Smoky Patina

Hey guys! Here’s the pictures from my latest tutorial. Ever since I got Forest Green Pigment last year, I’ve had the hardest time working with it. It’s really dark, and blends out A LOT so, it can be difficult and messy. Old Gold is one of the most unique pigment I’ve come across. It’s bronzy-green -gold. It flashes and Orange-Bronze and a Neon-Chartreuse. I’ve paired this one with oranges with good results, but I like this combo best so far ^_^

Products used:

Mac Prep and Prime Spf 50
Mac Fast Response Eye Cream
Everyday Minerals Foundation (a mix of Soft Butter Peach and Fair-Neutral.)
Nyx Blush in Mocha
Mac Studio Lights in Ideal Pink (for the under eye)

MAC: Pharaoh Paint Pot
MAC: Painterly Paint Pot
MAC: Old Gold Pigment
MAC: Forest Green Pigment
MAC: Mac Blanc Type Eyeshadow( Highlight)
Ben Nye: Aztec Gold Eyeshadow (inner corner)
MAC: Dip Down Fluidline
MAC: Graphblack Technakohl
Blinc: Kiss Me Mascara

MAC: Viva Glam Lipstick IV
Ben Nye: Aztec Gold (for extra credit)


First Post: "Red She Said" Event

Hi everyone!

I’m starting this blog so I can create a space to do more, say more, show more. I will be posting fairly often, and will be including additional pictures from tutorials, pictures of upcoming tutorials, and “FOTD”
or as I say, “eyeshadow outfit”. I will also use this space to write about various other tid bits I pick up, and information I think is interesting. So, with out further adieu:

This Sunday I went to the “Red She Said” event, at the MAC store in Berkeley CA. I had a BLAST that day with my Mom! It was packed like sardines, but that was ok, I guess, I expected about as much. There were HOT cater waiters (that phrase ALWAYS reminds me of the SATC where they go to the purse party ^_^). I wore MAC black, a pretty blouse and a pencil skirt with a pleated hem (I love this outfit) and 4 people thought I worked there, which was entertaining. (plus I was helping my mom…two people also thought my mom and I worked at the Avenue earlier that day….whatever).

The new collection didn’t really do anything for me which was a real bummer. I was totally looking forward to Danger Zone eyeshadow, but you just get the teeniest sliver of the red, and that’s what I was mostly interested in. The other thing I was interested to check out was Stark Naked Blush, which also dissappointed my, as I showed up as mostly glitter. So, I moved on the Palettes, hoping to find one I couldn’t live with out. Didn’t happen. They’re all right, but they’re really not my thing. Too bad too, cause they’re such a good value. I may pick up the cool eyes one. It WAS really pretty. hm, time will tell.

I wasn’t the only one not feeling the new collection, MANY MANY women were checking out everything from blushes, to eyeshadow, to the displays from other current collections. all the sales people were really helpful, I always get such great service at the MAC store in Berkeley, whereas in town @ my counter (2 min from my house^_^) they always seem a touch stuck up, and SO busy.

I ended up just getting some regular eyeshadow from the permanent collection. I’ve included some picture to show ya, and these will definetley be making their way into future tutorials ^_^

Much <3

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