MAC X JEREMY SCOTT Makeup Collection Tutorial & Review

Today’s Makeup tutorial & review is all about the new Mac X Jeremy Scott Collection. The theme of the collection is deliciously 90’s analog! “Good Bad Taste” abounds with packaging and product names inspired by Cassettes, Video Tapes, Boom Boxes and CD’s. I bought the Lo-Fi Eyeshadow x 29 palette, which has 29 rainbow hued eyeshadows. I love the palette, and the ONLY color that gave me any trouble was the bright purple in the lower right corner, “Club New Wave Mix”. This type of matte blue-toned purple is hard to create, I can’t say I have a dupe that performs better. It’s sheer at first, but it does build up beautifully as you’ll see in the video. My swatches were done with my normal method of UDPP and a Smith 256 Brush. The only call out would be that the pans are indeed small, but I mean, it’s 29 MAC shadows for $75 so I don’t feel that it’s a bad deal! I love the palette for it’s creativity, color and texture selection. Did I mention that most of the shadows are Matte? I’m also really happy this isn’t another Warm Smoky Eye palette. The neutrals here lean on the cool side.This is a hella useful palette and I love it!  I would recommend this to a friend seeking bright shadows in a rainbow hues with a few neutrals thrown in.

Jeremy Scott Palette is available at  and




10 Shag Haircuts to Bring to Your Stylist in 2018

1970’s Style Heavy Shag with Fringe (Last Daze of Disco)

Cool-Girl Short Bangs (citiesbesthairartists)

Extra Long with heavy Fringe and Texture (thebeautydepartment)

Alexa Chung’s Iconic Shag

Rocker Long-Bob shag or “Swag” (weird name, great cut)

great way to get a face-framing look without bangs

a shag is a great wat to show off color (Source)Love the edgy texture (source)

For when you can’t decide between a pixie and a shag (source)


And then finally we get to my new haircut. Click on the image to view it larger. I have fine, thin hair so I wanted something to give me a big of a volume boost. The bottom row are some quick cellphone selfies after it rained on be immediately after getting it cut & styled. The top row is the following day with a bit of hair powder from Evo, Dry Shampoo, and a quick pass with a curling iron. So much movement and volume now!


XOXO – Cora♥

Oblina AAAHH! Real Monsters Makeup & DIY Makeup

Oblina is without a doubt my favorite character for the 90’s nicktoon aaahh!!! Real Monsters! Today I’m showing you how to create a easy DIY costume for Oblina, as well as a Beauty makeup to go with. This would be a great Kid’s halloween costume, an office-friendly last minute halloween costume, or a fun project to do with your friends and get nostalgic about 90s nicktoons. Nickelodeon was just coming into it’s own in the 90’s and they had some amazingly weird cartoons, which are great for kids halloween. To go with the costume, I’ve also creates a fun makeup tutorial to go with for when you’re not holding up the lips. I hope y9ou enjoy this fun DIY and if you recreate this, or any of my halloween costumes, please tag your looks with #vothalloween or #votsquad on instagram.

aaahh!!! Real monsters oblina

The Props

X-acto Knife
Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint (My fave is Cermacoat)
Wooden Dowel Rods
Hot Glue Gun


Under Brow Highlight – Pixi By Petra Concealer “Cream”

Lid Primer – Smashbox “Light”

Eyeshadows – Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows Epic, Limelight

Matte Shadows – Makeup Geek Dirty Martini & Lemon Drop
Liquid Liner – Makeup Artilier Paris

Moisturizer/Primer – Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate

Foundation – Make Up For Ever HD Stick #230

White Liner – Graftobian

Charteuse Liner – Urban Decay Post-Punk

Black Liner – MUFE D-12

Lashes – Ardell 102

Powder NYX HD

Contour – Makeup Geek Breakup

Blush – Makeup Geek Cherish

Lips – Makeup Geek Flamenco

WetnWild Midnight Mermaid Review & Tutorial

When I sat down to do my Wet’n’wild Midnight Mermaid collection review I was really drawn to the Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows. I love the idea of just swiping on glitter without the mess of multiple products. It seems like the kind of thing you could even throw in your makeup bag to take you from day to night. I was determined to try these just about every way I thought people might use them, so I used them on my eyes, brows and my lips. I did smile and rub tests to see if the lipsticks would kiss off, and rub tests to see if the eye glitter would rub off. I’m pretty sure I tested the wetnwild mermaid collection every which way- and I want to make it clear that I know these are not intended for the lips, so I don’t hold it against them that they don’t wear well there- it was super pretty while it lasted though!  I hope this helps you decide what you’d like from this collection before you buy, or perhaps explains some issues you have, if any.

the Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows on the lips- so much fun!

I felt like a goth mermaid Brigitte Bardot!

glitter and dots

Siren’s Jewel Liquid Catsuit lipstick is simply gorgeous!



BEST LUXURY LIPSTICK! Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick Review


Pat Mcgrath Mattetrance lipstick the luxury makeup I’ve been searching for! I bought three lipsticks to review for you guys, one from each of the trios. The Trios were $95, while singles are $38, so buying these individually was $114, however these were the colors I felt the most drawn too. There are 4g with is larger than the average lipstick size of 3g. The texture of these lipsticks are lovely- silky and smooth and matte and velvety. The don’t “set” really dry, so to get a longer wear you’ll want to use a lip primer but that’s true of all traditional lipstick. I have lips with poorly defined lip borders, and I have a lip scar, so in order to have a crips perfect look I typically need to use lipliner. For this review I opted to just use the lipstick and a lip brush, and it worked out pretty well. McMenamy was a little bit fussy, but that type of color always is for me, and once I applied it carefully I was so impressed! I’ve worn one of these everyday since I filmed this review, and I’ve continued to be impressed by the color impact, the shades themselves, how they make my teeth look whiter, and how fancy I feel toting them around. The packaging is elegant and whimsical, and I feel like a boss when I reapply.

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