Indigo A Go-Go

indigo a go-go square

I’ve been OBSESSED with Navy & Violet, and Indigo lately! They are analogous colors which makes for a peaceful color combination that is pleasing to the eye. This is a secret weapon look for all eye colors: The blue brings out brown eyes, purple brightens green, and in my case, makes my blue eyes deeper, and almost green! The title of this video is sort of silly: À gogo, often anglicized as A Go-Go, is a French expression meaning “in abundance, galore”. I hope you enjoy this look my darlings! Read More “Indigo A Go-Go”

“10 Cent Pistol” Plus Size Fashion

Hello Guys & Dolls!

Today’s fashion post is featured in the current issue of Skorch Magazine (Pg 36 & 37)! This is a continuation of my last post “Edgy and Sexy Fall Makeup“; The makeup in this post is from that tutorial, and this is the outfit I was wearing while filming it ^_^.  While I was getting ready to make the video I was listening to the Black Key’s “10 Cent Pistol”. In the song a woman gets revenge on an ex-lover and his new partner with a “10 Cent Pistol”, which could mean either drugs laced with poison or Acid. Not really a cheery song, but I love that type of stripped down, distressed music. The Black Keys make the type of music you feel like you’ve known your whole life- you just instantly like them!  If you haven’t checked them out please do! Read More ““10 Cent Pistol” Plus Size Fashion”

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