Torrid Sailor Moon Collection is Everything I Dreamed it Would Be!

MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP! When I heard that Torrid was doing a Sailor Moon collection, I’m pretty sure I blacked out. I’ve been waiting more than 20 years for this, and now it was really happening. I was 11 when my friend Rachel tried getting me interested in Anime, and Sailor Moon was my gateway drug. It came on at 8:30am, so I’d record the episodes on VHS and then watch them twice when I got home from school. I collected every sticker, action figure- anything I could get my hands on. I had one sailor moon tee which I quickly outgrew when puberty kicked in, though I still wore it all cracked and faded for years. I have a few T-Shirts that Torrid ahd done over the years, and now Torrid has launched it’s Sailor Moon collection and it’s even better than I imagined.

Tank, Leggings Jacket & Shoes unavailable.

The Tank Top fits AMAZING! I have mine in a 2 and it fits lovely! Had to rock these leggings with lace-up flats. I just need some white lace socks! These fit amazing in my normal size 3 bottoms. I love the navy color with the pale pink tank.

🎵Fighting Evil By Moonlight 🎵

The details of the mesh are utter perfection. Bows, Hearts, Ribbons and moons! I’ve always loved how feminine the Sailor Moon universe was. She didn’t have to be a anything other than a girl to take down the Negaforce! The Tank is a bit sheer which I think looks great with my pink bra!

this Kimono is still available in several sizes as is this Sailor Scout Skater Dress!

This collection is selling out FAST so if you want it, you gotta ‘book it’.



DIsclaimer: The clothing in this post was sent to me by Torrid PR; All opinions expressed are my own.

Witchy Maxi Dresses & Spooky Pinup Style | Plus Size Fashion

If you love spooky fashion raise your hand! Both hands if you love wearing it year round. So now that we have our hands in the ay-yer and wave ’em like we just don’t kay-eerrr! Let me hear you say Oh Yay errr! Is it unexpected to reference Outkast in a spooky gothic lookbook post? good. We do weird around here, which is why today’s plus size fashion lookbook explores my love for spooky fashion with styles ranging from Boho Goth to Pinup. Many of my instagram and youtube friends have let me know that they love my darker vibe lately, to which I must say dude me too! I held my self back from dressing like this for years due to a lack of great options and a feeling that I had to be more mainstream to be successful. But it’s the things that make us unique that make us interesting, and now that i have the option I feel I am coming into my own as a fashion lover and as a person. I really enjoy a witchy/boho goth vibe as well as cute spooky pinup vintage style, and I have some pieces from some of my favorite indie designers, Pinup Girl Clothing and Atomic Starlet.


I don’t know about you but one of my style icons is Stevie Nicks. When I found this City Chic Fleetwood Maxi Dress I lost mah shit! Once I composed myself, I then bought it immediately. It’s so flattering and beautiful I can’t even believe it’s real. Wore this baby to StyleCON OC and I was cool, comfortable and fabulous.

Hat | Dress| Boots

For the longest time I’ve been searching for a simple, flattering Maxi Slip Dress. The perfect foundation piece for layering. I love maxi dresses and finding plus size maxi dresses with full fluttery skirts can be a bit of a challenge so I really hope this one I found from City Chic are helpful if  you too are looking for that!

Necklace | Belt Dress |

My Love for the Pinup Girl CLothing Riply top continues! After years of searching for a button up that is figure flattering and doesn’t gap at the bust I’m in love. This also has a longer front piece that you can tie off in the front but I’m wearing it tucked in to hide that. The Skirt I’m wearing is a truly DIVINE piece from fellow YouTuber AVintageVanity‘s Atomic Starlet clothing line. I honestly can’t say what is my favorite feature: The pockets, the print, the leatherette panels, or the eyelet lace. It’s a gothic western fantasy.

Top | Skirt | Boots

Speaking of Pinup Girl Clothing- I’m super obsessed with their peasant tops! I have a few, but my favorite is the monster print! I paired that with one of their pencil skirts, and this outfit is just so completely adorable!

Monster Print TopStripe Skirt








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The Breakfast Club Makeup Cosplay Tutorial Molly Ringwald & Ally Sheedy

Hello Makeup Lovers! Today I’m excited to share a makeup tutorial double feature: Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish and Ally Sheedy as Allison Reynold makeup looks from the Breakfast Club. Someone suggested I do this as a role reversal to the movie, so today I start out with Claire’s Princess makeup then modify and build on it to get to the Allison Basketcase look. Be sure to check out previous video to see costumes for all 5 characters!



Molly ringwald claire standish the breakfast club princess

Claire’s Makeup

Too Faced Born This way Concealer –  Fair

NYX Stay Matte Not Flat Foundation Powder – Ivory

NYX Micro Brow – Auburn

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow – Birkin & Fresh

Make Up For Ever Liner XL – D62

Clinique Flutter to Full Mascara

Makeup Geek Blush – Bliss

Pixi Lip Balm – Natural Rose

Tarte Lipgloss – Exquisite



Allison’s Makeup

Same base as Claire’s Makeup

Extra powder to wash out blush

Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Pencil Liner

Check out the Original Video!

The Breakfast Club Cosplay Lookbook

The Breakfast Club Cosplay Lookbook

I’m so excited to share this “THE BREAKFAST CLUB” Cosplay Lookbook with you today! This  started out as a way for me to live out my Molly Ringwald fantasy, and became a special tribute to my Mom, who loved this movie. It was a sentimental favorite for us, and it makes me tickled pink to be able to upload this on her birthday. Thank you for commenting and sharing, and if you’d like to see more, subscribe to my blog!

Claire Standish “The Princess”

The Breakfast Club Claire Standish "The Princess" The Breakfast Club Claire Standish "the Princess" The Breakfast Club Claire Standish "the Princess"

I’ve wanted Claire’s outfit for as long as I can remember, and while I’m still on the hunt for that iconic pink linen deep v-neck, this cosplay is close enough to make my Molly Ringwald Dreams come true. The wig is an Arda Wigs Claudia in “Dark Copper” reused from my Steampunk tutorial from a few years back. I gave it a haircut and was so excited with how it turned out. The Pink Raglan top is from amazon, I pinned the sides up to give the rolled sleeve look. The skirt is Pinup Girl Clothing, Burgundy Midi, and I used two belts from my collection to get her layered belt look. The boots are Torrid– my favorite place for wide width boots. This look wouldn’t be complete without some diamond earrings, I got this faux set from Nordstrom, as well as this great bag 

John Bender “The Criminal”The Breakfast Club John Bender "The criminal" The Breakfast Club John Bender "The criminal" The Breakfast Club John Bender "The criminal"

What I love so much about this entire cosplay is how easy it is to use things you already have, or will possibly use again. The main elements here are a Red Flannel, White Thermal or Tee, Gray pants, combat boots, with Red Bandana. You can rock one of Claire’s Diamond earrings, or his ear cuff, or both, go nuts man. I tea-stained the red bandana to make it look less crisp and new, and you could also add his gray coat if you’re fancy or it’s cold. He was really quite dashing for a thug. -Side note, rewatching this as an adult, I was struck by the character’s vulnerability and how evil the principal really was. Man I love this movie.

Allison Reynolds “The Basketcase”The Breakfast Club Allison Reynolds The Basket Case The Breakfast Club Allison Reynolds The Basket Case The Breakfast Club Allison Reynolds The Basket Case

This is all pretty much my own clothes, I only had to buy the skirt and the bag. I was a total outcast in high school so I’ve always identified with Allison. The big to-do for this one was finding an appropriate wig, it needs to be a shaggy short cut, and I needed to be able to heat style it. That’s what I love arda wigs- those things can really take heat- just use a lower setting. I used Vegas in Spanish Brown, which is pin-straight and had a long piece for inventive cosplay. I cut off the long bit and texturized the hair by first curling and pinning in place and then using an iron the uncurl it leaving ti textured. The rest is pretty simple, a Black V Neck Sweater, Gray Tee, Black Scarf-printed is better but I only had solid, a Gray printed skirt, gray or black leggings, white socks, black sneaks and a big gray bag to stash all your shit in case you need to “book it”. Don’t forget the tampons. For extra points dump it out at parties.

Andrew Clark “The Athlete”The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club The Athlete Andrew Clark

The Breakfast Club Andrew Clark The Athlete

The Breakfast Club Andrew Clark The Athlete

What really excites me about this cosplay, is that I was able to include a Gwynnie Bee rental. I’m not the biggest fan of light-colored denim, so when these came in a recent Gb box I knew it was fate. For both this and the thief I did some “masculinization” makeup, but you could also do a gender swap- clearly I couldn’t hide dem boobs. The rest of this is pretty straight forward, Andy has the most “layers” of all the characters, so if you wanted to ditch one or two you’ll still be serving 80’s jock realness. I went with a white Tee, Blue Sweatshirt, Varsity Jacket, Light Jeans, White Sneaks. To really complete this look you could add the blue tank, patches on the varsity jacket, and a huge lunch in a paper bag.

Brian Johnson “The Brain”

The Brain The Breakfast Club Brian Johnson

The Breakfast Club The Brain Brian Johnson

The Breakfast Club The Brain Brian Johnson

I went for some light gender swapping on this one- I nearly went for a skirt and a nicer green sweater but it lost it’s novelty IMHO. I already had this blonde bob with from guess where? Yup Arda Wigs, though it appears unavailable at this time. I’m not sponsored by them, (I wish) I just love their selection and quality and the ability to heat style. This one is incredibly simple, it’s just  Sweatshirt, Sunglasses, Khaki Pants, and My Husband’s blue Sneakers. To really complete this look you’d want to add a big digital watch but I plum forgot. Even better carry around a copy of the iconic letter.

Thank you so much for stopping by- let me know if you ever do a Breakfast Club cosplay, I’d love to see what you come up with. Let me know if you’d be interested in a Double Feature makeup tutorial for Claire/Allison and i’ll make it happen. Be Vintage or Tacky, but don’t you forget about me!


Minnie Mouse DIY Halloween Costume & Makeup Tutorial

Hello Guys & Dolls! Today I’m sharing with you another DIY Halloween Costume and makeup tutorial. Today’s look is Minnie Mouse! Below I have a link to the DIY video I did showing how to make the gloves and bow ^_^

Please enjoy this tutorial, rate, comment & share, make good choices, and just be yourself!

DIY Gloves & Bow

Minnie Mouse face 1-001


Minnie mouse 2

minnie mouse





  • MAC Prep & Prime SPF 50 -discontinued from the MAC site, but Nordstrom still has it:(
  • MAC Studio Fix Power NW15 nordstrom
  • Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer sephora
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild Pearlescent Pink Blush


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