its flat edge will give definition and dimension to the planes of the face.”

At first I was a bit skeptical about the shape of this brush, but once I used it I was pleasantly suprised at how precise it is for applying contour. Additionally this brush has a “pinched” ferrule, giving it two sides so you can pick up and apply color with one side and blend with the other. This is denser and more precise compared to the 11, making is great for precision blending.


BRUSH 13, FOUNDATION/MULTIPURPOSE $53 “Excellent for cream, liquid, and mineral foundations—you can take it from your liquid to loose powder to bronzer or blush. The soft bristles really push powders or mineral foundation into pores for a clean finish.”

My first thought was “This resembles my beloved MAC 109 Brush!” But upon using the brush I have to say this one has the 109 beat! It’s denser, softer, and picks up product evenly, it’s just a dream to use. But the best part is that the hairs are not dyed which is one of the biggest pitfalls of the 109. Seriously I need back-ups of this one! I used this to apply powder and liquid foundations and it was expert at both!


BRUSH 14 BLUSH/BRONZER $33 “In applying and blending powders (bronzer, blush, highlighter), it won’t move foundation or other makeup. Similar to Brush 11, but sized smaller for detailed work on cheekbones and around the eyes.

I’ve never encounter a makeup brush like this, and I’m OBSESSED! It is less dense than most powder brushes, and the hairs are longer giving the brush a light-as-air feel. This works incredibly well with very pigmented blushes and bronzers to give a wash of color that is build-able. This is a must for anyone who tends to be heavy handed with blush or bronzer. I need a few back ups of this guy too!! In fact, this might be my fave of the set!


BRUSH 15 FAN BRUSH $25 “An ultrasoft fan brush excellent for highlighting the tops of cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid’s bow. And the thin shape can create a really sharp line when contouring cheeks.”

I’m going to level with you here- I own another other fan brush but I’ve only used it maybe once, so I don’t have anything to compare this to. However, I think this brush is brilliant for applying washes of highlight, or a thin concentrated amount. I also loved this one for wiping away fallout. I didn’t expect to love this but I do. Again I want one for my kit!


Disclosure- The Brushes were a gift form Wayne Goss, given for review purposes, and this post contains affiliate* links.

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Cora (vintageortacky)


  1. March 20, 2014 / 1:01 am

    Great video Cora 🙂 I have a question, because these brushes are so soft, will they dry out when I use ipa to spot clean them? Xo

  2. April 2, 2014 / 3:22 am

    Hi Cora, thank you for the review! I may have to save up for the small powder brush there, as I tend to prefer my blush to be subtle.

    I have a question, though, you said the handles of these new brushes are shorter than the original Wayne Goss ones, but do you know how long the overall length of the brush is? I have no space for longer-length brushes so I’m quite particular about it. I think my longest brush is my Real Technique Expert Face Brush, which is around 6 inches/16 cm.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Cora (vintageortacky)
      April 7, 2014 / 9:57 pm

      The handles of these are not shorter than the original, they are simply shorter than an average brush. These are a shorter than my real techniques brushes.

      • April 8, 2014 / 1:45 am

        Thank you for the clarification, sorry for the initial misunderstandings.

  3. Maureen
    June 4, 2014 / 1:38 pm

    Thanks for the review. Based on your Goss eye brush set review, I bought the brushes I knew I would use most. Love your honest reviews!

  4. Candice
    June 18, 2014 / 11:53 am

    Nice review! I’m gathering information to figure out which ones to buy for myself to make a custom set… I wasn’t really thinking of brush 14 before I saw this, but I might get this one for blushes, which I like not-too-heavily applied. Thanks!

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