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I’m Cora Alvillar, a Freelance Makeup Artist based in the SF Bay Area. I started uploading makeup videos as a hobby that has blossomed into the best job in the world, because I get to touch so many people’s lives, all over the world. It’s my mission to passionately share the best beauty products, application techniques, and plus size personal style with a dash of my unapologetic personality. What makes something Vintage or Tacky? Taste. Forget impressing others and have a huge appetite for life: buy the lipstick, wear the dress, dance the dance, sing the song and be vintage or tacky, just be yourself.

Social Media Reach as of May 2015

  • YOUTUBE Channel  379,000 Subscibers, 43.3 Million Views
  • FACEBOOK PAGE 100k Likes
  • TWITTER 28k Followers
  • INSTAGRAM 50k,000 Followers



2601 Blanding Ave #C144
Alameda, Ca 94501

Email- requests4cora@yahoo.com

34 thoughts on “About Cora

  • i love your videos could you make me one based on st pattys day or halloween thnx i would subscribe but i dont have a ytube account

  • I am a Cora addict!
    I’ve been following all of your tutorials and reviews since you began, and I must say, you’ve grown so much. Your style has expanded and your makeup talent has only gotten better! Every time I watch a new video, I get this burst of inspiration to whip out my makeup collection and experiment the endless possible styles. I, myself, have grown and my passion will never fade. I will always remember to be vintageortacky and be myself! Thank you so much Cora, you let me know I’m beautiful just the way I am and you keep my dream alive!

  • You are the best cora i love your vids and i can tell you like mac products and sugar pill thats awsome what you do kepp it up

  • Thank you for being you and encouraging others to do the same. By the way I’d love to hear your reviews of geek chic cosmetics and maybe a doe eye tutorial. I love big innocent eyes .

  • Just discovered your videos last night. LOVE THEM! I’ve always struggled with make-up (was too busy as a teen to bother with it) but now as I inch closer to *gasp* 40 I want to bother with it. I finished chemo two months ago and today I am sporting a version of the winged eyeliner with my almost hair. THANKS!

  • having seen the first two Hunger Games movies, as well as your Hunger Games tutorial, I think they should have hired you to do the make-up! you Katniss was so much better than theirs!

  • You have revived my love for makeup and given me some much needed guidance. I love your tutorials so much. Truly, thanks for everything. You are an inspiration!

  • I found you looking for some Naked3 tutorials and now I can’t stop watching!! I relate to you because first you have the same skin tone as me (I view my mission in life is to make others feel tan) you have an amazing sense of humor and I love your self confidence. That put with you seem like someone I would be friends with if I met you in person. I look forward to you videos and getting to “know” you better through them. (if this sounds creepy its not meant to…reallly, I’m not like trying to stalk you…I just…ack! I hope you know what I mean!!)

    ~Janice aka

  • I’m not very good with putting the bright colors on and you have helped me come out of my shell some…I love you and you are my role model…Your so pretty and love your edgy rock attitude all the time….I follow you on Twitter and Facebook.Cora you ROCK!!!!

  • I live the multicolored hair vicariously through you. Now that I’m in my late thirties and work in an office, it’s no longer “acceptable” to wear the lavender bob I wore 15 years ago. Plus, I found out my husband wouldn’t have liked it either. I guess I keep my inner weirdo well hid. Keep rockin’ the looks Cora!

  • I love your Youtube channel and your makeup tutorials. THANK YOU for doing color tutorials, I don’t understand why people are so afraid of wearing color makeup. I too have a soft spot for color.

  • I haven’t been sleeping lately and went to the Torrid website to fill up my senses with new clothes in my shopping wish bag…..I got to over five hundred dollars
    ….and pushed a random button and your video popped up where you are trying on clothes. You are super adorable and my new insomnia addiction!

  • I absolutely love your videos. My 17 year old, aspiring makeup artist, daughter actually turned me onto you. Do you ever do anything in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX? My daughter and I would love to meet you!

  • Love your videos!! Nice to see a plus size woman so gorgeous and promoting self acceptance . You go girl lol

  • You really inspire me. As a plus size gal who was really learning to love herself, seeing you florist and thrive on YouTube gave me… permission? To start that self love journey. Thank you for all that you do. I love your videos because I’m always learning something. I love that you give the science behind the makeup/ product or the history with the reasoning behind the vintage look. Those are the things I’m facinated by. Other beauty gurus on YouTube just tell you that they love a product or tell you how to do the look and they don’t give the why.
    That’s why I love you!
    Keep on keepin on. DFTBA

  • Cora. Where have you been all my life!? I have been sitting here humming and haaing about starting youtube channel because I’m always afraid of just being my big bold beautiful self out there on Internet land. And here you are fucking KILLING IT! Thank you for helping inspire me to do more bold make up looks, being just bold and beautiful and helping boost my confidence. I too am a plus sized woman, who is in love with torrid and for the most part I am unapologetically myself. Bold, funny, beautiful. I’m a nurse by trade but ive been wanting to do youtube for years. I’m always afraid though that it won’t transfer to film. Or afraid to look at myself on camera. You have inspired me. Thank you Cora. Keep up the awesome tutorials!!

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