We’ve all been there: you’ve followed a tutorial, your eye makeup is on point, foundation is #flawless, so now it’s time for cheeks. You dip your brush into a new shade, swipe it on an: POOF! You look like you were punched in the face. Wayyy too much blush bro! Today I’m sharing with you my favorite way to calm down over zealous blush, overly-warm with a lavender tinted powder. My favorite is from a cruelty free and Indie Makeup brand, Lunatick Cosmetics, but if you know of a similar silky, matte sheer lavender powder I’d love to hear about it. Additionally- I’d love to do more of these quickie tips- so what are other common makeup boo-boos you need help with?

wder; My favorite is from a cruelty free and Indie Makeup brand, Lunatick Cosmetics Labs, but if you know of a similar silky, matte sheer lavender powder I’d love to hear about it. If you enjoy this video, please like & comment and I’d be happy to make these quickie makeup tutorials a regular thing! As a MUA I’ve got an arsenal of ways to fix makeup mistakes, so please, what are some of your most common makeup mishaps that you need help with?

Contour Palette

The Powder Single

Lipstick & Sarcasm Outfit Of the Day



Blazer: Torrid, Size 2 | Tee: Torrid– Love the rounded hem! Size 2 | Jeans, Melissa McCarthy Rented from Gwynnie Bee Size 22 | Boots: Simply Be, no longer available (similar) | Bag Washed Up Billy Hobo, Marc Jacobs | Lipstick: Taraji P Henson Viva Glam | Suglasses : Gold Cateye, Amazon

I’m pretty sure yellow is going to be the IT color of the season, and I for one am down for it.


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Gossamer Wings Makeup Tutorial

Allow me to confess something: I’m an absolute sucker for anything iridescent, sheer and gauzy. I love the play of light and fire combined with translucency. Some of my favorite stones are Opals, Rainbow Moonstones, and Labradorite. One of my favorite things about the Kat Von D Alchemist palette is the many different ways I can use it to achieve these effects: a sweep of color is like a veil of iridescence;  Buff it on, it packs a punch. I also happen to love a great neutral palette from a Indie brand that just “gets me”. Today I’m sharing with you a great cool-neutral look with the Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Supernatural Palette, then layering colors from the Alchemist Palette over to create a look that, combined with the winged liner, reminds me of gossamer fairy wings. If you’d like to recreate this look, below the pretty pictures is a full list of products for the eyes and lips so you can use what I used or find dupes, and if you recreate any of my looks, please share with my on instagram with #vintageortacky and/or tag me!


Makeup Tutorial Supplies

MAC Paint Pot, Painterly

Lunatick Cosmetics Labs, Supernatural Palette

Smith Cosmetics 256

Smith Cosmetics 247

London Brush Company Classic 7

Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

Wayne Goss Brush 6

Liquid Pen Liner (I can’t remember)

NYX Faux Black Liner, Midnight

Urban Decay Angled Lip Brush (for lower lashline shadow)

Lashes In A Box, Lash 16

Duo Brush-On Adhesive

NYX Wonder Pencil Light

d.j.v. Fiberwig Mascara

Wayne Goss, Fan Brush 

Urban Decay Turn On Lipliner (looks to be discontinued!)

Urban Decay Disobedient Lipstick

Complexion Products

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (mixing .5 & 1.0)

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder, Fair 


Beauty and the Beast Belle Makeup & Hair Tutorial

You’re in for a real treat today! Tucked into an outwardly simple character makeup, I’ve packed in tips and tricks for everything from reshaping your lips, to why I love a sheer foundation that’s 80% water. When I set out to create  look for the Beauty and the Beast collection fashion video I shared last week, I knew the makeup had to do the character justice. I am so happy with how this came out, and as a bonus, I’ve kept a lot of detail to share those secret tips & tricks that are usually cut  for time. I’ve also included information about the brushes I use for each step. Please let me know how you like this format by commenting below and sharing this video however you prefer. Thanks so much!


Makeup Supplies

Be sure to check out the companion video!

NYX COSMETICS Faux Black & Faux White Eyeliner Review!

NYX Cosmetics Faux Black Faux White Collection

HOLY CATS! I haven’t seen any information about these anywhere so I’m super excited to share my haul, review and mini tutorial of the new at the drugstore NYX Faux Black and Faux White eyeliner collections! I picked these up last week at Ulta, and I’ve spent a few days playing around with them and I can now say I ADORE THEM! At $8 dollars a pop these are a great deal. The deeper colors are elegant and easy to wear but are definitely not boring, while the pastels are a great alternative to white in your inner rim or to give your inner corner a little boost.  Most exciting- There’s both a RED and a BROWN-BURGUNDY!!! *jumping up and down with excitement* These types of colors are common from expensive luxury and artistry driven brands, so it’s encouraging to see this launch available from an affordable brand! A few of the pastel colors have Colourpop dupes, but the CP liners dried up on me really fast, and I tend to prefer a liner I can sharpen. In addition to swatched of these liners, I decided to also try layering the Kat Von D Alchemist powders over top just for fun! Wow- awesome combo! Bust out those Ulta point, use a coupon and check out these liners!


NYX faux Black Liner swatch ^ Faux Black collection, one swipe^

NYX Faux Black Faux White Liner Swatch^two swipes^

Faux Black & Faux White: Onyx, White Smoke, Obsidian, Seashell, Burnt Sienna, Baby Powder, Black Berry, Black Olive, Linen, Oxblood, Mint Cream & Black Hole
NYX faux Black swatches review ^Faux Black Collection one swipe & zigzags^

L-R: Onyx, Obsidian, Burnt Sienna,Black Berry, Black Olive, Oxblood, and Black Hole

^Faux White Collection, two swipes^

NYX faux white swatches and review^Faux White Collection, one swipe & zigzags^

L-R: White Smoke, Seashell, Baby Powder, Linen, Mint Cream^

Kat Von D Alchemist Palette Layered over various liners:

So what do you think? Are you excited about these liners? What color are you the most interested in? Join the discussion below!


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