Americana Smoky Eye ~Drugstore Tutorial~

Hi Guys & Dolls!

I really adore this look, I wore it all last night, out to dinner, (ok, it was the drive through, but whatever)- it makes me feel pretty, which is extra awesome for such a colorful look. The colors scream AMERICANA and PIN UP! The best part is, I created this with almost all Drugstore makeup!! And can we have a conversation about these contact lenses?! They were sent to be by Pinky Paradise and I’m freaking in love. Expect more tutorials with cool contacts in the future!!! -Fair Warning- please consult with an Optometrist before buying/using contact lenses-

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Rapunzel- Disney Princess Series

Hi Guys & Dolls! Today’s tutorial is another installment of the Disney Princess series! Disney’s version of Rapunzel is innocent, adventurous, cute as a button voiced by an actress I really adore, Mandy Moore. I have to admit Tangled looked really dumb to me when I saw the trailer, but it was SO GOOD! I’ve seen it twice in 2 weeks and I will probably watch it again very soon. It’s a different take on the traditional story, and this Rapunzel, or “flower” is not quite  a damsel in distress- in fact she’s quite handy with a frying pan (oh that poor lad’s head! Read More “Rapunzel- Disney Princess Series”

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