The 120 Palette: all eyeshadows swatched!

I’m not really sure if this need an introduction, as the title pretty much says all you need to know. I swatched all of these dry, over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk. I hope you enjoy. If you’ve had trouble commenting in the past, try it again, i changed the template, and hopefully that fixed the problem.

You can Buy NYX @ And/Or

The 120 palette can be purchase on ebay just search for “120 eyeshadow palette”.

A two for one! Mac Chill Collection Promo Look/ Sailor Moon series- Artemis

So, here’s the third video in the Sailor Moon Series. I decided a few weeks ago to do all the Cats as well as the 5 inner scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and Rini. Diana and Luna have good color palettes to choose from, but Artemis, is white. White suit, white hair…white. Which makes for a weird and boring tutorial! So, I decided to do a fun extreme Cat-Eye. Then I was reminded to this look for the MAC Chill Collection. it’s an extreme cat eye if i ever saw one! So I decided to marry the two and make a video for both. That’s right, ya’ll are getting a two-fer, lol! I also listed possible dupes where applicable.

List of Products:


Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance (primer of choice)
MAC “Painterly” Paint Pot (primer of choice)
Mac “Blanc Type” E/S(any beige-matte eyeshadow)
Ben Nye “Black” Cake Liner
Medusa’s Makeup Eyeliner Seal(water, mixing medium)


MAC “Emote” Blush (contour of choice)
MAC Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Angel Lipsick
Oyster Girl Lipglass


Sailor Mars


Here’s the look I did for my Sailor Moon series, Sailor Mars. Her power is Fire. I based this look mostly on her suit, which is Red and Purple. It was also the perfect excuse to throw in some gold, and do a holiday look. I hope you enjoy, and leave me feed back <3

Products used:
Mac-Emote Blush
NYX-Mocha Blush

Too Faced- Eyeshadow Insurance
Mac- Painterly Paint Pot
MUFE- #92 Eyeshadow
Red on bottom row, 3 from the left,From 88 eyeshadow palette
MAC-Melon Pigment
MAC- Blanc Type
MAC- Gold Dusk
Ben Nye- Black Cake Liner
Medusa’s Makeup eyeliner seal
MAC- Graphblack Technakohl
Clinique- High Impact Mascara
Blinc- Kiss me Mascara


MAC-Russian Red Lipstick
Palladio- Ruby Red Lipgloss