Review of Edward Scissorhands 25 Years later + A Tacky Makeup Look to Wear While Watching!

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Last week a surprise hot pink box was left on my doorstep and that can only mean one thing: SUGARPILL! I tore the box open to reveal the new Edward Scissorhands 25th Anniversary Palette. Cue the drooling while heavy-petting the palette. I then realized it had been years since I’d seen Edward “Scissor Me Timbers” I whipped out my copy and rediscovered this gem of a film. When I was a teen I was enamored with the surface stuff- OOH pretty pastels, nearly unrequited love, gothic romance, TIM BURTON and JOHNNY DEPP! *teen swoon*. Embarrassingly I wrote a paper on this for my Film Studies class and I don’t think my teacher was too impressed with my freshman crush on Tim Burton. He did like how I dubbed this a candy coated gothic fariytale meets film noir, and I got points for mentioning how wooden Winona Ryder’s performance was (my teacher hated her- know your audience!) I’ve watched it twice in the last 72 hours and you know what? After 25 years it holds up. If anything it’s commentary on societal conformity is even more poignant today in a world of Instagram filters, Photoshop and feeling so much pressure to be perfect!

I also noticed little things I’d never noticed before- in the beginning the suburbs look picturesque in their pastel perfection- in part because Tim Burton used miniatures to make it feel plastic and banal. As the film goes on you notice things like dry patched in lawns and oil stains. The facade is gone, and you see what’s at work here- conform to our ideals and let Joyce will try to seduce you (blech) or an angry mob will hunt you down.

Since Joyce is the scariest character as far as I’m concerned, I wanted to do a fun tutorial to capture the essence of her tacky ickiness. In the film she sports a wicked cut crease-double liner combo with painted on lashes but since that is pretty much normal now I decided to push it a bit further into a 60’s meets 80’s tacky fest with a triadic color combo. Yowza! I am digging it.  ENJOY! tacky suburbia



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Let Them Eat Cake- Marie Antoinette Costume Tutorial

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So there’s pretty substantial evidence that Marie Antoinette never actually said those words, but they will forever be linked with the last Queen of France. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Marie Antoinette ever since the Sofia Coppola film, and while I’m not foolish enough to think it was historically accurate- it created a new interest in this time period, and was both beautifully styled and utterly enjoyable to watch. In that spirit, I wanted to do something fun and playful that evoked the spirit of the outlandish and eccentric queen- leaving all the historic accuracy to the nay-sayers! I hope you enjoy this, Please share it with your friends and leave me some love in the comments!


Costume List

Makeup List

marie antoinette vintageortacky

marie Antoinette let them eat cake vintageortacky

marie Antoinette makeup vintageortacky

marie antoinette makeup

Marie antoinette vintageortacky

let them eat cake vintageortacky

marie antoinette

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Neon Navy Makeup Tutorial

Hi Guys & Dolls!

I have something to confess- I freaking love chartreuse. Call it neon lime, yellow-green, lemon-lime, call it limeade, just don’t call it late for dinner. I even love the name –Chartreuse– it sounds so exotic and enticing, amiright? That magical color somewhere between yellow and green makes me happy in the way yellow does, but the cooler tone compliments my hair and makes my eye color pop. But it’s not all about me- this color is just so versatile…worn alone it’s a statement unto itself, but it also pairs well with Hot Pink, Blue, Purple, even Orange if you’re so bold. If you’ve never tried it before, you need to get on it!

I’ve done a lot of tutorials with chartreuse over the years, and I’m always drawn to makeup of this color. When I was at Sephora the other day I was browsing the Make Up For Ever counter and I noticed they had new twist up waterproof shadow sticks. While my immediate thought was “Huh, just like the old MAC shade sticks!” the iridescent Chartreuse called to me “Take me home, I’ll be good to you”. And so I took her home with a plan to pair her with the Navy from the Lorac Pro 2 palette, some Sugarpill lashes I’d simply been dying to use, and the rest was makeup magic.


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Gwen Stefani “NEW” Video Makeup Tutorial

perfect instagram

Hi Guys & Dolls!

15 years ago, my favorite band returned from a long hiatus, with a song on the soundtrack for the movie “Go!”. The video features the band mates playing various characters at a rave, and Gwen’s Anime meets Rave Girl makeup stuck a chord in me. I wish there had been makeup tutorials in my younger days! But now I’m the one making the makeup tutorials, and as Saturn returns to my natal saturn (an astrology thing, basically I’m about the same age Gwen was when she wrote this song and the Return of Saturn album) I thought it would be the perfect time to recreate this look. No Doubt and it’s iconic leading lady Gwen Stefani are one of my all time favorites, and their album, Return of Saturn was the soundtrack to my high school days. Read More “Gwen Stefani “NEW” Video Makeup Tutorial”

Cold Chemistry Review

Disclosure: products sent by PR for review. All opinions expressed are my own.Cold Chemistry 018

Hi Guys and Dolls!

After a year+ of teasing us, Sugarpill has FINALLY launched the Cold Chemistry collection. The collection is comprised of 4 cool-tones eyeshadows perfect for creating a steely-eye look, smoky eyes, or mixing and matching with the rest of your makeup collection to come up with something new! As with their other palettes, Sugarpill offers a palette of 4 shades for $34 or each color individually for $12, which I think is a great idea, because it gives us customers options. I personally love the palette- the packaging is beautiful, and I love the new shape! I hope Sugarpill will start doing all their palettes like this! Read More “Cold Chemistry Review”

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