NYX COSMETICS Faux Black & Faux White Eyeliner Review!

NYX Cosmetics Faux Black Faux White Collection

HOLY CATS! I haven’t seen any information about these anywhere so I’m super excited to share my haul, review and mini tutorial of the new at the drugstore NYX Faux Black and Faux White eyeliner collections! I picked these up last week at Ulta, and I’ve spent a few days playing around with them and I can now say I ADORE THEM! At $8 dollars a pop these are a great deal. The deeper colors are elegant and easy to wear but are definitely not boring, while the pastels are a great alternative to white in your inner rim or to give your inner corner a little boost.  Most exciting- There’s both a RED and a BROWN-BURGUNDY!!! *jumping up and down with excitement* These types of colors are common from expensive luxury and artistry driven brands, so it’s encouraging to see this launch available from an affordable brand! A few of the pastel colors have Colourpop dupes, but the CP liners dried up on me really fast, and I tend to prefer a liner I can sharpen. In addition to swatched of these liners, I decided to also try layering the Kat Von D Alchemist powders over top just for fun! Wow- awesome combo! Bust out those Ulta point, use a coupon and check out these liners!


NYX faux Black Liner swatch ^ Faux Black collection, one swipe^

NYX Faux Black Faux White Liner Swatch^two swipes^

Faux Black & Faux White: Onyx, White Smoke, Obsidian, Seashell, Burnt Sienna, Baby Powder, Black Berry, Black Olive, Linen, Oxblood, Mint Cream & Black Hole
NYX faux Black swatches review ^Faux Black Collection one swipe & zigzags^

L-R: Onyx, Obsidian, Burnt Sienna,Black Berry, Black Olive, Oxblood, and Black Hole

^Faux White Collection, two swipes^

NYX faux white swatches and review^Faux White Collection, one swipe & zigzags^

L-R: White Smoke, Seashell, Baby Powder, Linen, Mint Cream^

Kat Von D Alchemist Palette Layered over various liners:

So what do you think? Are you excited about these liners? What color are you the most interested in? Join the discussion below!


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Hi Guys and Dolls!

This is by far my favorite Liquid lipstick formula! I love the whole vibe of the brand- the cheeky names, fun colors, formula, packaging and the applicator are flawless. It don’t stain as bad as other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, and you can even use it as eyeliner!!  I have four colors now, but I can tell this is just the beginning of a beautiful cosmetic addiction. The next colors on my list are I Am Royalty, Blue Velvet, Drug Lord, Unicorn Blood and Masochist. Watch my video to see them in action!



Blow Pony. That name- omg. Ok confession- I’m naive enough that when I first heard it I though, or like a blow up plastic toy. And then I thought about it and had a OH – DUH! moment. hahaha. Blow Pony is a lovely medium lavender. It’s showing up here a bit lighter than it is is real life, but only just a little bit. I had the hardest time taking pictures of this one, it kept looking too light. The only one I got where it was pretty darn color accurate in the photo below, which is blurry. Whamp Whamp.  _MG_3858



🎵I am Doll Parts. Bad Skin. Doll Heart.🎵 OK so as a girl who was obsessed with HOLE in the 90’s the name of this one is my favorite. I can’t help but think of the music video, and listening to this on my little boombox in my bedroom and being enamored with Courtney Love. This lipstick is a GORGEOUS mauve pink, and as far as application goes, this one applies the easiest- though they are all pretty easy-peasy. This is perhaps one of the most conservative colors in the line- very office appropriate. I was wearing this in my monthly faves video for November.




🎵We’re gonna party like it’s Prom Night! 🎵 Hot pink is my signature, and ever since I went darker with my hair I find it’s more flattering than Red for me. This hot pink is my favorite hot pink lipstick, and let me tell you, I have quite a collection, so that’s a bold statement. The coverage is perfect, the color itself it nearly neon, but has a grounding depth of color that makes it flattering and not just shocking. Every time I wear this several people stop me and want to know what it is. I tell ’em It’s Jeffree Star Baby! On a side note- I’d wanted to pick up Masochist as well since it more of a red/pink and I love that color too. Next time!




Hoe Hoe Hoe. The name slays me and I adore the cranberry red. I’m not sure if if was visible in the video, but here you can see that there is tiny pink and purple micro glitter. It’s less noticeable when you first apply it, but as you talk/ live your life throughout the day it starts to come though.


Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay Palette

No words could ever properly explain my intense excitement over this palette. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious comes close, but no cigar. I’ve been a HUGE GWEN fan since I first saw the video for “Just a Girl” on MTV back in the Wednesday.

Urban Decay Gwen Palette Available Nov 22
Sephora http://bit.ly/1NhoWMS
Ulta http://bit.ly/1MKhAQD




-Urban Decay Naked Concealer http://bit.ly/1OcGjAL
-*Sigma F75 http://bit.ly/210Z6mt
-NARS Smudgeproof Pro Prime http://bit.ly/210XVTO
-*Urban Decay Gwen Stefani  Palette http://bit.ly/1NhoWMS
-MAC 242 Brush http://bit.ly/1lxHwpQ
-MAC 217 Brush http://bit.ly/210YIEo
-*Furless Contour Base Essentials
-*Furless Bronze Blending Brush furlesscosmetics.com
-MAC 252 Brush http://bit.ly/1QLs6Ke
-Kat Von D Ink For Eyes http://bit.ly/1L37ieP
-Hourglass Veil Primer http://bit.ly/1NCGE9L
-MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW13 http://bit.ly/1kJ8CtM
-*Furless CB2 furlesscosmetics.com
-MUFE Full Cover Concealer 3 http://bit.ly/1H7Qynl
-MAC Radiant Rose http://bit.ly/1ltXoJU
-MAC Mineralized Skinfinish http://bit.ly/1XcIJhT
-Laura Gellar Powder Puff
-Becca Moonstone Pressed http://shrsl.com/?~ahmg
-*Wayne Goss 00 http://shrsl.com/?~ahme
-NYX Taupe http://bit.ly/1Oi6PWc
-*Furless CB3 furlesscosmetics.com
-*BECCA Beach Tint Soufflé Fig & Opal http://shrsl.com/?~ahmf
-ColourPop Fastlane https://colourpop.com/product/fast-lane/
-Bdellium Tools 762 Brush bdelliumtools.com
-NARS Via Veneto Liner http://bit.ly/1lPYTSS
-Stretchex Mascara http://bit.ly/1QIdk7e
-*Colourpop Teeny Tiny https://colourpop.com/product/teeny-tiny/
-Milani Brown Tint Natural Taupe http://bit.ly/1OgJiTn
TaraBabyz https://www.youtube.com/user/Tarababyz


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Hi Guys & Dolls!

Today I want to share with you my swatches and thoughts on the new Charlotte Tilbury Holiday collection. The collection is comprised of a trio of mini lipsticks in the shades Bitch Perfect, Penelope Pink, and So Marilyn, a full sized lipgloss and lipstick in LSD, and Confession and a gorgeous eyeshadow palette called Fallen Angel.

Fallen Angel Palette $65



The eyeshadow palette is gorgeous- the shimmer and pigmentation of Charlotte Tilbury’s eyeshadows never ceases to blow me away! They come out with colors that at first glance seems basic, but load it with beautiful shimmer, excellent pigmentation, and make it buttery smooth. Each eyeshadow has a beautiful star embossing that honestly made me not want to use it at first- it was just too beautiful to ruin! But of course I have used it now and you can watch the tutorial here.

While this palette is fabulous, I’d be careless not to mention that the the price for what you get is basically ridiculous. Charlotte Tilbury palettes are already on the smaller size, and on the pricey/luxury side at $52 for 5.2 gm of product. This limited edition palette is $65 for 2.8. TWO POINT EIGHT! That’s less than a gram per eyeshadow. Dude, that’s $13 dollars more for just a smidge over half the amount of product you normally get. I can understand people who love luxury and are willing to pay more, but for the amount of product to be so much less makes me feel like the consumer is getting the wrong end of the deal. Especially with such an easily dupable palette. The if the $65 price tag is out of your budget, I’ve added a list of dupes.

Shadow 1 is a pink based warm beige/champagne color.  Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Booty Call is lighter, less complex; Lorac Pro 2 Palette Beige is less peach, less complex; MAC Extra Dimension A Natural Flirt is the closest match, but still peachier, brighter.

Shadow 2 is a brown based silver taupe. it looks to me like a silver-brown duochrome; depending on the angle it will look more silver or more brown. There are a grillion dupes/subs out there, but here’s a few that come the closest: Urban Decay Verve is more silver, layer with a brown for a similar effect; Lorac Pro 2 Palette Silver, Mocha and Snow can be layered for a similar color. MAC Satin Taupe is more mauve, Wet ‘n’ wild Nutty is the closest- and only 2 bucks!

Shadow 3 is a shimmery red based brown with shimmer flecks. Urban decay Snakebite is more golden, Lorac Mocha (pro 2) is lighter and more pink, Urban Decay Factory(naked 3) is slightly lighter, pinker; MAC Mulch is the closest but slightly redder.

Shadow 4 is a soft satin black. Applied wet it’s quite deep, but applied dry is more of a deep gray. Lorac Black (pro2) is the closest, otherwise most blacks are much blacker than this. And now I feel like Quinn Morgendorffer (Daria, do these blacks match?)

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Mini Lipstick Charms $39charlotte-tilbury-kissing-mini-lipstick-charms

My favorite of this collection is the Mini Lipstick Trio, since I adore mini lipsticks and the quality, color and names of these are perfection. At $39 for 3g it’s not a bad value since one full size lipstick is $32 for 3g from the brand- you’re basically paying $7 more to have 3 colors instead of one and I think that’s fair. I already own and love Bitch Perfect and Penelope Pink, so I’ll use those minis as purse lippies, while So Marilyn is a lush new addition to my red lipstick obsession.   

Bitch Perfect, Penelope Pink & So Marilyn



This is one of my all-time fave lippies, a perfect nude. Smooth Texture. Peachy nude. The Name. I swoon!

Penelope Pink Lipstick

Penelope Pink Charlotte Tilbury

This one is more of a traditional nude one me. It has a beige undertone, so I like to pair it with lipliners like MAC dervish to pink it up a bit for my own tastes.

So Marilyn Lipstick

So Marilyn Charlotte Tilbury

Is this real life? This cool toned cream red is absolutely perfect. Creamy, smooth, and lush looking on the lips.

Confession Lipstick and LSD LipglossIMG_7884

Confession Lipstick


Confession Charlotte Tilbury

Deeper and shimmery compared to Bitch Perfect. On someone with a golden undertone it would be bangin’! This is the same price as the regular CT lipsticks, $32 for 3g of product.

LSD (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) Lip Luster gloss


LSD Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

I love the name of this lipgloss. LOVE <3 The color is very pretty on the lips- a veil of golden gloss. It would go great with any of the lipsticks here, but it’s also perfect on it’s own like in the above swatch. This is th same price at the regular CT lipgloss, $22.


<3 Cora


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NYX Wicked Lippies Review & Swatches!

NYX Wicked Lippies http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/p-275-wicked-lippies.aspx

_MG_3589Immortal, Scandalous, Trickery, Betrayal, Risqué, Power, Cold Hearted, Envy


Immortal, Scandalous, Trickery, Betrayal, Risqué, Power, Cold Hearted, Envy

_MG_3708Immortal, Scandalous, Trickery, Betrayal, Risqué, Power, Cold Hearted, Envy

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