Tantric Bronze- Wearable & Affordable Summer Makeup

Hey Guys & Dolls!

Last week I did a massive review video and in that video I was wearing makeup similar to this. At that time I was just testing things out & playing around with them, so it was a tad sloppy, but many of you wanted to see a tutorial for it, so I tweaked it a bit to be a wearable and easy summer makeup tutorial. In the first minutes of the video I walk you though my tan today gone tomorrow “tan-trick”. I also wanted to provide you with a few substitutes/dupes since we don’t all have the same products to work with, so I’ve provided some alternatives in the product list below.

What do you guys think of the animation at the beginning of the video? Read More “Tantric Bronze- Wearable & Affordable Summer Makeup”

Milani Powder Shadow 2012

Hi Guys & Dolls!

Earlier this year I received a press release about new Milani Powder Eyeshadows, and I was instantly excited: I was so amped for this release because for whatever reason I anticipated that these would be similar to the MAC sized (and MAC Dupe) shadows Milani used to sell in drugstores a few years ago. I majorly built these up in my head and the day they arrived it took a great deal of will power to not touch them until I had taken photos.

I was thrilled when I did! Read More “Milani Powder Shadow 2012”

1960’s Housewife Glamour ~Betty Draper~ Ladies of Mad Men Series

Hi Guys & Dolls!

Here we are at the 3rd installment of the Ladies of Mad Men Series! Betty Draper/Francis is a character I have a love-hate relationship with. She’s so easy to dislike: She’s selfish, vain, a terrible mother, image obsessed,  but on the other-hand, she’s deeply unhappy, emotionally stunted as a teenager (her friendship with Glen), in the situation of being a powerless 1960’s suburban housewife who was terrified of admitting her husband’s infidelity. She desperately needs to talk to a psychologist, but it’s understandable she doesn’t trust them after… well, if you’ve seen the series you know.

As I said, I love-hate her. Read More “1960’s Housewife Glamour ~Betty Draper~ Ladies of Mad Men Series”

The Little Mermaid ~Disney Princess Series~

Hi Guys & Dolls!

Today’s tutorial is another installment in my Disney Princess series! Ariel was the first Disney Princess I feel in love with- in fact it is the first Disney movie I remember! I had a dress-up skirt I would wear over my head and pretend it was long red hair like Ariel’s- and I drove my family trying to sing like her! When I was 12 and I dyed my hair red for the first time one of my “reasons” was that Ariel had red hair. Once a nerd, always a nerd. Read More “The Little Mermaid ~Disney Princess Series~”


Hi Guys & Dolls!

Milani recently launched several new products for spring and they are so fantastic that I was inspired to do an all-drugstore tutorial for you! I already reviewed the Shadow Eyez pencils, and I’ll do a review for the new powder shadows soon. This look is bright & fun and may look intimidating to beginners, but I assure you I break it down step by step in the video, so I think that with a little practice, anyone could recreate it!

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