Physician’s Formula POP Shimmer Strips Review

Hey Guys and Dolls!

Today I have a review of the Physician’s Formula POP Shimmer Strips collection for ya! The video below explains everything pretty well, but there were a few things that would only make sense when you see the swatch pictures, and a few things I forgot 🙂

I was less than scientific when swatching the gel liners, so I would like to say I could have made some of these more opaque. I also love how you can see that the browns are all different, so if you want more than one, you can rest assured that it’s not all the same color. The sparkles in the black liner show up best for me with the blue and green sets.

EDIT Sept 10: Many of you asked for close-ups of the mascara wands . These are the rubbery-kind.  I normally dislike this type of  rubbery-wand, but for whatever reason these work for me! As you can see the black side is larger and the “combs” are thicker and a little shorter than the color side.

As you can see in these pictures, not only does the black part of each mascara duo have sparkle, but they are tinted by the corresponding color. Also the Blue is the darkest, followed closely by the green. They make the Hazel and Brown ones look well, brown. The crazy thing is, when I first bought the hazel one, I LOVED how black it was! This is why I love comparison swatching! I’d never swatches mascara before but it’s easy & I LOVE it!

By the time I got around to swatching the eye shadow palettes I finally got a little scientific with it! These were all swatched dry, using a lowe-cornell 1/4 inch maxine’s mop brush, and I picked up color no more than 3 times per shadow, but I would rub it back and fourth a few times each time I would get color.  So yes, these were built up, but there are only a handful of shadows that are POW with one swipe. I wanted to explain that process; I liked doing the swatches in a structured way, so you could see some of these are SHEER and some have good pigmentation.

I hope this is helpful!

<3 Cora

Some of the products used were purchased by me, but some were provided by PR for tutorial and review CONSIDERATION. This blog post and video are not sponsored by any company, nor do I represent any company. All opinions expressed are my own, and are 100% honest.

Popeyez Blue

Hey Guys and Dolls!

As many of you know, last week and this week I’m been doing a 4 part mini series (and contest entries) for the Physician’s Formula Contest. I haven’t been promoting it like crazy, because I don’t want to be one of “those” people who just uses her subscribers to win a contest. If you’d like to vote for me, that would be awesome, but don’t feel obligated, I’m not all hyphy to win.

Pics & Prodz:

With just the black mascara

What I used:


Physician’s Formula SPF 50 foundation


Wet ‘n’ Wild Heather Silk Blush

Physician’s Formula Concealer twins (light)


MAC Painterly Paint Pot

Physician’s Formula Pop Blue eyes eyeshadow palette.

PF Blue eyes shimmer strips Gel Liner

PF Blue eyes shimmer strips mascara.


MAC Strawbaby Lipstick (clear gloss would work)

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