MAC X JEREMY SCOTT Makeup Collection Tutorial & Review

Today’s Makeup tutorial & review is all about the new Mac X Jeremy Scott Collection. The theme of the collection is deliciously 90’s analog! “Good Bad Taste” abounds with packaging and product names inspired by Cassettes, Video Tapes, Boom Boxes and CD’s. I bought the Lo-Fi Eyeshadow x 29 palette, which has 29 rainbow hued eyeshadows. I love the palette, and the ONLY color that gave me any trouble was the bright purple in the lower right corner, “Club New Wave Mix”. This type of matte blue-toned purple is hard to create, I can’t say I have a dupe that performs better. It’s sheer at first, but it does build up beautifully as you’ll see in the video. My swatches were done with my normal method of UDPP and a Smith 256 Brush. The only call out would be that the pans are indeed small, but I mean, it’s 29 MAC shadows for $75 so I don’t feel that it’s a bad deal! I love the palette for it’s creativity, color and texture selection. Did I mention that most of the shadows are Matte? I’m also really happy this isn’t another Warm Smoky Eye palette. The neutrals here lean on the cool side.This is a hella useful palette and I love it!  I would recommend this to a friend seeking bright shadows in a rainbow hues with a few neutrals thrown in.

Jeremy Scott Palette is available at  and




IS IT A DUPE? Makeup Remover Smackdown!

Today I’m comparing two of my most-used makeup removers, MAC Pro Makeup Remover ($21 for 3.4 oz) and Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover ($7.99 for 4.2 oz).

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To be clear, these are not your typical makeup removers; Unlike dual-phase or oil based makeup removers, these are not the best for removing long-wearing, waterproof makeup and I wouldn’t recommend either of these for end-of the day complete removal. Which at first makes them sounds like a waste of time, but hear me out: These removers easily remove freshly applied makeup and they leave the skin feeling fresh and ready to apply makeup again with zero oily feeling. I love both The MAC and the Simple remover to fixing makeup boo-boos: When you get over zealous with your eyeliner, removing fall out, or worst case scenario, have to take it all off and start over. They are similar to cleansing waters and are safe for the eye area.

These both do about the same job with the MAC one coming out slightly on top because it does a better job of removing long-wearing products and a little goes a long way compared to the Simple Remover which can take a little more product & pressure to remove long wearing products. But I do love a bargain so I tend to use the MAC one for clients to give them the best experience possible as well as use it on myself sparingly, and use the Simple one as my daily boo-boo fixer.

The biggest difference between these is cost, and availability. The MAC products are sold at MAC counters, department stores, MAC freestanding stores and, in two sizes 3.4 oz for $21 and 1oz for $10.  The Simple remover is sold at easier to access mass-retailers like Target and Ulta 4.2 oz for $7.99 (though prices may vary depending on location and sales).

Have you tried either of these products? I’d love to hear about your experiences with them! Logo  Tagline

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Emerald Noir Eyes With Peach or Purple Lips

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Hey Guys & Doll!

Do you ever go to town with your eye makeup and then can’t decide where to go with lips?  Are you the type who  finds comfort in rules and have “Smoky eyes + Nude Lips 4Eva!” etched on your makeup-heart? Or are you the Queen of Bold and think that makeup rules are for sissies and meant to be broken? I’m about 6 of one and half a dozen of the other 😛 So I wanted to share a look with alternative lippie options to satisfy both my need for speed and my desire to create harmony. Let me know which look your prefer in the comment section below ^_^

My fave is probably the peachier lips, but I’ve been on a nude-ish kick lately. I think the Purple Lips bring out the intensity of the green more, which is also so gorgeous!

peach bright



Purple Bright

I want to take the time to share with you a new playlist I made of my favorite Green-themed tutorials I’ve done over the years. It’s neat to walk down memory lane and see my progression as an artist, and it even includes my very first YouTube tutorial at the end of playlist!

I’ve made is easier for you to find the products I use in a video! Below you’ll find not only the product list, but also a link to each item. These are Affiliate links so I earn a small commission if you decided to purchase the items- I just want to be upfront about that!

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Rick Baker X MAC Cosmetics for Fall 2013


mac rick baker 2013 Bride

Hi Guys & Dolls!

Back when I first got into makeup I would wait all year for MAC to release their Halloween face charts. They would have 6-10 face charts and I would recreate them with a feverish intensity, some even became some of my early tutorials (Rainbow Warrior Mask anyone?). I don’t know if they stopped doing them, or if I didn’t look hard enough, but I haven’t seen them in several years.

This Year MAC teamed up with RICK. MOTHERF***ING. BAKER. Read More “Rick Baker X MAC Cosmetics for Fall 2013”

M·A·C x Antonio Lopez

*Press Release*AntonioLopez Packaging

“The legendary fashion illustrator’s vibrant energy, brazen attitude and love of life inspire a striking colour collection featuring: Eyes x 6 Palettes, Lips x 3 Palettes and Face Palettes perfect for highlighting natural tones and contours. Each palette displays the fiercely individual face of one of his muses, “Antonio’s Girls,” while each product’s packaging features a drawing by the artist, making these objets d’art to be treasured.” Read More “M·A·C x Antonio Lopez”

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