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Unboxing, Swatching, Makeup Tutorial-izing Pat McGrath Darkstar 006! This collection of 7 products is a bit unique, it contains 3 baked shadows, one pressed pigment, and eye gloss, a bullet-proof eyeliner and a brush- all packaged in a bag of couture-quality sequins. If you’re savvy/crafty/a magpie, then the sequins are sort of the 8th product, because buying this many holographic sequins would be really expensive. There are two versions of this kit, and both are identical save for the pressed pigment; In the other kit it’s brown instead of the Violet. I really wanted the brown pigment, but I wasn’t about to shell out $130 twice just to cure my case of “gotta catch em all”. Today I’m doing something a bit different, I’m sharing with you every detail from first rip of the bag, first look and swatching,  attempting to recreate the look on Pat Mcgrath’s Instagram, to going full-on Pris from Blade Runner! The concept and structure of this video I’ve been wanting to do for a long time- it’s way longer than your average video, but I like the idea of showing the mistakes, pitfalls, joys and sucess of playing with new makeup. Please hit me up with feedback on the format, & tuck in for a long video guys, and enjoy all the little bits of Rocko sprinkled throughout!

One thing I really enjoyed about this makeup kit is that through blending the various products together it was easy to switch it up and create a whole new look. I went from a glittery smoky eye, to dramatic cat eyes, to Pris-level realness. This would be epic for a photoshoot or even just playing with makeup for your own enjoyment rather than as a means to an ends. The amout of each product is generous, and the packaging is minimal. While I’m a sucker for cool packaging, I really appreciate the no-bs approach of minimalism, and if you want pretty- here’s a whole bag of holo sequins. Useable. Smart. Unique.

The Black Smudgeliner Kohl is a BAMF- hella black, blends well (without primer; with primer it was a bit tougher) and with the satin black from this kit it’s not my favorite way to rock a black smoky eye. I ADORE the satin black texture of Dark Matter. It’s not hella pigmented and that’s what I like about it. I’m a geek for texture and something that’s truly black, but kinda translucent, and hella blendable.  I’ve been waiting for this product for a long, long time. Thank you Pat Mcgrath. The Ultraviolet Blue Pigment is unreal, puts all similar colors in my collection to shame. It’s incredibly pigmented and just a stunning color.  It stains- you’ve been warned.  Astral White Pigment is more glitter that pigment, and I tried it on my face as a highlight- it was more like a smattering of uber-fine glitter. It’s better packed on the eye. Mercury Pigment is a dirty silver-gold, and it more shimmer than base color. This will be fun to experiment with the black shadow and liner I think. I really don’t have much of an opinion one way or the other of the brush tbh. Cyber Clear eye gloss is really interesting to me. It dries down, but it doesn’t “set” if that makes sense. You definitely feel the gloss but it’s not icky, and in a way, the mildly gooey texture adds mood and attitude to your movement while wearing it.

Below is a plethora of photos of the various looks I achieved in my first playtime! You can definitely see that this is makeup intended for creative people who just love playing around and enjoy the process, and are completely disinterested in perfection. If you’ve ever wanted to try the grungy, glossy eye- this kit is amazing.

cheers to stained and gooey lids

-xoxo Cora

PS- Happy Birthday to the best mother in law in the word, Love you Deb!


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  1. kjh
    May 13, 2017 / 8:40 pm

    Love the pup! He’s the star. The McGrath isn’t bad, either. Looks surprisingly easy to use. That indigo is glorious. My new girl, Patticake, has wrecked many an app, bec she nudges my arm att. The boy, Jussi (jack sparrow) isn’t as into m/u as his namesake. Since iris apfel doesn’t live here, think I will forego this wonderful drama. Don’t have the skill level anyway. Can you imagine this on stage? Or do you think the effects would get lost at a distance?

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