Vlada x Smashbox Petal Metal Tutorial & Review

My partner and I are in the middle of a redecorating our apartment phase: new curtains, furniture switcheroos, etc…The rental market in the Bay Area is insane (many areas are more expensive than NYC. it’s messed up ya’ll) and as such, we can’t afford to get a bigger place. Rather than wallow, we’re seeing this as an opportunity to find ways to make our modest apartment work for us. Why the heck am I mentioning this to you now, as the opener for a beauty review? Because it’s on my mind a lot and is informing everything I do lately; As I am redecorating, I’m also reorganizing, reprioritizing, and removing makeup from my collection like never before. I’m clearing drawers and getting cut-throat about what I keep. So when I tell you that the Vlada x Smashbox collection has made the cut- I mean that in the most sincere way possible. I adore the Rose Gold theme to this collection, the quality is phenomenal,  I throughly enjoyed playing with these items, and look forward to using them again and again. They’ve earned a space in my now pared-down collection, which admittedly it still huge by normal person standards, but smaller for a makeup blogger with over 10 years experience of hoarding makeup

To prepare for this review/tutorial hybrid video, I tested these products for about a week to get a feel for how they worked and how I liked them. It dawned on me that I could easily use all of the products on my face to create a look, as well as swatch each of the 6 lip products for you!  Another advantage of moving the furniture in my room around, is that it allows me to film at my makeup vanity with natural light! I love being able to give you guys an true read of colors and textures, and it tickles me pink Rose Gold to be able to deliver this type of realism to you in a community over populated with filters and washed-out lighting. These photos below are straight from my camera, and I love that even though my skin doesn’t look perfect, these products make me feel beautiful and most importantly, I had a lot of fun experimenting!


Petal Metal Covershot Eyeshadow Palette:

Fabulous textures, lots of coppery and rosegold shades to choose from. A dream to use!

Metal Metal Highlighter:

  • Gilded Rose : Gorgeous on Pale Skin
  • Prismatic Pearl: Has a pink/gold flash that was pretty on my pale skin with a light hand, but looked sallow when I built it up. Would be GORGEOUS on deep skin, or lovelies with a medium golden complexion.
  • Rosemantic : Works great as a glowy blush

Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick

  • XO, Vlada  Deep Rose Gold
  • Petal Metal Champagne Rose Gold
  • Rose Magic Red Gold

Petal Metal Always On Liquid Lip

  • XO, Vlada Deep Rose Gold
  • In Bloom Pinky-Rose Gold
  • Desert Rose Copper

Petal Metal Shimmer Drops

  • Gold Glitz
  • Rose Glitz

Both of these are tiny sparkly glitter in a liquid base. They look the most sparkly in low-light, be sure to watch the video below to see it!Petal

Metal Liquid Eyeliner 

  • 24K Rose rose gold
  • Black Rose purple-rose-black

Petal Metal Shimmer Spray

One of my faves, it smells great, feels clean, and adds a gorgeous glow to my skin and hair!


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