Smashbox Insta-Matte Review & Demo

SmashBox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer¬†promises to instantly transform your cream lipsticks into a plush, balmy matte. The question is, does it work…and can we dupe the effect with another product? Watch my video to find out.

While the effect can be duped by using a clear dimethicone-based primer, I still prefer Insta-Matte because it’s a bit thicker, and the texture is better, plus I know it’s lipsafe. With that being said, you can certainly grab a primer of the right texture and try it out! I also want to mention I did some additional experimenting with this. I tried it as a lipstick primer and it was a bust- the lipstick sort of slide over it but didn’t go on. I then tried it over some already-matte lipsticks I have that have hard, dry textures (read: Melt Cosmetics). The smoothing balmy feel of this made the lipstick look more velvety, and my lips much more comfortable. I’m really happy I picked this up, thank you for suggesting this!



Frozen Elsa Inspired Blue & Purple Makeup

Hey Guys & Dolls! The other day I sat down to experiment with some new makeup goodies and after all was said and done I realized I’d come up with the perfect Elsa inspired look. I ADORE Frozen and Disney in general and some of the eye shadows I used even have Disney-sounding names like Shark Bait (oh-ah-ah) from Finding Nemo and Glass Slippers from Cinderella. Even though this wasn’t preplanned as an official Disney Princess tutorial, it’s SO PERF for Elsa I’m adding this to my Disney Princess Playlist. There’s a link to the playlist below if you’d like to check it out.

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OCC Dune Generation ~Live Swatch Review~

Hey Guys & Dolls!

occ-stainedgloss-01occ stained glosses promo
Today I’m doing a Live-Swatch Review of the new OCC Dune Generation Stained Gloss. Unlike the brand’s iconic Lip Tar these are meant to be applied more generously, to give you a casual glossy look. If you’re unfamiliar with Lip Tar or just want to tips and tricks for how to best use them, check out my video linked below!

OCC Dune Generation Stained Gloss


1930’s Tutorial

OCC Dune Generation Stained Gloss

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1930’s Old Hollywood Glamour Makeup

Video thumb 1930's Old Hollywood Makeup tutorial


Today I’m so excited to share with you a historically accurate 1930’s Makeup Tutorial! I am truly obsessed with Vintage Beauty & Style, so when Sharon Farrell asked me to be part of this “Beauty Through The Ages” collaboration I jumped at the chance! When I was assigned the 1930’s I was even more thrilled- there are TONS of 1920’s & 1940’s tutorials out there but very few for the 30’s!! This was a chance to show how this decade changed everything for cosmetics and how the¬†cosmetics and luxury industries experienced exponential growth¬†at a time many had a hard time affording their daily bread. Please enjoy the video Below & check out the rest in this amazing series!


To me the 30’s were¬†a most fascinating decade- extreme widespread poverty mixed with the the excess of Hollywood’s Golden Age, political problems here and worldwide. My Grandmother grew up in Hollywood in the 1930’s and she always told me about how while the family was well-off, and¬†Great Grandmother would feed the neighbor’s kids, there was stigma about being German. My Great Grandfather dropped the “Von” of Von Reinert loosing status but in an effort to appear more Americanized. My Grandmother’s family home is now a historical landmark in Hollywood- Cool stuff right?

My Grammy has told me the stories of colored cosmetics such as green eyeshadow and I always though she was telling tall tales (I tried to shock her with black polish in the 90’s- she was like “Been there and done that kiddo”). When I was researching for this look I was fascinated to find the amount of options available in the 1930’s, and the rules to go along with them! It’s from this decade we get a lot of our ideas about color theory¬†and harmony with makeup.



Old Hollywood Glamour makeup 9849

1930's Old Hollywood Green eye makeup Square eye

old hollywood histoically accurate makeup 9994

Here;s a

old hollywood makeupOld Hollywood historically accurate 9993



  • Vanity Mark Brow Pencil- Auburnista
  • MAC Pro Concealer Palette-¬†Light
  • MAC Eyeshadow- Orb
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow- Shimmermint & Dirty Olive
  • Ben Nye Cake Liner- Black
  • Inglot AMC Gel Liner- 77 Black
  • Daiso Lashes- 8
  • Red Cherry Lashes- 501
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner-¬†Whiskey¬†
  • NYX Wonder Pencil- Light
  • Mac Eye Brows- Lingering (for undereye beauty mark)
  • MAC Prep & Prime- Face Protect SPF 50 (This is discontinued but still available at Nordstrom)
  • MAC Studio Fix Powder- NW15
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush- Natural Beauty
  • MAC Prep & Prime- Lip (hands-down the best lip primer ever!)
  • OCC Lip Tar- Anita
  • MAC Lipmix- Crimson



  • MAC Luxury Powder Puffs- 2 Pack (Best velvety-texture puffs I’ve found, and wish care/regular washing they last a long time) Logo  Tagline

Emerald Noir Eyes With Peach or Purple Lips

*Affiliate Links*Green with two lips thumb2

Hey Guys & Doll!

Do you ever go to town with your eye makeup and then can’t decide where to go with lips? ¬†Are you the type who ¬†finds comfort in rules and have “Smoky eyes + Nude Lips 4Eva!” etched on your makeup-heart? Or are you the Queen of Bold and think that makeup rules are for sissies and meant to be broken? I’m about 6 of one and half a dozen of the other ūüėõ So I wanted to share a look with alternative lippie options to satisfy both my need for speed and my desire to create harmony. Let me know which look your prefer in the comment section below ^_^

My fave is probably the peachier lips, but I’ve been on a nude-ish kick lately. I think the Purple Lips bring out the intensity of the green more, which is also so gorgeous!

peach bright



Purple Bright

I want to take the time to share with you a new playlist I made of my favorite Green-themed tutorials I’ve done over the years. It’s neat to walk down memory lane and see my progression as an artist, and it even includes my very first YouTube tutorial at the end of playlist!

I’ve made is easier for you to find the products I use in a video! Below you’ll find not only the product list, but also a link to each item. These are Affiliate links so I earn a small commission if you decided to purchase the items- I just want to be upfront about that!

List of Products With Shopping Links




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