Top 10 MAC Lipstick Faves

Hello Babettes! I’ve been asked to share my Top 10 Mac Lipsticks and today I’m sharing my list along with a review, and both lip and arm swatches of every color! Let me know what other Top-10 or Top-5 videos you’d like to see!

My Top 10

Girl About Town
Lady Danger
Dorothy Shoes
Pink Nouveau
Viva Glam V
Viva Glam IV

Vlogmas Day 2 FAUX FRECKLE & OMBRE LIPS Makeup Tutorial

Hello Babettes! For Vlogmas Day 2 I bring you an amazing Faux Freckle how-to, mashed up in a full face makeup tutorial! I wouldn’t say I’m a faux-freckle expert, but I do have a few tip and tricks if you’d like to give it a go! Read More “Vlogmas Day 2 FAUX FRECKLE & OMBRE LIPS Makeup Tutorial”

The Breakfast Club Cosplay Lookbook

I’m so excited to share this “THE BREAKFAST CLUB” Cosplay Lookbook with you today! This  started out as a way for me to live out my Molly Ringwald fantasy, and became a special tribute to my Mom, who loved this movie. It was a sentimental favorite for us, and it makes me tickled pink to be able to upload this on her birthday. Thank you for commenting and sharing, and if you’d like to see more, subscribe to my blog!

Claire Standish “The Princess”

The Breakfast Club Claire Standish "The Princess" The Breakfast Club Claire Standish "the Princess" The Breakfast Club Claire Standish "the Princess"

I’ve wanted Claire’s outfit for as long as I can remember, and while I’m still on the hunt for that iconic pink linen deep v-neck, this cosplay is close enough to make my Molly Ringwald Dreams come true. The wig is an Arda Wigs Claudia in “Dark Copper” reused from my Steampunk tutorial from a few years back. I gave it a haircut and was so excited with how it turned out. The Pink Raglan top is from amazon, I pinned the sides up to give the rolled sleeve look. The skirt is Pinup Girl Clothing, Burgundy Midi, and I used two belts from my collection to get her layered belt look. The boots are Torrid– my favorite place for wide width boots. This look wouldn’t be complete without some diamond earrings, I got this faux set from Nordstrom, as well as this great bag 

John Bender “The Criminal”The Breakfast Club John Bender "The criminal" The Breakfast Club John Bender "The criminal" The Breakfast Club John Bender "The criminal"

What I love so much about this entire cosplay is how easy it is to use things you already have, or will possibly use again. The main elements here are a Red Flannel, White Thermal or Tee, Gray pants, combat boots, with Red Bandana. You can rock one of Claire’s Diamond earrings, or his ear cuff, or both, go nuts man. I tea-stained the red bandana to make it look less crisp and new, and you could also add his gray coat if you’re fancy or it’s cold. He was really quite dashing for a thug. -Side note, rewatching this as an adult, I was struck by the character’s vulnerability and how evil the principal really was. Man I love this movie.

Allison Reynolds “The Basketcase”The Breakfast Club Allison Reynolds The Basket Case The Breakfast Club Allison Reynolds The Basket Case The Breakfast Club Allison Reynolds The Basket Case

This is all pretty much my own clothes, I only had to buy the skirt and the bag. I was a total outcast in high school so I’ve always identified with Allison. The big to-do for this one was finding an appropriate wig, it needs to be a shaggy short cut, and I needed to be able to heat style it. That’s what I love arda wigs- those things can really take heat- just use a lower setting. I used Vegas in Spanish Brown, which is pin-straight and had a long piece for inventive cosplay. I cut off the long bit and texturized the hair by first curling and pinning in place and then using an iron the uncurl it leaving ti textured. The rest is pretty simple, a Black V Neck Sweater, Gray Tee, Black Scarf-printed is better but I only had solid, a Gray printed skirt, gray or black leggings, white socks, black sneaks and a big gray bag to stash all your shit in case you need to “book it”. Don’t forget the tampons. For extra points dump it out at parties.

Andrew Clark “The Athlete”The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club The Athlete Andrew Clark

The Breakfast Club Andrew Clark The Athlete

The Breakfast Club Andrew Clark The Athlete

What really excites me about this cosplay, is that I was able to include a Gwynnie Bee rental. I’m not the biggest fan of light-colored denim, so when these came in a recent Gb box I knew it was fate. For both this and the thief I did some “masculinization” makeup, but you could also do a gender swap- clearly I couldn’t hide dem boobs. The rest of this is pretty straight forward, Andy has the most “layers” of all the characters, so if you wanted to ditch one or two you’ll still be serving 80’s jock realness. I went with a white Tee, Blue Sweatshirt, Varsity Jacket, Light Jeans, White Sneaks. To really complete this look you could add the blue tank, patches on the varsity jacket, and a huge lunch in a paper bag.

Brian Johnson “The Brain”

The Brain The Breakfast Club Brian Johnson

The Breakfast Club The Brain Brian Johnson

The Breakfast Club The Brain Brian Johnson

I went for some light gender swapping on this one- I nearly went for a skirt and a nicer green sweater but it lost it’s novelty IMHO. I already had this blonde bob with from guess where? Yup Arda Wigs, though it appears unavailable at this time. I’m not sponsored by them, (I wish) I just love their selection and quality and the ability to heat style. This one is incredibly simple, it’s just  Sweatshirt, Sunglasses, Khaki Pants, and My Husband’s blue Sneakers. To really complete this look you’d want to add a big digital watch but I plum forgot. Even better carry around a copy of the iconic letter.

Thank you so much for stopping by- let me know if you ever do a Breakfast Club cosplay, I’d love to see what you come up with. Let me know if you’d be interested in a Double Feature makeup tutorial for Claire/Allison and i’ll make it happen. Be Vintage or Tacky, but don’t you forget about me!



Welcome to my first Halloween Tutorial of 2016! Today I bring you a fun Steampunk themed costume and makeup tutorial inspired by Victorian Dressmakers. Elements of this video would work for so many original costumes, so I can’t wait to see your interpretations of this theme!















MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow – Fresh, Stone & Deep Plum
Urban Decay Lookout Eyeshadow
Tartiest Liner
Bdellium 762 Brush
Urban Decay Perversion Pencil Liner
Natasha Denona Maroon Eyeshadow

Sugarpill Butter Cupcake Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
MAC Prep & Prime Lip
OCC RTW Black Metal Dahlia Lip Tar
Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Palette 

OCC RTW Black Dahlia Lip Tar


It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Pores Primer
Urban Decay Naked Concealer
Urban Decay Naked Peach Color Corrector
Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
RCMA No Color Powder
Graftobian Powder Foundation Cool Palette
Hourglass Palette Blush


Black Snaps – Craft Store
Black Crystal – Craft Store

Brow Cover

Elmer’s Glue Stick,
MAC Lasting Sensation Lip Liner
MUFE Full Cover Concealer #4


Arda Wigs Nicki in Plum

Black Off the Shoulder Top

Brown Leather Corset
Hoop Skirt 1 
Hoop Skirt 2 

old boots & swim bottoms

Disclaimer- links used are affiliate links.


Hey everybody it’s Mikey! A message to all the gross dudes out there: You’re walking around smelling like a zombie dude. WASH YOUR SHIT!  I hope you like my men’s skincare video as much as I enjoyed filming it for you! Please share this video with your friends with beards!

Beard Care

Face Cleanser –
Beard Wash –
Close Shave Oil –
Pre Shave Guard –
Shave Cream –
Tattoo Care kit –
Post Shave Balm –
Razor Burn Relief –
Daily Defense –
Proactive+ spf 15 –
Mustache wax Bay Rum –
Mustache Wax unscented –
Beard Balm –
Beard Oil –
Radiance pads –

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