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I love my night-time moisturizer, CeraVe PM; It’s Cruelty Free, hydrating without feeling greasy, it is cheap for such great quality and available at convenient places like CVS, and Ulta. My Dermatologist even recommended it. However the one thing the formula is lacking is antioxidants.  Insert my favorite Antioxidant serum, RESIST ULTRA-LIGHT SUPER ANTIOXIDANT CONCENTRATE SERUM

I’ve tried several antioxidant serums/boosters over the years; Two MAC serums which are also excellent but push the $40 price point, and others from Paula’s choice which didn’t earn “fave status” due to silicone textures that didn’t mesh well with the rest of my routine. This one is my favorite. It has a super thin watery texture that soaks into my clean skin before I apply my nighttime moisturizer. I’ve found that in the summer months it’s often enough for me so I skip the moisturizer all together then. One tube lasts me about 6 months, so at $30 a tube it’s not too hard on the wallet. Also it’a available in sample sizes for just $1.50 if you wanna try it out. I still recommend buying 3-4 so you can use it for a few weeks. These sample sizes are ideal for traveling as well- I seriously love the brand for offering samples of nearly everything!

The one caveat of this serum is it has a very obvious yellow tint and on my pale skin it makes my skin look sallow. It’s not a huge problem for me to just use it at night, but I do wish I could wear it during the day.

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My Fave Antioxidant Serums




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Cora (vintageortacky)

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  1. Liz
    April 12, 2014 / 3:48 pm

    Hey Cora. I know you need some kind of antioxidant serum in the morning- my advice is to find one with Vitamin C, like Murad’s, or something else. I used to have one by Jason’s Organics that was perfectly fine. Any antioxidant serum is going to help boost your sunblock anyway. Lumene makes some great, cost-effective stuff that’s got a lot of antioxidants and never irritates my skin. You can find them at CVS or Ulta…maybe Walgreen’s too.

    I think anti-aging serums are better at night, but that’s just me. I use retinol or Lancome serums at night, and an antioxidant during the day. But I’ve run out so now I gotta find a new one. ;-;

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