International Women’s Day : Be Your Own Superhero

Truth time: I’m  not a big fan of superhero movies. With a few notable exceptions (Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther) I just can’t get down with the grandiosity, grandstanding and general over-inflated everything in these flicks. If you love them you’re in good company, my partner Michael LOVES THEM. I find myself more drawn to smaller stories like “Bridesmaids”. SPOILER ALERT: This woman’s life slowly falls aparts and in many ways she’s the author of her own misfortunes. Somethings are outside of her control, however the things that she can take ownership of she refuses to. Can’t we all relate to that? How often do we sabotage ourselves, or feel unworthy at work, or in love? In the end, she repairs her relationships, begins to feel whole again, and even gets the guy! Call my crazy, but that’s a pretty badass superhero on a small scale. Life is about showing up for yourself and not letting your life pass you by! So this International Women’s Day, think of ways to be your own superhero. Advocate for yourself at work, revel in your success, and feel good about how powerful you are as a woman. You own this, you got this!


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Cora (vintageortacky)

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