MAC X JEREMY SCOTT Makeup Collection Tutorial & Review

Today’s Makeup tutorial & review is all about the new Mac X Jeremy Scott Collection. The theme of the collection is deliciously 90’s analog! “Good Bad Taste” abounds with packaging and product names inspired by Cassettes, Video Tapes, Boom Boxes and CD’s. I bought the Lo-Fi Eyeshadow x 29 palette, which has 29 rainbow hued eyeshadows. I love the palette, and the ONLY color that gave me any trouble was the bright purple in the lower right corner, “Club New Wave Mix”. This type of matte blue-toned purple is hard to create, I can’t say I have a dupe that performs better. It’s sheer at first, but it does build up beautifully as you’ll see in the video. My swatches were done with my normal method of UDPP and a Smith 256 Brush. The only call out would be that the pans are indeed small, but I mean, it’s 29 MAC shadows for $75 so I don’t feel that it’s a bad deal! I love the palette for it’s creativity, color and texture selection. Did I mention that most of the shadows are Matte? I’m also really happy this isn’t another Warm Smoky Eye palette. The neutrals here lean on the cool side.This is a hella useful palette and I love it!  I would recommend this to a friend seeking bright shadows in a rainbow hues with a few neutrals thrown in.

Jeremy Scott Palette is available at  and




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