WetnWild Midnight Mermaid Review & Tutorial

When I sat down to do my Wet’n’wild Midnight Mermaid collection review I was really drawn to the Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows. I love the idea of just swiping on glitter without the mess of multiple products. It seems like the kind of thing you could even throw in your makeup bag to take you from day to night. I was determined to try these just about every way I thought people might use them, so I used them on my eyes, brows and my lips. I did smile and rub tests to see if the lipsticks would kiss off, and rub tests to see if the eye glitter would rub off. I’m pretty sure I tested the wetnwild mermaid collection every which way- and I want to make it clear that I know these are not intended for the lips, so I don’t hold it against them that they don’t wear well there- it was super pretty while it lasted though!  I hope this helps you decide what you’d like from this collection before you buy, or perhaps explains some issues you have, if any.

the Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows on the lips- so much fun!

I felt like a goth mermaid Brigitte Bardot!

glitter and dots

Siren’s Jewel Liquid Catsuit lipstick is simply gorgeous!



Downton Abbey Meets Gothic Makeup & Costume Tutorial

athumb 4

Hi Guys & Dolls!

Today I’m bringing you my second video in this year’s Halloween Series, A Victorian Rose look. I pulled bits of inspiration from romantic goth, traditional Lolita makeup, and mu overall obsession with Downton Abbey. I thought this would be the perfect video to do using only inexpensive brands, so everything from the base to eyeshadow to my brushes are from places like Walgreens, Target, and the drugstore section at Ulta! Read More “Downton Abbey Meets Gothic Makeup & Costume Tutorial”

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